Pyramids True Purpose FINALLY DISCOVERED: Advanced Ancient Technology

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  1. Loved the content and yes I believe you have got it absolutely correct, but mankind is kept very much in the dark and will never be told the TRUTH.

  2. The " Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean" says exactly this. The capstone was a special crystal that shot up a light and it over another huge chamber, he called " The Halls of Amenti". The empty "sarcophagus" was meant for man to astrally project, hence its size. The Huge Ones we're theirs! He also speaks of the "serpent-headed" beings that infiltrated Atlantis by hiding amongst men using "sorcery". (Sounds like Reptilians?) Read the Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean and he explains it all, he built it! He says his "skyship" is under the lion with the face of a man (It used to be His/but it was changed by his brother, when Thoth was ordered to southern Mexico/south America where he was worshipped as Quatzlcoatl/Kulkilkon/Tehuti. That would explain the precise measurements of the Pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt has the same exact base size as the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico and the pyramid in Mexico is exactly half the height!! Experts have mentioned these similarities, but when us "conspiracy theorists" point out physical proof due to translations from the Sumerian tablets, the tablets of thoth the Atlantean, etc. The Reptilians are still here btw.

  3. Did they learn how to send people up into the sky? Maybe that’s what all the mummies are. The bodies of the souls they transported in to space 🤷‍♂️

  4. Has anyone ever tried building a scaled down pyramid out of the same materials and test it to see what it would be capable of?

  5. Hydro-electric power plant. In this scenario, water comes beneath the earth flows upward to regenerates electricity. Just guessing. LOL

  6. What a load of shit none of this has been proven r tested go back to your books like aliens exsist and can travel lite years would you go away

  7. I think you have to dig deaper. They are probably roofs for large houses.

  8. The sun grows, it's been going it's whole existence, it's doubled in size in the last 15,000years, radiation absorbed into rocks creating magnetic poles and expanding the planets core until a volcanic eruption happens, the Atlantic ridge says earth 2/3 bigger, and gravity is 2/3 more, everything grew less to counter act effects, those who stayed around the equator developed darker pigment to combat sunstroke and sun burn, the truth is all around us, and each person alive today descends from those at the start, instinct is genetic memory, and our subconscious is what our ancestors learnt, experienced and witnessed, the sphinx was built in the age of Leo and the pyramid was a hydrogen fuel cell. All makes perfect science👍 😉

  9. I only ask: If it generated electricity for the population … What was it used for? They had no electric lighting, no electric motors, (to pump water for example) or anything. There are no traces of wires, coils, plugs, no matter how rustic they are … In what or how would they occupy electricity? regards

  10. It's obvious it is a power plant because of the aquafurs under the pyramids.

  11. Yes I believe it's possible to transmit power & it's not to the benefit of the powers industry to let it happen

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  13. What if human from the past created those pyramid to powerful some spaceship to go to the other planet because they knew that the end is near ? What if we have the best technology thousand years ago that we can travel or explore space anytime because of this pyramid ?

  14. Edison didn’t actually invent a lot of the stuff he’s given credit for, he employed inventors, also some "inventions" were just improvments on existing concepts. he was a business man. Not in the same league as Tesla.

