Ruff Wear Palisades Dog Pack

We are taking a look at the Ruff Wear Palisades
Pack. This is the largest capacity dog backpack in Ruff Wear’s line. It is extremely rugged
and durable and it is large enough, it has got a big enough capacity that it is going
to be able to support the weight of all the gear that your dog needs for multiple days
on the trail, adventures in the backcountry and all of those excursions. When you are
going out into the backcountry and you want to bring water, food, toys, maybe a pad for
the dog to lay on, so we will touch on all of those features. One thing I really appreciate about this pack
that stands out to all other dog backpacks that I have seen is that the saddle bag portion
and the harness are actually removable. So you can take the saddlebags off and use this
harness separately. This is a modified web-master harness. So you get all of those rugged, durable
features that you have on the webmaster harness, but it has these extra four clips on top so
that you can clip the saddle bags on there. It clips on there very easily and it is very
stable when it is on the dog. The webmaster harness has plenty of features
here. On the front you have got a three way adjustable harness right there on the chest
of the dog. So that is padded. It is very com-fortable. And when you cinch everything
down it just provides a really nice feel on the front on the chest of the dog. That is
adjustable three ways there. And then on the side of the harness you have got adjustment
below the dog’s chest. There is also padding there to make it really comfortable and then
there is an adjustment in the back as well. So you have a fully adjustable harness here
to accommodate lots of different size dogs. The most important measurement here is the
widest part of your dogs chest, the girth measurement. The measurement from front to
back isn’t as important as that girth meas-urement. So be certain that you are measuring your
dog before ordering the size harness and I would say if your dog is in between sizes,
definitely size down, rather than sizing up, so you get the most secure fit. The other features here you have a really,
really durable grab handle. So if you are hiking along or walking along with your dog
and you just want to pull them back a little bit or lift them up to go over logs or big
rocks or something like that, a really durable grab han-dle and you have got a leash loop
right here that is very durable as well. So all of the fea-tures here make a great harness. And then we take a look at the saddle bags.
Those, again, clip really easily right on to the harness part with those four clips.
You have got plenty of storage in this backpack. So starting at the top you have a very small,
shallow pocket right here on the top for smaller items, maybe a leash or something like that.
You have the bigger saddle bag pocket. And this is where you can store the dog’s water,
food. If it has got some sort of a pad or a sleeping bag, it will definitely store well
in there. And you even get two hydration bot-tles here. These are flexible bottles so as you
put water in them it is going to conform to the dog’s body, which is really nice. As
they move they are not going to slosh around. And if you have the bottles empty they fold
up to be really small. You have got a nice little cap on there so you can refill their
water. So you have got two of those and it is a small,
integrated pocket inside the main com-partment. Plenty of room to get all of the gear you
need in there and then ahead of that pocket you have got another smaller pocket. Something else that I really love is you have
compression straps on this pack. So if I peel that pocket way, these compression straps
make the load a lot smaller. So if you are just going out for the day, if you are just
going out for an overnight trip and that dog doesn’t have a lot of gear in there, you
can cinch that down and really make the pack smaller and more streamlined. But then if
you need all of that extra room, you can really just pull that out. It is a really easy pull
tab there and it makes that pocket a lot bigger. So if you are on a long trip, your dog has
got all its food that it needs and it eats the food throughout the trip, you can just
cinch that down and you don’t have these big saddle bags kind of mov-ing around there,
so very comfortable for the dog. There is plenty of gear loops on the outside,
so you can lash gear on the outside if you need to, but just really great construction
on a dog backpack. With all the features you get here, you have
got an extremely durable pack that is going to allow your dog to carry its own weight
on the trail. It is the Ruff Wear Palisades Pack.

20 thoughts on “Ruff Wear Palisades Dog Pack

  1. Great review. Exactly what I was looking for. I've been on the fence between packs but the thoroughness of your review sold me. Gretel thanks you!

  2. ONLY issue I see is that the very back strap can easily crush a male dogs "business'. Would have been better if they had used the harness design on their climbing harness, which has two separate back loop straps that go around each hind leg.

  3. 2:58 Forgot the 2 holdown straps under the bags that go around the harness straps and keep the bags from flopping around.

  4. Had one of these for my dog Chico… he loved his gear, Ruff gear is a great brand. I left the harness on him when we finished a trip & in the car he chewed part of the harness… had boots for him to, some of the alpine trails are really rocky and jagged rocks so the boots helped his paws but he would walk funny with the boots on. Had a coat for him to he really liked his coat. Had a collapsible ruff wear Bowl to. He had all the gear and would get so excited when it came out. Also would get depressed when my gear would come out and his wasn’t there.. he passed away.. his gear is hanging in the rafters of my garage retired like old jersey hanging from the rafters of a arena

  5. Did you shave your Aussie??!!! The dog in this video appears to be an Aussie and she should never ever shave an Aussie

  6. The newer palisades packs do not have clips anymore. They have smaller buckle devices that do a great job of holding the pack on.

  7. Everybody I think she maybe made a mistake in telling you to always size down if your dog is in between sizes…. I have a 20lb Pug, she’s in between a XS & S and I sized up! If you get the smaller size it’s extended to it’s max, if you get the bigger size it should fit without even adjusting it and isn’t adjusted at all really and is designed more that way! Also your dog could grow out of it! Perhaps the only problem I see by going bigger is it could fit a little loose but that can easily be fixed by putting something underneath! I just went through this issue today! Always size UP if in between sizes and it should be a perfect fit!

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