Rant: Soncy is the Worst | Vlogmas Day 8

hey everybody today I have another haul
for you um I recently noticed to have an echo on my videos it’s driving me nuts
I’m gonna figure out how to get rid of it
but so far this is the best I can do which is putting a clothing rack behind
me which makes it a little bit better so I apologize
also my voice it’s a little rough today I’m still getting over being sick that’s
okay because today I’m gonna haul a completely brand new brand the brand I’m
hauling today is soncy I’ve never tried them before they have a VIP
program it costs about like $39 don’t know if it’s worth it we’ll find out
apparently supposedly you can buy items and get free returns if you are a VIP
member this is very similar to Asos’ VIP membership where it’s I think 29
dollars and you can free two-way shipping so we’ll see we’ll see
completely don’t know never tried this brand before not sponsored let’s open
the box if I’m a little down energy just remember I’ve been super sick I’m still
I’m still coming back from it but I’m excited to do this haul also I got my
Fitbit on to tell me how many steps I’m taking while I’m hauling just cuz I’m
like a numbers person I get like I go in phases where I get like really excited
about like how many steps did I take does anybody else get this it’s not
even like it’s not a weight loss thing it’s just like look I’m playing with my
I can play with this thing for like half an hour and you guys will just be like
she’s staring at her stupid watch again get up and haul stuff so now I’m gonna
do that the box it comes in not very exciting it’s got a warning tape on it
which like I don’t know it makes it seem like scary because just says warning
warning warning warning warning like it’s dangerous what’s in the box
remember the fashion it’s so good but it’s scary
we’ll see I just thought that was funny that there’s like warning tape all over
it you’d think I’d have like explosives or something in this box but really it’s
just polyester probably also the tape came off really easy like literally fell
off that’s also concerning I like that this has an easy return process like
right in the box so it just you know has all the return instructions here comes
in these bags that are branded with the word Soncy
so everybody facts I had to stop the video when I was originally trying these on
cuz I got annoyed and my voice was out so I decided to just like come back to
it another day let’s talk about this skirt and how it is terribly sized
absolutely terribly sized in fact here’s the video of me wearing this skirt in an
unusual way so I just took photos of this shirt which is not even a shirt
it’s that dumb skirt from Soncy that I made into a shirt because their
sizing is jacked it’s called making it work but when I put it on I was like
this is actually like a really cute skirt
I mean shirt it’s a terrible skirt but it’s a shirt hey it’s banging yes this
skirt does not fit me as a skirt it does actually make kind of a cute top also
super disappointed because I actually ordered a size larger this is a size 4
which by Soncy sizes should be a size 26 now I ordered a size larger because
there’s no stretch and when there’s no stretch I usually need a size larger for
my thighs so good on me got the right size or at least it should be the right
size however I couldn’t even get it like partway down over my butt and so I was
like what the hell and then my first thought was to attack myself and be like
what happened like what have I been doing and I really didn’t like that into
gingerbread and then I was like no cut that this is why sizing sucks because it
makes women attack themselves I’m gonna investigate so I literally went and
bought a measuring tape which I will use in future hauls and I measured this
skirt and I’m gonna do it for you right on camera right here so across one
length of this and I’m pulling it tight we’re looking at a 23 inch waist maybe
23 and a half if you want to give some slack cuz it’s curving okay 23 and a
half double that that would be a 47 inch waist okay for all those people that
hate fat people you can let go off with that oh my god that’s so big whatever
the reality is it’s a 47 inch waist on this skirt according to the size chart
the waist of this skirt should be put the size chart next to me so you can see
50 to 52 inches which means a person with a 52 inch waist should be able to
wear this skirt that is 47 inches that’s a 5 inch difference that’s not a tiny
difference that’s a huge difference in fact this fit me at the waist because it
fit me here at the bustline because I have a small waist in comparison to my
hips now let’s talk about the hip measurement cuz it’s even more jacked
we’re gonna measure at the widest part of the skirt okay which is the which is
actually right about here okay we’re gonna do the same thing we’re gonna
measure from the side pulling it tight and we’ll see that we have about a 29
inch hip ratio which would be 58 inches okay
which is about a 58 inch hip and that’s actually probably a little bit generous
because when you think about it a skirt if it’s going to fit a body should
actually be slightly larger than the body
it’s going to fit so we have a 58 inch at the widest part of this skirt and
according to the size charts it should be 60 to 64 inches that means a person
with a sixty four inch hip aka me actually I’m smaller than that should be
able to reasonably fit in this skirt unfortunately it’s about six inches too
small probably about seven because there should be an extra inch
add on to it the fact that on the site the model looks like the skirt is
loose-fitting okay not body con so we probably should add even an additional inch so it’s about eight inches smaller then it should be based on the
size chart based on the images I’m shown as a consumer and you can see the images
here and this doesn’t even fit moreover this measure’s to about a size 22 to
sizes smaller than what I ordered dat done piss me off
piss me off right I have a reasonable right to be pissed and I don’t care if