  15. From original peoples North Africa
    We don't know the truth …
    We have at Quran just … "فرعون"
    The king of Egypt say At peoples "I'm your God you need to worhip me and after God message Moses to say at this decorator stop that and worship my God and your God…
    The king say : no and we choice destroy the( joesh peoples "old Muslims believed from one God")
    You know All … God destroy the king decorator… and
    Allah (The one God the creator) say at Quran :
    ( فَاْليَوْمَ نُنَجِّيْكَ بِبَدَنِكَ ) 
    (Today we deliver you with your body)
    "فَالْيَوْمَ نُنَجِّيكَ بِبَدَنِكَ لِتَكُونَ لِمَنْ خَلْفَكَ آيَةً ۚ وَإِنَّ كَثِيرًا مِّنَ النَّاسِ عَنْ آيَاتِنَا لَغَافِلُونَ (92)"
    Today we deliver you with your body to be a sign behind you, and that many of the people from our signs are heedless. (92)
    I don't know if the traduction is correct but we know now
    Why Allah protect the body of this bad human.
    To say at All world
    (worshipping my one God I can destroy anything and I can give the mercy anything do u have a choice)
    And now All North Africa know that and We are all Muslims believed from one God like Older joesh and older Christians
    God is one the final message from God is the truth and God protect All that for guide All at light
    And you read my comments be cause With you luck God choice you to read that's.
    You are the choice to believe or not.
    But the story of king Egypt and Moses and the Miracles have happened
    At Quran is Truth 100%
    Can you read about that for more information.
    We are Amazigh North African not Arab
    ⵍⵥⵥⴰⵢⵔ ⵢⵔⵎⵙ ⵏ ⵏ ⵉⴼⵔⵉⵇⵢⴰ ⵙ ⴳ ⵜⵙⴳⴰ ⵢⴰⴹⵏ ⴳ ⵜⵎⴷⵉⵏⵜ ⴳ ⵜⵙⴳⴰ ⵏ ⵉⴼⴼⵓⵙ
    God luck 😘

  16. We had almost free wireless energy thanks to Tesla. It’s now gone :’(

  17. And others would say aliens build it? Hmm…don't you admire that there were also genius people in ancient times?

  18. This video is educational the sound off voice is inspirational english language is liek wisper off trill and joy missed that talk with love an joy and sympathy nefree is nice mom to thanks!

  19. Actualy this is how US society should be even on Hardward educational with love and care starting from highscool education bringing new values off love and inspiration is like mild wisper in ear is actualy a nefre dream about life elsewhere too thanks jawdroped that US girls give so much care about society and education and care , sounds like first sex educational aproach to life love care that opens mind through education and country in vision nefre was high and thinking about scfi message to universe and more preaty kids that is genuine maessage off love or love from outher side off world or how we experience it or showing love or courage and reason for beacon in space is educational for people , so distant future speak a lot off inspirational based society on love and educational science which hypoteticaly says chess on board llaying with nefre chess or enjoyjng love was her dream and entire egipt so cool so so great even with small bateries how perminent they were ?

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  21. stating the obvious: there is too much greed for there to ever be "free" wireless electricity for any society. We live in evil times. And that is unfortunate. The elite of the world want to keep those below the elites in servitude.

  22. thats because they were designed by the original fallen angels, who created their own civilisation in many forms, including the giants, and the spirits of the giants who are evil spirits also called demons and also known as 'aliens' children..

  23. Siguro pag napagana yung electricity na NASA luob ng pyramid na Yan may lalabas na malakas na puwersa hanggang kalawakan may madidiscover tayo na iba pa Sana mapagana siya para malaman na ung itinatagong secreto ng pyrAmid 😁

  24. Subokan Kaya nila lagyan ng tubig o subokan nilang paganahin para malaman Kung ano talaga Ang gamit ng pyrAmid

  25. You know it makes me laugh. We could have had free energy so long ago and life would have been so different right now but what went wrong. GREED and CONTROL or POWER.
    We follow like sheep and allow those that control our day to life to manipulate our daily life style. The earth is a giant generator but we have been made forget earth true potential in giving us free energy and so much more including cannabis derivatives. So many inventions have been made vanish like the engine that runs on 16% fuel and the rest water with an agent combining the two together to make it combust and release the hydrogen energy within. So go on tell me where all these idea's have gone. Locked away to never be seen again until our other fuels have run dry.
    What was the first fuel used in an engine, where was it made. Is this oil renewable. Rudolph Diesel thought so and used it in his first designs of his engine.
    Where have we gone wrong.

  26. Getting real tired of being really engrossed in a video and all of a sudden "HI, IM ESTHER…" with her big dog face. Hey Esther, kiss the crack of my actual ass; I'm plainly trying to learn something here-nobody gives a holy royal sparkling fuck about whatever it is you're selling.
    Ahem…pardon me. I just couldn't carry on without spewing forth that info. My apologies to all except Esther. Carry on as you all were.

