Sea Egg Barbados – Bikinis, Swimwear, and Apparel for Active Girls

I’m Cherrianne
and we’re at my little garden shop for Sea Egg Swimwear in Barbados. For
active girls. All ages. Because I really think age is just a number and after 50
it needs to be divided by two. I have like this huge collection. From small to
bigger. Bigger obviously are harder to find. It’s the dried sea egg and they’re so pretty. I surf, but you don’t necessarily have
to surf. You can paddle board you can freedive you can snorkel you can swim.
There’s so many things to do. It’s kind of a selfish kind of business because I
love bikinis. I almost feel like I’m doing it just for me. They’re called Lea shorts
because my daughter actually designed them. She wanted a high waisted short which all her girlfriends are wearing and she thinks it’s really cute. I just do them in
crazy prints because we live in the tropics so why shouldn’t we reflect
something that’s tropical. I’m doing these cute little tops like the one I have on.
These are all new. My t-rex The obligatory salty hair don’t care
cuz that’s so me. So I’ve got two bottoms at the moment.
A more athletic one and a cheekier one. And three different kinds of tops.
Four different kinds of tops actually. We’re open for appointments only. So I can schedule around my surf schedule and my work schedule

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