Pro Chefs Compete in a Pizza Making Speed Challenge | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

100 thoughts on “Pro Chefs Compete in a Pizza Making Speed Challenge | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

  1. why is this the most stressful time challenge i’m not even there and i’m sweating

  2. The moment Sohla said this is my lunch she became my spirit animal. That is how you cook!

  3. at 5:45 I was like: who is that man in the background? WAIT? is that a hatless Brad?

  4. In a little disappointed that they can’t toss the pizza dough. I’m no cook but I can do it!

  5. priya’s fire is literally the real life equivalent of the “this is fine” / dog in room that’s on fire meme.

  6. As a left hander I'd like a redo for Claire and Priya. They got screwed over with the pizza oven being on their left side making them use their non dominant hand.

  7. Whoever christened Carla as "perpetually wine-drunk aunt" was really onto something. 🍷😃🍕

  8. Da heck with the fear of the peele? I never had issue with one and I don't recall anyone in culinary school having issues. 🤔

  9. Carla is the BA'er i'd most like to get drunk with, i feel like she could throw down

  10. Alex, Rick and Chris did a decent job… The throwing was not necessary, please. Appreciated the fact that they didn't use a rolling pin… However I enjoyed the video XD

  11. you can tell what order they did this challenge in based on the level of the olive oil

  12. Several chefs enjoying crow pizza. Making light of those working in pizzerias, huh? Now you know a little more than you did before.

  13. That's quite a hard line between the top three and the rest! Amiel, Rick, and Sola's pies definitely win on looks though.

  14. I was raised in a Italian restaurant. I can beat all of these pro chefs in making a pizza.

  15. They really kneecapped Claire by making her us her right hand😂 she can't even hold numbers up with that hand

  16. I feel like all the bon-employees rolled into one would make the perfect partner. They all have someting that makes them awesome. Even Delany – sorry Brad.

  17. goodness gracious, i love B.A. and all of them but barely any of them besides Brad know how to handle dough lol

  18. PLEASE PLEASE BA EDITORS STOP USING WHITE ON WHITE, THE DROP SHADOW DOESNT HELP!! Seriously tho, if you squint your eyes Chris has no name, Molly and Rick barely show up. For people with perfect to ok vision like myself, we can still look really hard and see Chris's name. But for all those with less than stellar vision it must be a nightmare.

  19. I wish you guys would link everyone’s APRON!!! Always looking for a good/cute apron! I have apron envy!

  20. 0:22 Just take a look at that whoring Jewess' bafugliest face! What a Jew dirtnut!

  21. Claire, when she thought her stringy sleeve bits were cheese, had me in bits! That’s so me!

  22. I'm not sure how the gang feels about these kinds of challenges, but I love them. Not only are they entertaining on their own, they add so many layers (of personality) to all the other videos.

  23. These New Yorkunts who dare and call their sad, struggling, and sorry-assed selves "chefs" are proving that A,ericunts are good for nothing; not even for making a simple pizza pie if they're arsed to! Pathetic, ugly fucks!

  24. Priya and Carla has ugliest Pizza , Priya has a excuse she never made one what is Carla's excuse being an Italian?

  25. honestly amiel won this one without a doubt. i must say, hes been really impressing in these challenges videos

  26. Priya having zero fucks to give while there is a fire less than a foot away is my Black Friday mood.

  27. Dang everytime i see Delany i fall a little more 😍 btw his and Chris are the ones i would probably choose.

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