Sewing an Edwardian Historically Inspired Mennonite Dress/Mennonite History Bounding

17 thoughts on “Sewing an Edwardian Historically Inspired Mennonite Dress/Mennonite History Bounding

  1. What a wonderful video! I really enjoyed learning about Mennonite fashion. The historical influences are so interesting!

  2. Finally I can see you work! Been 'patiently' waiting for you to start your YouTube channel. Awesome work!! #faithfulinstagramfollower ✌☺️

  3. The gown was wonderful example of how a dress can be simple and modest, and absolutely lovely. The dress and your sister were a beautiful pairing.

  4. Lol, your butter knife pattern weights. Still better than my sister’s cactus, but still…

  5. Yes make some more. Love seeing a young man sew I taught my husband. Very well done. She looks like she is happy

  6. There are different "sects" of Mennonite also, who have different styles…such as women wearing black caps & scarfs. Then there are those where the women wear white caps. Also there is the Mennonite church that the women dress just like anyone else in the country & you wouldn't know they were Mennonite unless they told you.

  7. We have a pretty robust Mennonite community here in North Texas, so I see quite a few cape dresses around. I love seeing the historical version you made and some of the fashion history. I definitely need to pick up that skirt pattern!

  8. This dress is so beautiful in it’s simplicity. Great first video!

  9. It looks great! I love it! And it looks like your sister does too!

  10. You are remarkably skilled in technique, skill, and eye. Your sense of humor had me chuckling along and I was absolutely won over at your hatred for both synthetics and the sound of electric mechanics. Production and editing also top notch. Loved the video from start to finish and I will anxiously await more. Keep up the good work!

  11. As a Mennonite who is also very into historical fashion I was so glad to find this video! I love how you made the cape dress look so very Edwardian without compromising the traditional dress. Keep making videos!! You did such a good job!

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