you think I’m fat or if I should lose weight to fit clothing the reality is
this clothing company advertises this size a certain way then sells clothing
that is smaller than that size what really makes me angry and I hate to call
people out here is I see so many plus-sized people advocating for this
brand and all I can think is what the hell sizing are they ordering they have
to be having help in what they’re ordering or maybe they just order two to
three sizes larger which is fine why doesn’t the company just call this a 20
I’m cool with it and offer less sizes this is the problem with size
inclusivity and I’m gonna throw it out there right now brands want the badge of
including a 3x a four X whatever it might be but they don’t actually want to
offer that size there are tons of brands that offer a 3x and for a 3x them is for
them is like 16 18 or 18 20 that’s actually not a 3x that’s a vanity 3x
that makes them feel good because they hit some threshold of offering sizes
but they’re not actually offering that size so this brand which claims to go
all the way up to size 30 actually probably goes up to a size 24 maybe a
26 because they’re just pretending to be size inclusive not really being size
inclusive in fact I could order a couple sizes larger and still wear their stuff
and be fine but here’s where it does matter when a woman buys a piece of
clothing we get taught and attached to our size so whatever size we are when we
become comfortable with it that’s actually kind of powerful so when a
brand makes us feel uncomfortable again about our size after we’ve come to
accept it it’s pointless like why would I want to give money to a brand if they
can’t even do like the simple act of like getting their sizing right cuz I’m
a pretty strong person I don’t care that’s not everybody and it’s a needless
set of worry that someone could get from shopping there that like doesn’t need to
exist like why would you do that to your customers it makes no business sense
that’s the thing that drives me the most nuts about it is like financially this
is dumb so why are you doing this to yourself you’re screwing your consumers
but you’re also screwing your business because people like me I’m not gonna
shop with you anymore heck I probably could have been a super
loyal customer you’ve got some good designs the construction seems pretty
legit but when you do crap like this I’m like peace you don’t get my money
doesn’t make any sense I’m gonna keep going I hope that this is
just the rare flaw but this drove me so nuts that I literally went out and I’m
type-a I’m not even gonna try to explain it anymore I just type a and that’s what
happened here so I put some festive leggings on because I feel like this
skirt is also going to be a hot mess let’s do it it’s like oh I keep pausing
cuz it’s just depressing it just gets more and more depressing okay
over the head okay so first and foremost the waste has quite a lot of room to it
like here this is sitting on my waist maybe a little high even if I pull it down
lower I’ve got quite a little room there with the elastic bands so the waist is
on but then with this there’s there’s no way like let me let’s see how far down I
can get it an exercise in self-loathing sorry that’s what it felt
like oh I just like pulled it a little bit there still returning it okay this
is the best I can do so sexy don’t you want to get with this the sexy skirt from Soncy no it’s a piece of crap you know why because it’s a
terrible skirt it doesn’t fit right and it’s sizing is
jacked this isn’t Halloween I don’t want a jack-o’-lantern skirt okay
let’s measure this baby I feel so empowered now that I have my angry measuring tape
I can angry measure all the things where did you go where did you go my measuring
tape Oh where did you go I wanna know oh oh
my measuring tape I can’t find it like where did I put it
one sec I’m gonna look and then turn the camera back on found it this is a 22
now I’m gonna stretch it out just to see how far it’ll go to about like a twenty
six and a half so this will go to about 53 inches in the waist and down here widest part 28 so 59 so this skirt if it
was actually like a 26 probably would have fit me but because this is actually
sized as a 24 but advertises 26 it doesn’t which means I would need a 28
maybe even that’s 30 because I got them big old hips to wear this is this is
not it’s not going well and now I’m angry
because I have this this has empowered me just giving me new rage yeah I shall
have my revenge let’s keep going I started to try to put these on and then
I was like no this is not gonna happen you know why it’s not gonna happen
sing it with me now soncy’s sizing is jacked oh man this one’s bad this one’s like
way worse than the others so 23 inch waist which would be 46 inches which
according to the soncy size chart would be 22 really I’m measuring everything
I’m an angry little bird tweet tweet tweet tweet your sizing is off squawk a
doodle-doo I’m calling you out so um this actually fits me I’ll be
honest I find it a little tacky it’s not how I would wear it the finishing is
nice but there’s something about it it just it’s like not enough it’s a little
bit cheap looking even though it’s full sequin I don’t know how to explain it these are
weird why do you exist and it’s weird because this does look totally sized
correctly it’s not a closed cardigan it’s supposed to be open like this so
like this looks on size do I want to keep it no but like we got one we got
one item so far that looks like it could work if I wanted it to yay for one whoo
okay so this fits me but it’s supposed to be a little oversized considering I
already ordered it two sizes larger than I normally wear on top so unimpressed
it’s actually a cute shirt and if it was advertised correctly in the sizing that
it actually was I probably would be like you know what I could tuck this in wear it with
a skirt and be very happy but because I’m so mad
I don’t want to I don’t want to make it work I don’t want to give them any of my
