Reality TV Shows Canceled Because Of An Idiot Mistake

Whether or not you enjoy Big Brother, Survivor,
or Keeping Up With the Kardashians, there’s no denying that these long-running reality
shows have figured out a winning formula. But a lot of shows weren’t so lucky. Things can go wrong on set all the time, and
when dealing with regular amateurs instead of professional actors or experienced showbiz
vets, that risk is even greater. From hardcore drug use to gruesome felonies,
these reality series all got canceled due to some major mistakes. Pretty stupid It isn’t easy keeping up with the Kardashians,
which Alexis Neiers and her family found out the hard way while making their E! reality
series Pretty Wild, which ran for only one season in 2010. The show followed Alexis, her sisters, and
their mom, former Playmate Andrea Arlington. Alexis was arrested for participating in the
infamous Hollywood “Bling Ring,” and jailed for robbing Orlando Bloom’s house, all in
the first episode! While the legal trouble so early on should
have been something of a red flag, the clincher came later when photos were leaked of Alexis
and her sister Tess smoking. The show was canceled for good, and both girls
attended rehab. “December 1st, 2010 was the last time I used.” Armed and foolish You’d think the only idiot mistake in a show
called Armed and Famous would be the premise: training celebrities to be police officers,
and actually making them do the job while being filmed for a TV show. “No John is going to hurt these two girls. Not on my watch!” The stupid doesn’t stop there, though. The 2007 reality TV dud was canceled after
just four episodes when a woman filed a lawsuit against CBS Broadcasting for $1 million. Apparently the famous cops had ransacked her
apartment looking for two suspects before realizing they were at the wrong address. The network also cited the show’s low ratings
as part of the reason for the cancellation. Editing error There’s nothing quite like stripping contestants
of all their clothing to raise the stakes on a reality series. This was the simple concept behind VH1’s Dating. Contestants disrobed down to their birthday
suits and went on “dates” such as sipping cocktails by the pool or engaging in some
light mud wrestling. Romantic, right? Although the participants needed to bare it
all during filming, they were apparently promised that their naughty bits would be blurred out
when the show aired. Unfortunately, whoever was in charge of the
blurring made a major error during the July 31st, 2014 broadcast. Then-28-year-old model Jessie Nizewitz was
wrestling with her date on the beach when viewers caught a brief unblurred glimpse of
her private parts. Nizewitz quickly became the target of ridicule
across social media, and filed an ultimately unsuccessful $10 million lawsuit against VH1
owner Viacom, along with two of the show’s production companies. Eventually the Parents’ Television Council,
who were staunchly against the show, managed to wrestle 90 percent of Dating corporate
advertisers away from the series. The show was canceled shortly after its third
season in 2017, with poor ratings cited as one of several reasons for the decision. Good grief If you thought the world of funeral homes
was an untapped treasure trove of reality gold, well, there might be a reason for that. In 2014, Lifetime was set to produce Good
Grief, a reality series that centered around the Johnson Family Mortuary in Fort Worth,
Texas. But the series wound up six feet under before
it ever got off the ground. On July 15th, 2014, the landlord paid his
tenants a visit and discovered eight rotting bodies hidden beneath the funeral home. When reporters and paparazzi showed up, owner
Dondre Johnson initially told the spectators, “That’s great advertising, because in a few
days from now we’ll be on a reality show so I want all this media.” Ultimately, Johnson was found guilty of theft
for stealing money from customers and neglecting the bodies of their loved ones, and sentenced
to two years in prison and a fine of $10,000. Unsurprisingly, the network pulled the plug.

46 thoughts on “Reality TV Shows Canceled Because Of An Idiot Mistake

  1. I thought a looper video with 8.4k views was legendary ….. BUT – 640 views!!

    Might buy a lottery ticket …..

  2. Funeral Home in town where I live would upsell these cheap ass caskets to people for big money. One day they carrying the casket into the church and the guy inside fell out of the bottom.

  3. I can't wait until the POTUS reality show is canceled, because that apprentice star orange old man has been running amuck.

  4. Anybody remember Megan Wants a Millionaire? It got cancelled because one of the contestants was a murderer.

  5. Never heard of Pretty Wild

    Armed and Famous was awful

    Never watched Dating Naked

  6. Some body get there head blown off on TV (*OK*) See someone getting naked on TV(*OH THE HUMANITY*) So harmless nudity is more offensive to the eyes than someone using a gun/knife kill someone?

  7. All reality tv should be banned. It used to be a joke that people would watch shit like reality tv but here we are. Now anyone will do anything for their 15 minutes. Smh

  8. You need to learn to say bye. Dammit its confusing when you end so abruptly. Lol

  9. So called reality tv is so fuqqing awful and so far from real that it's false advertising. People who want to do these types of shows should under no circumstances be allowed to! 99% of the ppl should be sedated and put into an assylum! I personally can't watch them. Then again I can't watch adverts without getting annoyed and switching the tv off.

  10. What idiot goes on the show called dating naked and think so they're not going to show my penis and booties

  11. I miss the old vh1. I love money was awesome it could still be going on now if Ryan Jenkins didn't kill his fiance

  12. In regards to the
    Reality shows some
    Should be totally

  13. I just don't understand how you can agree to be naked on TV and not expect something idiotic to occur.

  14. i think theres a german dating show called adam and eva. They are naked all the time and everything is shown. DonΒ΄t quite get why this would be entertaining for someone

  15. I really hate the way u guys end your vids so abruptly. I normally want a heads up so I can get ready to choose my next video to watch

  16. Armed and famous? Seriously?? Who the fuck thought that was okay? I really hope they got fired

  17. how did a show about making celebrities cops make it from a concept to production ? No one thought this was a bad idea wtf

  18. The best part of the Celebrity Cop show was when they all had to get tasered. Trish Stratus was the only one who volunteered for the taser with the prongs that stick in your skin…the others were tased with just a basic taser. Still, it was quite memorable.

  19. Losers. I’ll watch the amazing race but that’s as reality as I get. Bunch of losers on the other ones.

  20. There used to be a pretty good mortuary reality show called Family Plot. This was before all the cable networks went reality show on us.

    I thought it was done tastefully.

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