Sales Strategies: Say Yes Sales Tip #2 for Online Entrepreneurs

hey everyone I’m summer Tannhauser and I
am back for week two in my signature series that simplified say yes sales where
I’m giving you 52 sales strategies that you can implement right away in your
business no matter your offer to really skyrocket your leads increase your
clients or customers and ultimately double or more the revenue that you’re
bringing in for your business so I’m all about running a live more work less
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strategy tip number two which is what’s the result here’s the thing nobody cares
how your offer works not really right it doesn’t matter how many modules you have
it doesn’t matter the number of training videos that are included or the
worksheets you’re giving them or the exact format of the call none of that
matters what people really want to know is the results what are they gonna get
out of your offer if they purchase it is it really going to solve the struggle
and the pain points that they’re feeling right now in fact they probably love it
if your offer took less time to implement less effort and less energy on
their part and still got them the same results so maybe you think that saying
you’ve got 75 training videos sounds impressive but what your audience is
really thinking is whoa that’s going to take forever to watch
I better be 100% sure that your offer is gonna deliver on what it says it’s gonna
do and I better be sure that all the effort that I’m gonna be putting into
actually watching and implementing this is going to be worth the results so
instead of your audience think all that let’s make
it easier for them let’s stop telling them about the number of videos or the
pages in the workbook let’s tell them what they really want to know what is
your gonna offer going to do for them what results are they going to get so
here’s what I want you to do I want you to think about that one signature offer
that you’re really ready to start skyrocketing sales for and I want you to
make a list of everything that that offer does for your clients or customers
so a for example let’s say you’ve got a course on organizing your home I’d start
with my list of results I’m gonna get a clean home out of it and I’m gonna get a
system to keep things tidy going forward so list out ten of those things think of
ten results that people are gonna get now I want you to take each one of those
results and list out a benefit of it so for example with the clean home if I
have a clean home it’s gonna feel nice to come home from work that’s a benefit
and if I’ve got a result of having a system to keep my home organized in the
future a benefit is is that I’m never gonna feel out of control in my home
again it’s gonna never feel like my home owns me
now that’s good that’s a good start you got some benefits but I want you to go
deeper what’s the real benefit of that benefit that’s where we get juicy so for
example if having a clean home makes it feel nice to come home from work what
the benefit of that really is is that you’re able to show up for your family
with more love and compassion because you don’t have that stress I now we’re
getting somewhere okay so we said a benefit was never
having to feel out of control in your home again what’s the benefit of that
well it’s gonna free up your mind space it’s gonna free up your energy for
spending it on making fun plans right rather than getting weighed down by the
stress and the clutter now you’ve found the real reason that you’re organizing
course is going to sell it’s not telling them people about all the steps and all
the videos and all the trainings that they need to watch and implement to be
able to organize their home what is gonna sell it is conveying that
emotional response how an organized hoe is going to allow
them to approach their family with more love and compassion and it’s gonna give
them the time and the energy to make fun plans for the weekends rather than
spending all that we can clean it so your action step for today is to pick
one of your offers I want you to list out ten ways that it helps people then
take each one of those results and list out the benefit then take each one of
those benefits and list out the benefit of the benefit go deeper when you get
done you’re gonna have a list of ten powerful emotionally-driven phrases they
get to the heart of the real reason that people want your offer now take those
phrases pop them into your emails put them on your sales page get them into
your marketing and you’re gonna have a golden offer that sells itself now let
me know in the comments what you think about this tip and be sure to share with
us one of those sexy sales phrases that you come up with okay I’m gonna be back
next week with tip number three in the simplified sale say yes sales serious so
don’t forget to pop in your name and email so that you are notified when that
next video goes live next week and to grab your implementation guide for this
week’s tip so here’s to generating more say yes sales and I’ll see you next week

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