Printing a Holographic Design on Fleece with Mixed Media

design innovation series street fleece edition printing a holographic design with mixed media welcome back to our series all about
fleece and by fleece we mean joggers hoodies sweatshirts that comfort
clothing that is now considered a fashion staple I’m really excited for
this look we’re going to demo for you today because it’s super unique we’ve
seen the hologram design trend popping up but I’ve never seen it done quite
like this so brace yourself so we’re going to screen print a photo onto a
foil and then transfer that onto one of our favorite pastel colored sweatshirts
this is definitely uncharted territory for a lot of us but I like a good
challenge so let’s see what happens creating a illusion on print with vinyl so this design is probably my favorite of
all of them we really wanted to achieve a head-turning piece so we mixed our
street fleece campaign imagery and we wanted to add a holographic inspired
look with it and I’ve never seen anything like this before so I’m really
excited to kind of learn how we’re going to do this this is a new one for us too
because we’re actually gonna do a multi-step process we’re gonna print
down a foil adhesive it’s like a glue that you print onto the fabric we’re
gonna pull the garment off the press we’re gonna heat press the holographic
iridescent foil on top of that and then we’re gonna go back on to the press and
we’re gonna print right on top of the foil so the way the piece is designed is
the dancer can kind of like float on top of the printed holographic square our
other concern is really just making sure that we can adhere to what is
essentially like a big sheet of plastic adhere that top coat of ink so we’re
using catalyst in the ink which is actually like a glue that goes in the
ink and that’s gonna lock it on to the foil so we’ve got some tricks up our
sleep to make it work we’re gonna see how it goes
a soul’s printing what’s called a foil adhesive onto the shirt we’re gonna
print that we need to get a relatively heavy ink deposit so we’re going to do
multiple strokes and then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna actually pull
the shirt off of the press run it down the dryer and then we’re gonna go to the
heat press where we’re going to transfer a holographic foil we want to see after
we do this foil if we can successfully print on top of the foil we’re no longer
printing those topcoat colors on the fabric we’re printing on to your sheet
of plastic essentially let’s break this down more simply first
print multiple strokes for a heavy ink deposit of a water-based foil adhesive
onto the garment and run it down the dryer then heat press the holographic
foil onto the recently printed area of the garment
next with a catalyst in the ink print the design right on top of the foil then
run it down the dryer again if you’re a DIYer or a mass decorator shop give this
design a shot and let us know how it turns out this is the last episode in
our Street fleece design series if you missed previous videos check out this
playlist for more printing tips and inspiration we’re always pushing out new
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7 thoughts on “Printing a Holographic Design on Fleece with Mixed Media

  1. What kind of catalyst would I need to add to my ink to create a design in this style?

  2. Hello, can you tell me what mesh number to print on fleece like in this video? Thank you

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