Sex Workers in Saarland

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  1. Man muss das Saarland einfach lieben ! Btw in Koblenz gehts schon ab nem 10er los …

  2. Why is Eliza Dushku in the thumbnail?
    Can they just use her image or did Vice get her consent?

  3. "We're all going on a… Summer holiday, no more working for a week or two"…while driving to Saarland

  4. I’m so frustrated that as a stripper who disputes the label sex worker I’m considered whorephobic. I support sex work. I want it legalized n women protected. I also want stripping to remain dancing. I prey my trade is not lost by this movement pushing for all the women in the adult entertainment industry to embrace the title sex worker in order to force acceptance n support for their work.

  5. I'm still for legalizing prostitution. It's safer than banning it for everyone involved.

  6. If you completely legalize and regulate it then you will cut out a good bit of the corruption involved within it. There's nothing wrong with it imo

  7. I don’t know. Prostitution shouldn’t be legalized. Pimps wouldn’t take advantage of it and try to profit and it doesn’t take away that many jobs. Only 1500 prostitutes were in that city. Thats a lot relative to population and per capita but that isn’t that many people or jobs. Even if it was double. Thats only 3,000 jobs. People can make that amount of jobs. The town of red oak which is about 15,000 people can make that many jobs within 5 years. A city much bigger could do it as well. There also needs to be social campaigns against this. Its ridiculous for people to think sex is so easy to do and can just buy it. Its a sacred intimate act. Buying for 30 euros makes it cheap and too easy. It shouldn’t. Its really hard to regulate dang near impossible. No other industry has that problem as much as the sex industry.

  8. Germany decriminalize sex and is suffering from bad effects of the legislation. Shocker.

  9. I live there. I see young women even when it‘s 5 degrees outside along the street they showed in the beginning almost every night (it‘s December now).

  10. It seems like they need to tighten down on the way they qualify these prostitutes to work. If you don't allow girls who were trafficked into the the brothels to work then you arn't giving the men who are trafficking the girls an incentive to do so in that particular country. Amsterdam is regulated like crazy and they have a 99.8% success rate. C'mon Deutschland you can do it !

  11. So, Germany has reverted back to pre 1933 standards… hmmmm… thanks schlomo and company.

  12. Ich verurteile den Politiker, der so tut, als wäre das Problem für die Mädchen kleiner als es ist. Natürlich ist es nicht ganz einfach, eine valide Statistik über die Zahlen zu bekommen aber ich glaube, es wird sich damit auch keine Mühe gegeben. Warum nicht auch beispielsweise ehemalige Prostiturierte, Aussteigerinnen, zur Hilfe nehmen, die einen viel realistischen Blick auf das Thema geben können? Der Redakteur hat es schließlich auch geschafft, mit jemanden ins Gespräch zu kommen. Da weiß eben die rechte Hand der Politik nicht was die Linke der Polizei tut. Anders kann ich mir den Unterschied von 200 Frauen im Vergleich zu 1000 nicht erklären.

  13. Entschuldigung, aber könnte mir bitte jemand erklären, was ein "Gang Bang" für mich ist?

  14. It's probably impossible to regulate with a free market but gosh, can't they at least set a minimum rate? This is absolutely degrading and in my book nothing else but sexual exploitation. And I'm not sure that's even legal. But then again, how to do it? And there will be ways around every law and regulation as the condom problem shows. As the girl just rightfully said about the men: They have no brains! As a woman, this just makes me feel sad for those girls who don't do it out of free will. The men don't care about anything and the girls they encounter get their lives and health ruined. This is the world we live in.

  15. 10 euros for 30 mins, yet girls in thailand make 20-30 euros for the whole day and night with one person….its hard where ever you go but there is always some where worse off…

  16. Ich finde es unerträglich, dass so ein Freischein für weibliche, körperliche, Ausbeutung und Missbrauch, so ein "Gesetz" in einem ziilisierten Land wie Deutschland (#metoo) überhaupt erwogen werden kann. Das ist ein Fall für den Europäischen Gerichtshof und gehört unmittelbar abgeschafft und die Puffs geschlossen und die Betreiber

  17. Ich frage mich öfters, wie man gegen Prostitution vorgehen sollte. Ich war stets der Meinung das die Prostitution illegal sein sollte. Bins immer noch. Aber wie man hier sieht, werden die Probleme nicht angepackt von der EU. Hätten die Osteuropäer/innen bessere Verhältnisse würde es definitiv nicht zu so einer Scheisse führen. Denn das Frauen verarscht werden, um nacher diese Folter über sich ergehen zu lassen, ist echt brutal. Wir leben in Europa und man sieht so ne Scheisse. Auch hier in der Schweiz wurde dieses Thema besprochen, aber eben ist die Prostitution illegal geht man einfach nach Italien, Deutschland oder Österreich. Die EU soll sich endlich weiterentwickeln die Probleme in der Gesellschaft so gut es geht zu bekämpfen mit echter Entschlossenheit und dem Ziel für alle die GLEICHE Chance in ganz Europa zu bieten. Aber nein die wollen sich nur um das Geschäftliche kümmern. Schade.

  18. People are obcessed with outlawing sex by prostituting, but happily condone sex by the most expensive prostitute of all….your wife!

