Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. I hope you are having a fantastic day. Welcome back to One Take Friday. If you are new I keep saying what it is, but I just want people to know. Every Friday I’m uploading a video like this one without any cuts or edits whatsoever so whatever comes out, comes out, whatever happens , happens. But anyways, today’s video is the last one, I did like a little streak, If you guys didn’t notice, 5 days of videos talking about saving money or ways to save money. And today’s video I want to talk about 5 ways, 5 tips, 5 hacks on how you can save money on clothes. I think this is a BIG ONE for so many of us. I know that clothes used to be a really big expense in my life and now I hardly ever spend that much money at all on clothing. And I’m so happy that, yeah, that I don’t spend my money on clothes or chasing fashion trends, trying to be trendy and all that stuff. I just feel so much happier now, um, with how I look at clothes and all that kind of stuff now. So, anyways, I wrote down a little list. I know that it is in one take so *giggle* I didn’t want to forget anything. Main thing… ok. Number 1. I think the easiest way to save money on clothes is to buy less clothing. And this sounds ridiculous, but, how many of you watching buy clothes because you’re bored, just because you saw something and you thought it was cute, because you want to be trendy. Its just.. yeah. I think it is important to break out of that cycle. I used to be in that cycle. Maybe not so much trying to be trendy, but if I would see thinks that I thought were cute I would just pick them up without thinking much about it. So, the number 1 way I was able to stop buying so much clothes, to start buying less clothes is really when I found my personal style. You guys know I’m like super minimalist with the clothes. I just wear neutrals including navy. So black, white, grey, cream and navy is literally the only colors I own. And it makes my life so much easier. Once you find your personal style and the colors and stuff that you like, you will start buying way less clothing because you’ll probably be very content with what is in your closet and most of the clothes that are in front of you will not really suit your aesthetic or your style. So it’s much easier to pass on them. But, yeah, just try to buy less clothing. It’s a great way to save, guys.

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