REATS TAILOR ZAZOUS Men Clothing Store Daikanyama, Tokyo | Tendencies

Hi, my name is Yamano Kota from Reats Tailor Zazous. This is a men’s store with clothes dedicated to the British taste. Our store has the british taste of music, military and college fashion. We have many kinds of British items like suits, jackets, shirts, and many other products. Our customers are people between 20 to 40 years old who loves music and British culture. Our number one recommendation is the “Union Jack” jacket. This is a jacket made with original fabric that many musicians and actors want to wear. Our must popular item is the school jacket. The colour is very popular and we sell it as our main item. Customers ask for it even if we don’t have it on stock. It’s really popular! Feel free to talk with us and have a fun shopping. When you go to a live concert or a party, I hope you enjoy wearing our clothes. For summer as also in winter, we recommend you to dress up with a shirt, necktie and jacket. In summer, you can use a cut & sewn and coordinate it with a jacket. In this store, we sell original brand products. Sometimes the fabric we use is imported from Italy or England and the accessories like hats and shoes are selected and imported from Italy and England too. We don’t have yet a website but come to Daikanyama is a very interesting place with clothes stores. If you come to Tokyo, please visit Daikanyama and our store.

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