  19. funny but usually the comments are full of anti-immigration related comments, this time it's full of "I'm going to germany ;)" comments lol
    I guess $10-a-pop east-european girls are some of the positive sides of immigration according to the men here 😉

  20. if only there was some sort license to practice sex…. with sex ed classes and a cpr/aed certification requirement

  21. 150 for 8 girls is so cheap its stupid thy might as well be fucking for free

  22. "he offered to pay my travel expenses and get me set up in a hotel for free" bitch im sorry you dumb as hell to think people just do that for no reason, double, fucking, standards.

  23. die Ausbeutung von Menschen ist legal in Deutschland weil der Staat an den Steuern verdient ! Aber Cannabis ist verboten ein Schelm wer böses dabei denkt !

  24. See, even immigration affects prostitution. Lol. That’s when you know immigrants are bad.

  25. Bascally the east european prostitutes come and sell their boy for nothing to the frenches and the germans make all them money from it

  26. Haven't watched 3 seconds but I love me some…whatever this called its blocking me from recalling what I felt wrong but wanted to make shit fly

  27. Most of the sex workers that come from the eastern european countries they've mentioned, are ethnic gypsies, which, are generally poor. The interesting thing is, even though the state provides for them, a lot, they still don't work, steal and commit crimes.

  28. Also laut Rechnung der Billigpuff Tussi, verdient ein Mädchen mindestens 9000 bis hin zu 20,25,000 im Monat. Das ist Bullshit. So eine dreckige Lügnerin. Die meisten arbeiten da nicht freiwillig und müssen wesentlich mehr bezahlen.

  29. I have to say they covered this pretty well in a mere 20 minutes. They showed brothels, clubs, street and online prostitution. Girls who are forced into prostitution is tragic, but to be fair, most made a conscious CHOICE and once they are in, it is hard to get out. They get used to the money and they know no normal job is ever going to get them that kind of money. Some women are forced, some come from poor countries and do this for their kids, others are just in it for the luxury, to support their drug addiction or to pay for college. In any case, besides the ones who were forced to do this, I find these women lazy and I have no respect or sympathy for them.

  30. 19:16 ".. they're brainless."
    Umm… is the irony lost on her? She calls her Johns brainless, but somehow thinks she's better?

  31. Both legalizing prostitution and making it illegal look like they both have their negative effects.. but based on this video, I think making it illegal is the better of two bad situations.

  32. Yeah so we need legalization with proper regulation and registration with protection of workers' agency being the top priority.
    It isn't much complicated.

  33. "Human trafficking has increased". Utter bullshit. It's based on a one-time increase in 2003, just after prostitution was legalized. In reality, there was a massive drop in human trafficking in Germany compared to before legalization.

    See here: (It's in german, but the numbers should be clear enough)

    Essentially, we're down from an average of ~1100 a year in the decade before legalization to ~650 in the decade after decriminalizing it. Needs about 650 less, sure, but those 650 are not caused by the new laws.

  34. Wir schlafen nicht auf Betten, wir schlafen nicht auf Stroh, wir schlafen auf Paletten, das ist im Saarland so…allez alleeeeeez!

  35. WTF The city is doing just fine, and the laws are providing jobs. Prostitutes are seen as proper work, obviously, thus the law. And they require proper security, thus bouncers and pimps. Natural law prevails again. The women Vice interviewed talked about lowering the price of her commodity, that is good though, as consumers will have more choice near their home. Instead of having to pay for a plane ticket to Asia, just visit your backyard. College women has never had this much opportunity in centuries, we should be proud of that fact and heritage.

  36. 50 euro per customer. Ten customers a night. Thats 500 euro a day and over 10000 euro a month!! Dammit, i wish I had a pussy!

  37. Suck or Fuck?
    Uhhh … we are journalists.

    I thought he was gonna say both …. LOL

  38. I was thinking "Who the fuck would travel anywhere to bang homely German women?" and then I saw the part about the girls coming from Romania, Hungary, and Bulgaria and it made a lot more sense! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. I am Bulgarian and the woman you took interview… She is not Bulgarian she is a Gipsy please stop saying gipsys are Bulgarian 90% of the prostitutes that are "Bulgarian" are actually gipsys

  40. seems like they could solve all their problems with requiring licensing for prostitution, seams an easy fix, set a standard for cleanliness and language so they cant be taken by pimps and trafficked

  41. why do so many dudes not worry about wearing a condom!? like……….how don't they have STDs/Do they? so dumb, especially if they do so many gang bangs

  42. even though its legal its still very very shady business in germany and controlled by criminal groups

  43. das elfenhäuschen… voll krass… wenn du da neben ner schneeeule ficken kannst und die dreht den kopf so bizarr… wicked

  44. You cannot stop sex trade, prostitution,… . It’s one of the oldest professions in history. Just lay down and enjoy.

  45. Humans have more compassion for chickens than their own species. At least on a chicken farm, the farmer has the common sense to put most of the roosters into the soup pot, and leave one rooster for 10 hens. Because all the rooster wants to do is "rule the roost" and bang all the chicks. At least the chicks have time to recover with 10 of them servicing one rooster.

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  47. Diesen Guido sollte man im Käfig nach Rumanien schicken!!! So ein widerlicher typ

  48. They'd rather hide the prostitutes and not help them, simple as that. I feel so sorry for some of these poor women given that their own local government and mayor does so little.

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