She Models Your Clothes — Mind Blow #57

This Goby fish in Hawaii can climb up 300
foot waterfalls. And physics students from the University of Leicester have determined
that because of the doppler effect, hyperspace travel would really look like…this…. Vsauce, Kevin here. This is Mind Blow. A clothing store in Japan has a hanger system
that displays video of a model wearing the clothes you remove from the rack. The hangers
have simple on/off switches depending on if the article of clothing is hanging or is picked
up, and each have a unique ID that is tied to a PC in the back which displays a photo
or video of the model wearing that piece of clothing. It’s kind of a digital take on mannequins,
but it’s more of a novelty to try and get online shoppers back into brick and mortar stores. These LED ice cubes let you know when you’ve
had too much alcohol. Developed by an MIT Media Lab researcher, the edible gelatin ice
cubes hold a coin cell battery, a microcontroller, and a transceiver to track the number of sips
and total time drinking. They flash in sync with ambient music, and change color to represent
the levels of intoxication. Aspire Bariatrics has developed a system that
allows people to lose weight by emptying their stomach with a valve after a meal. Aspiration
Therapy involves a tube in the stomach connected to a Skin-Port that can be opened to empty
stomach contents before they pass into the intestines where the calories are absorbed.
And then you just dump the stuff in the toilet…So, yeah… This is a newfound fossil of giant dolphin-shaped
predator considered to be the T-Rex of the sea. VELOCIRoACH is the second fastest legged robot,
clocking in at 3.2 meters per second. It moves like a real cockroach with its legs
hitting the ground 15 times per second, and the cardboard roach can move 26 times its
body length in only one second, and also can carry four times its weight. Diego San is a humanoid robot toddler that
combines advancements in robotics, neuroscience, computer vision, developmental psychology
and machine learning. Developed at the University of California, San Diego, it mimics the expressions
of a one-year-old child, and the plan is to use it in studies on sensory-motor and social
development- basically, how babies learn to control their bodies and interact with others. The Power Loader Power Amplification Exoskeleton
Robot is being developed by Panasonic subsidiary, Activelink. It’s a full body exoskeleton designed
to carry over 220lbs, and they hope to use a more compact version for use in the reconstruction
of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Finally, photographer Katka Pruskova took
7,100 photos in 730 hours to create this timelapse compilation of 22 flowers… I’m gonna leave you with a Disco Clam: a type
of clam that produces its own light show. And, as always, thanks for watching.

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  2. An edible gelatin that has batteries in it? Something was missing from that sentence.

  3. the name of the song playing during the flower time lapse is "arrival of the birds and transformation". the whole thing sounds great.

  4. Yeah I guess, but who knows. They said flight was impossible and would never be done.

  5. That aspiration system, I get that it's well intentioned but that's just terrible.  As though we don't waste enough food already.  It'd basically be technology assisted bulimia.

  6. Woah that robot child guy kinda looks like my brother NO JOKE IT ACTUALLY DOES KINDA LOOK LIKE MY BROTHER

  7. Power loader were just getting closer and closer to meeting ripely and the lanes arnt we

  8. Power loader were just getting closer and closer to meeting ripely and the lanes arnt we

  9. The stomach thing was nasty! Just watch your sugar intake and stay active. Yuck lol

  10. Surely the intoxication-indicating ice-cubes will just encourage date rape, rather than discouraging drinking?

  11. So…how is removing the contents of your stomach that way any different from bulimia?

  12. The clam doesn't actually light up, it flashes the other side of its lip, which is white

  13. It's amazing how many things that we only ever saw in movies are becoming a reality.. like the suits in Avarar, or the air display thing in Iron Man

  14. Not a clam and definitely not a disco clam its called an electric flame scallop

  15. so why wasnt the hologram featured and not a during ending thing?

  16. Yay! Instead of having the self-discipline to stop being lazy shits and do some exercise, let's cut holes in our stomachs so that the copious amounts of food we eat can leak out!

    I don't want to live on this fucking planet anymore.

  17. Yay! Instead of having the self-discipline to stop being lazy shits and do some exercise, let's cut holes in our stomachs so that the copious amounts of food we eat can leak out!

    I don't want to live on this fucking planet anymore.

  18. what  a  smart  way  to  get  them  to  buy  clothes  instore

  19. Panasonic made a power loader and they're going to use it to clean up nuclear waste INSTEAD of fighting the Alien queen?! Hax! "Stay away from her, you BITCH!"

  20. 1:19 this is the first step to transforming humans into robots. 

  21. Woah Woah Woah isn't that stomach port thing kinda like saying binge-purge anorexia is okay? It's very similar, only minus the nasty effects of being physically sick.

  22. Fredrick's of Hollywood and Victoria's Secret NEED that modeling software!

  23. so if you want bulimic results without your teeth falling out.. shove a straw through your gut to your stomach

  24. University of Leicester. Hmmmmm oh shit I live there. In fact this comment was sent from leicester

  25. regarding the alcohol monitoring ice cubes- he said they're (at least partially) edible and made of a gelatin outer coating, yet they also contain a battery, LED, transceiver, and other electronics? how the fuck is that edible by any means? seems like a total oxymoron to me or else I'm missing something here. 

  26. 1:43 – Don't start letting those things roam free. I'm already having trouble killing the real ones. Quick little bastards -.-

  27. Instead of all of these useless, un-neccesary things, shouldn't these people be trying to cure ebola?

  28. The stomach thing concerns me. Why? I saw a documentary about patients with eating disorders. One of them was so severe that her father made her have a feeding tube inserted due to the fact that she refused to eat. When he wasn't looking, she would "purge herself" from the tube. This seems an awful lot like that. 🙁 

  29. … ok so all of your videos have a title of one video…. soooooooooo i mean its really false advertising maybe name it Mind Blown #57 not She models your cloths — Mind blown #57

  30. So the robotic toddler means one of two things either they just created Astroboy or once again Cyberdynes plan to destroy humanity is going to come to fruition ( start Terminator theme now) and they just created the power loader from aAliens so xenomorphs are going to kill us…. ( start Aliens theme song now)

  31. I can all ready pick up 220 pounds I don't need no exoskeleton to do that now 400 would be useful unless I started working out yeah I don't even lift bro! and if I did then I would be super strong

  32. It's pronounced Foo-koo-shee-ma.

    …and it's not "nucular" – it's NUCLEAR!

  33. "The EDIBLE gelatin ice cubes hold a COIN CELL BATTERY"
    Very edible.
    Much delicious.

  34. 1:15 thisshould not exist while there are people dying of huger in this world.

  35. lol I thought the model was just a regular girl who had some sort of private model business where you mail your outfit and she makes a modelling video in the clothes, washes them before and after coming into contact and sending back the clothes and the video so you get an idea of how YOU look when you wear it. Doubt it would happen considering shipping prices and all that jazz

  36. That power loader thing reminded me of the orange exo skeleton from Alien xD

  37. 0:52 finaly I can see if a girl is drunk enough so I can talk to :'D
    ….yea, thats weak.

  38. Please stop saying "nucular", that word doesn't exist, homer simpson and george bush made it up… im totally serious

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