Sanoviv Q&A with Elaine M. Pace: Clothing at Sanoviv

Hi! I’m Elaine. Let’s take a tour of the Sanoviv
clothing together. Lots of people wonder on their first
visit why you don’t have to pack very much. In fact all you bring are the clothes that are
closest to your skin because, we’ll provide you with organic cotton clothing. Nice and loose so that your body can detox.
Shorts, shirts, pants, even shoes are all provided for you here at Sanoviv. We want to make sure that while you are
detoxing from the environmental stressors and the world around you that your body and skin are able to breath. That happens best if you’re using organic cotton clothing. In fact we recommend that you bring organic cotton clothing
under clothes to wear close to your skin as well. You can move in these; participate in our
daily fitness activities but, you’ll want to bring your own bathing suit for one of the five saltwater pools. No nail polish anywhere. Keep the toxins
away and we don’t have hair dryers here at Sanoviv. Come ready to be your own natural beautiful self. You will be glowing from the good health
inside you and all of the beautiful surroundings
around you. Here at Sanoviv we’ll take care of everything; even dressing.

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