money because they’re lying to people and these types of lies are stupid
pointless hurtful to consumers and your business and make no sense design this
is a good design but your sizing is so jacked that every girl is gonna have a
crappy first experience with you why are you doing that and yeah I’m
talking to the brain here because I’m hoping they watch this and then get there
ish together because this is cool but the experience of buying it isn’t ah also because it has buttons I want to
do the exploding Hulk side note I got it on my body but it should definitely not
be on my body and I’m gonna rip it if I move my arms so I just gotta keep my
arms like this fat girl in a little shirt fat girl in a little shirt
that’s it for this one so angry I mean I can move this lots of flexibility in the
elbows but here here ish is about to go down well that’s a break apart it’s so disappointing see these angry eyes not hungry angry so sexy this is supposed to be a dress
everywhere hurts especially right here and right here
and here basically um I probably could pull this over my body but then I
would not be able to move ever I basically could drink a drink and then
explode on sight which would be a fun holiday trick but not how I want to go
out I’m like really confused why are so many
people repping this brand when clearly they’re sizing is so off I’m literally
confused and I’ll be honest with you they have reached out to me about
partnering I’m so glad I didn’t because then there’s awkward
situations where I sign a contract and then have to
mail everything back and be like yo can’t work with you cuz your stuff is
crap those are not fun situations I have had them before as an FYI I won’t rep
something I don’t believe in so in this instance I’m grateful I forked out my
own cash because had this been a partnership I would have had to like
bail on it which would a. make me look unprofessional but b. be super
uncomfortable cuz I just I can’t rep this brand it’s terrible like the
experience of shopping them is not fun so I’m making a judgement call
I’ve decided to not try this dress on and doing the measurements like I did
with all the other things already this is not gonna fit me and I don’t really
want to cram my body into it I just I want to walk away from this and just be
done I get so excited about new brands and I was legitimately excited about
this haul this wasn’t like fashion Nova this wasn’t like shein where I was like
I know I’m in for a shit show no when I ordered I genuinely thought this
was going to be a great experience in fact when I recorded the beginning
video the intro which I have saved pieces of but not all of it because
frankly it’s very favorable before I actually tried the clothing on and it just
doesn’t feel genuine to my feelings now once I put the items on I had hope that
these would be a brand I could shop feel confident and sexy and beautiful in and
promote and and and promote it as not just an option for me but for girls even
larger than myself and not everything I wear goes above a size 24 which is what
I typically live in and I was excited to have another option
the reality is this isn’t an option and it probably could fit up to a 26 in some
things in the stretch items I was ordering in the tops 22- 24 and they
felt like an 18 maybe 16-18 not quite a 20 because usually I can get into a 20
and feel okay it’s a little tight but these were
like painfully tight like uh free me um the only top I ordered larger than that was
the button down which I ordered in a 26 it was supposed to be oversized and
was fitted so it just gives you an idea like the reality is I’m a 20-22 on top
pretty religiously I sometimes order larger because I like
sweaters and stuff bigger like this is a 22 24 I’ve got plenty of room in it
to be in a 26 and have it not fit or barely fit is a little shocking and
again it’s not the number that bothers me it’s the experience numbers in plus
clothing are wack in general but at least when you go to a size chart I
found for most brands you can shop against that size chart so you might be
bigger or smaller against the size chart but the size chart is like God right you
believe the size chart in this instance they I don’t even know if they’re using
that size chart I literally think someone just made it up and put it on
the internet and then they’re just making the clothing whatever sizes they
want they’re like up today this is the 24 and then that’s what gets shipped out
because it’s very clear that there’s a not consistency the only consistent
measurement we had and I measured everything I didn’t and you’re not gonna
see me measuring everything but there was like two pieces that had similar
measurements it just it feels like this brand wants plus money but doesn’t want
to like actually have long-term Plus customers so I hope soncy that you
watch this I hope you hired fit models above a size 14 as you should if you’re
making a Plus only brand I hope that you start checking the quality of your
factories to ensure that the sizing matches up to your size chart I hope you
create a free returns process I had to pay $39 to get a free return process I had
to join your VIP or whatever that is but if your sizing is this off and you know
it you should be providing free returns and exchanges until
you get your shit together and the construction and the quality and the
design is good and I want to tell you they’re good I want to give you my money
but dude brand you got to get your stuff together soncy because I’m not
gonna buy stuff from you and I’m certainly not gonna rep you until you do
and it’s up to you but right now your clothing is jacked and this is me saying
soncy you’re the worst guys that’s everything that’s my real life opinion
of this brand my tumultuous experience trying to get on I hope you have an
amazing rest of your week I’ll check you later hopefully things are brighter
wherever you are peace

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    2030 East Vista Bella Way Los Angeles CA, 90220

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