  27. If you want to know when n why the pyramids were built its because there wasn't anything high enough so that is the main reason and it was made immediately after the great flood by the annunaki

  28. Let us also create structures so weird that the future civilizations would think how advanced we are.

  29. Freemason illuminati took teslas work.. They still do take tech via nobel prize

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  31. Thoth said he put a crystal in the top, when he built it. The great pyramid, that is.

  32. This narrator is terrible what is a really interesting subject she makes sound so borring.

  33. I'm so tired of this.
    Everybody have discovered the real reason purpose of the Pyramids until the next one will come with another discovery.
    It's the same thing for the Atlantis. I think we have 73 Atlantis so far. LOL

  34. Btw the white limestones taken from the exterior were used to build mosques…..after Islam cut a bloody path through the ancient Middle East to Exalt it self the religion of “peace” gutted Egypt…..Egyptians were amazing and deserved better

  35. Amazing that a scientist who tried to give humanity free energy and access to technological wealth was destroyed….so that we could all pay for electricity

  36. Electricity is free and always has been it’s just so happened that the elite/government have killed or silenced anything or anyone that proves this theory. We should be living in a time much more advanced then where we are at the moment but because we are controlled and run by power and money hungry elites we are stuck like sheep doing what we’re told.

    We are alive but we are not living.

    Life is not meant to be spent working till your 70 paying for bills on electricity or even your house when your working all day to not even spend time init. So yeah we work till we drop while paying more more stupid things we think we need when really we should have these things and not have to pay for life ie a home running water an power.. we are but a generation far far off from where we should be and those in power are to blame.

  37. since speculation is all we have on a missing part of human growth, then why limit those speculations to a time frame, what (IF) the pyramid's were rejuvenation machines, that might be why the old books speak of lifetimes of extraordinary lengths, just a random thought…!

  38. sanjivanai booti that could heal almost any injury, somras that is a powerful antioxidant that extends life span…..democracy, dictatorship, coalition government, brahmastra that are nuclear weapons that utilise power of anu(atoms)….flying machines……all these things ae mentioned in antient hindu texts like ramayan, mahabharata and vedas………but we will never know.

  39. Crystal quartz; electromagnetic Transportation. From Pyramid to pyramid on different continents on earth as well as transportation to other planets .

  40. That's messed up about the professor and to accuse him of larceny and he has dedicated his life to finding Egypt hidden past, I wonder what the government is hiding because we all know.. .

  41. Ancient people were much smarter and advanced than peoole today, and thats because our potential have been hidden by so called elites… they know about this things and they keep it to themself…

  42. Nebuchadnezzar did not build the Baghdad battery he acquired it from captive Israelite people during their 70 years exile..!
    Nebuchadnezzar took all the blacksmiths from Israel he wanted them for their metallurgy Superior steel swords and plating of metal which can only be done with DC electricity play teen of metal that Israel knew about since Moses time..! So you're so-called Baghdad battery came from Moses's time..!

  43. The artifacts prove humans landed thousands of years ago, and made an effort to communicate with each other??/

  44. The biggest question is……Who taught them how to use the materials for wireless electricity.

  45. There is a beautiful, newly published book on Egyptian Gods and Goddesses filled with actual images from the tombs… many having never been illustrated before. The book's title is: "Sacred Deities of Ancient Egypt" and is available at: @t

  46. Too good to be true when we are being itroduced to the new intelligent electricity meters to pay for every KW per hour used.

  47. I think the earth had a more dramatic wobble than it does now. This caused a different type of energy or gravity on earth. The ancients harnessed this energy, but it didnt last forever. Thats why we cant explain how the pyramids were built. A forgotten energy.

  48. Methinks the lady is reading (beautifully!) from a prepared script but has little idea of what she's actually saying … there's a few holes, but the term 'poetic licence' often can cover a multitude of sins. However, I too cannot go along with 'tomb'.

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