Priyanka Chopra On Her Prom Dress & Clothes-Stealing Habits | Dirty Laundry | Entertainment Weekly

100 thoughts on “Priyanka Chopra On Her Prom Dress & Clothes-Stealing Habits | Dirty Laundry | Entertainment Weekly

  1. At 3.05's sharukh khan's jacket… That means she is accepting here that he's her ex..

  2. This made me like priyanka a lot her answer was shocking but amusing to me I mean hey we’ve all been teenagers but I love her real ness! And she’s gorgeous ❤️

  3. Y does she have lines on her neck and as rich as she is in this industry wouldn’t she want to fix that

  4. East n west PC Uh r d best…. 😍 love you as always n of course Uh r mah all time favorite…😘😘

  5. The interviewer was very real, so was Priyanka, it's just that Priyanka didn't let interviewer participate in the conversation. Priyanka does a lot of gestures which is very typical if you are expressing yourself in a different language, the host was not sure how to respond with those gestures. Host felt excluded.

  6. Our Priyanka was down to earth all the time..but this host was so cold and rude though she's unpopular.

  7. The interviewer s super cool and casual ..don't know y people r calling her rude! And jealous

    Needless to say , PC is fab as always

  8. I hate this interviewer .. Priyanka is so friendly .. but this interviewer is so rude to her..

  9. when she said about Muslim Ayat, the host suddenly turned so unwelcoming and cold.

  10. PC lovely… Bt her host laura she's so rude n literally she seems jealous of my piggy chops….

  11. She's a Ralph Lauren girl. The only one he designed for a wedding outside his family. Ralph Lauren & Abu Sandeep back then (if I heard correctly here Abu Sandeeph was her first designer outfit?) Now she wore those to her grand Christian & Hindu weddings

  12. Ok. Whose jacket was it?

    D&G jacket. But fits Priyanka so well. The guy has to be fricking rich, but also shorter in height.

    Ughhh the mystery. SRK or Shahid?
    Anyways doesnt matter now. She married another short, buy really really good guy. Nick.

  13. She don't have deserve quality of Christian community ..she has desi quantity without any quality

  14. I agree with everyone on here, midway through this interview I felt the host/interviewer (whatever the heck her name is) started acting more rude with her questions, facial expressions and comments. I am glad Priyanka Chopra handled it with such grace. <3

  15. 9.50 she was trying to imitate someone .funny she is .remember dozen other things
    This interviewer looks rude though priyanka is polite towards her

  16. Priyanka is a pathological liar. Everything she claims about her past life is a make believe. Not a single photo to prop her fanciful stories.
    She was born in black and white era.

  17. Empowerment was so poorly defined here. It is NOT being able to buy anything you want. Empowerment is understanding the difference between need and want- and having the confidence to live by it in an ego-centric materialistic world.

  18. ekanayaka priyanaka 👑🎯💘💍👈 Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka okay 💘💍👈🎯👈👂👀👈

  19. I simply can't like her anymore after that jacket reveal.
    I'm very happy Priyanka chose to reveal the truth, but I simply lost all interest in HER after realizing she had an AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED MAN !!!

    The man in question is definitely held more responsible for deciding to cheat, because if it wasn't with Priyanka, it would have been some other woman. BUT what does that say about Priyanka's character ?!! I knew PC is opportunistic and smart, you have to be in order to be where she is, but cheating with a married man is a very low kind of opportunist.

    The pics of the 'jacket' comparison, and the timeline of it appearing, is very convincing. The irrefutable proof came when Priyanka Chopra liked & unliked a fan tweet confirming the jacket belonged to Shahrukh Khan.

    I was rooting for Priyanka, was so happy to see her & Nick get married, and then I find this video and the subsequent back story.

    And for SRK to lose everything he has achieved, he has so much more to lose than her, over someone like Priyanka??? I am flabbergasted.

  20. I dont know about the other actresses but yes!!PC seems to be really down to earth she talks about her x.boy friend jacket, Ayat ul Kursi she has in her locket shows that she respect for other religions and her believes….how lively she is….and most of all she doesnt care and still a beautiful complete lady as a DIVA she is… u PC and be always like this as u are….lots of Love 😘😘😘😍😍

  21. I just watch Priyanka coz everyone else around her look so dull…❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Laura smartly insulted her and Priyanka Chopra looked Bitchy and Ugly mocking her Period

  23. What a bitch interviewer! The way she says "i hope u learned your lesson!" Like seriously bitch, why even ask such a question if you're gonna behave like this. Such a shame.. insensitive pig. I hate these kinda fucking jealous bitchy women. N how she says "stop crying" n everything else.. like fucking bitch shut up. She's not friendly at all n she is very judgemental n acts as if she wants to control her replies.
    I really hate women. I use to be a feminist n as I grow older I realise very few women deserve to be respected n women on the whole are not worth the fight or anything. These kinda women are a shame to the entire womankind.. makes us look like such poor weak petty creatures.

  24. Priyanka Chopra insulted her in the end guys.. she is a bitch as the interviewer.. so stop accusing the interviewer being a bad..

  25. I am a PC fan.. But I don't get the comments.. It might be something else, coz I myself talk awkwardly around people even if I don't mean to.. And people take it in wrong way.. We don't know the actual thing (or she might be on periods! lol) and moreover PC looks comfortable…

  26. The interviewer is just being normal … Not overboard , melodramatic like the Indian interviewers. Anyways Priyanka is compensating the drama part ….

  27. Is it just me who feels like the host was cold to PC,however PC was still fun to watch.

  28. I totally agree with most of the comments here, that was the first thing I noticed too, the host's body language does not seem pleasant, but Priyanka did a great job!!

  29. Priyankaa was all over 😍😍😍😍 she's was way cooler than Laura.. nd that line.. Iam an actress iDont get awkward silence 😎😎😍😍

  30. Just here for Shah Rukh Khan's Jacket 🙄
    If it is,then,probably She loves him till now.

  31. Everyone here like the interviewer’s so rude… and they’re all Indian lol. This kind of interviewing style is not considered rude at all, go watch any Australian/British interview. Now Indian reporters/journalists on the other hand are a different story 🙄 they are rude and infuriating just to get some cheap reactions and content.

  32. Priyanka carried the whole interview and kept it engaging, the interviewer seems uninterested and extremely rude

  33. Who gave this Laura woman this job? Totally not cutting it. And in front of a vivacious super engaging person like Prianka she looked so fake. And what's with that "I gotta go pee" pose she struck throughout the interview? How do talent-less people like her get into this industry!!!

  34. If you listen really closely, you can hear "Hoodie" by Hey Violet playing in the background at 3:10 😉

  35. It belonged to an X Boyfriend (Shah Rukh Khan) a married man with kids! a co actor and they always denied their ‘relationship’ in Bollywood saying they’re just friends! What a dumb bitch! does she not think Indians will watch this?! She blatantly admitted that he ‘stayed over at hers’ bloody tart. If I was Gauri (Shah Ruth’s wife) I would punch her lights out lol. By the way everyone NOSE you lie about it 😝

  36. The girl who is interviewing is soooo weird lol she is annoying asf no personality

  37. How is it that so many people don’t understand that Laura is just having fun with Priyanka, I guess the rest of the world doesn’t understand Australian humour… smh 🤦🏼‍♀️

  38. i think Priyanka always overact in interviews .. der is no pause .. nd nt every person like dt .. its like trying so hard to fit in

  39. why does she wear ayat ul kursi… definitely srk effect… the jacket surely belong to him… he did not attend her wedding ashid did…

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