Priyanka Chopra’s Dior haute couture ‘Cage’ dress for the Met Gala in New York – Savoir-Faire

This dress was
designed for the MET Gala in New York
for Priyanka Chopra. The bodice of the dress will be in the form of a cage
that the Dior workshops will create. She’ll be wearing both
a dress and a long cape in the same style. Here, for instance, there’ll be a gradated effect,
made of various coloured feathers. We created and prepared all this, all the feathers, were cut by hand. So you have different tulle
feathers layered on top of each other, that will flutter around her in this gradation of
colours: from grey to nudes, yellows, pinks,
right up to a vivid red. It very much keeps to
the concept of this MET Gala, the theme of which is “Camp”. It reminds me a bit of
1980s American soap operas, very over the top. Being theatrical and exaggerated. But always chic, always very chic.

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