Sew a christmas dress part1

Welcome my dear fellow collectors to a
new youtube Barbie sewing project for Christmas. We are going to do this dress
but would another fabric. It’s a very easy dress. We have three parts. We have the
skirt. We have the bodies and we have the collar. I have prepared these patterns. I’m going to use the one with
the stars. I planned two different ones but we are doing today and the one with
the stars. Yeah so let’s do the first things first.
Let’s start with the darts and the clips I already prepared everything you can
see my blue trick marker on the fabric. it’s going to disappear later but it
helps me to to sew all right things in place. I think it’s a very easy solution. Every part has the blue trick marker on
it and now let’s start. So I start with the darts. What I do is I put them in the
right direction so then they overlap. I can see it on the back. The marker is
visible on the back of my fabric and I know where to sew to make it a little
bit easier I can also use some of my needles to put the fabric in place. So
nothing goes in the wrong direction and now let’s start. Okay here
we go. Let’s remove this here and we go over
the fabric a second time and let’s do it a third time. So first dart is ready and I’m going
to do the second one here and then I’ll be back. For the clips is you fold the
stuff/fabric and then you put a needle in the fabric at the right position which is here. And then you have something like this. We
put this aside for a moment and we start to work on our top. We do the
darts first and then I’m going to show you what we do next. Okay that’s the
second dart of the top yay
and I’m going to close the seam here. My darts are ready. Here is what I’ve done so far … the darts … that’s what you
see from the back it’s just like a little triangle.
They are triangular and you put it seams through you can see it here and there and then you make a shorter and on the
two halfs we put these two things together now. We sew them together
to be more precise. That’s why we have this line in the middle. I have to I have
to (word missing sorry)…. the line has to be in the middle. Then we are correct but at first I’m
going to do this little seam here for the skirt. So let’s start. Okay we have the needle in the down
position. I don’t need it there in the moment. And stop and here we go
the same is done now. It’s not very special. It’s just to keep it in place
that it’s on the back … nothing very complicated. I think you’re going to
manage it. You won’t see it later because we sew it together like this later
on but that’s later. Now we are…. fold is not good … we have to sew the skirt and the run
part together it’s always a little bit tricky I hope I manage it this time in a
the perfect way. Let’s see I’m not perfect seamstress but I try to do my
best. It’s just … I just do part in the middle
and then I stop and check if I have managed it … no of course not
you see we have a difference of 0,2 centimeter and I
have to do it again ok seen from an another angle I have done kind of free
swing which I’m going to remove later but now you can see um my color
stitch is in the middle. It’s 100% in the middle. Let’s continue and do the seam I
just showed you that I pre stitched let’s hope and I met it this time 100%
and everything goes right. Okay I have to mark it here. I think I have
forgotten my pencil. No it’s just here. I have to mark where I have to stop. that I don’t sew too far. Okay, now let’s
continue and then go back. Let’s see looks good. I have met it 100% this time. Let’s move it
a little bit, use the needle down position and mark here also the end with my marker. Needle up. and yeah we attached our top to our bodies. That’s very nice okay I’m going to remove the black seam
later. That’s not the problem. I can remove my needles here too.
Now so now we have stitched bodies and skirts together. Now let’s do the
armholes. Armholes are not my favorite things to sew but I want to do it in a
professional way. I like it in a professional way. Let’s try it and see
how far we come. I use this pair of tweezers for sewing arm holds because they are so tiny
for Barbie. You have to hold it. You have to have something to hold
the fabric in place. Okay, now let’s see and you have to to keep it tight while
you are sewing and you have to sew in the right u-form which is also complicated
enough at least that’s what I can tell you from my experience to sew in an u-
form. Now let’s keep them all down. That’s
another problem just try to keep them all down. Okay we are almost done with
the first armhole. Okay first armhole it’s done.
Needle up and we have to cut the threads here so first armhole is done and then
we have to attach this and this together to get the shoulder part when
we are ready with our armholes but now let’s do the armholes. I think what I do … in a minute…

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