Portable Washing Machine How To Wash Sheets- Laundry Solutions Tips Tricks Hacks

portable washing machine Panda compact washing machine how to wash sheets Hi, it’s AlaskaGranny I am filling up the Panda portable Compact Washing Machine
r because I’m going to show you how to wash sheets so the first thing I did was hook the hose to the faucet and I also hooked the drain hose right in to the drain so when I am ready to drain it’s ready turn it on it’s filling up thats hardest thing about the Panda is waiting
for it to fill it takes a while add about a tablespoon of detergent and then i am going to wash I divided them
into two piles I have one sheet one pillow case and then I am going to do 1 sheet 1 pillowcase these are twin size you can also do double size in here and queen size you could probably do king size one at a time think they would probably fit add soap and the sheets and I’m going to show you how it agitates add the soap get it dissolved around in the
water you can see I have one sheet one pillow case in here and you can see where the overflow is
you don’t want to get up higher than that and the reason you could probablyf it
more in here there is plenty of room but they tend to tangle and twist when agitating you don’t want
to get all tied up in knots the more water around them the easier it is to make sure its clean
turn this onto wash turn on the timer there you go take turns going in either direction see there wasn’t a lot you can see the
water is dirty not a lot of bubbles you don’t need a
lot of soap to get things cleaned that’s one of the things people think I haven’t don’t have a big pile of bubbles it’s
not washing but it is so I’ve got the 1 sheet and 1 pillowcase now into spinning side you can see it isn’t even half full and not necessarily spinning right now
because what I am going to do to save some time and water is add a titch more soap a little more water and put the other sheet in here to wash rather than dump all this water out add a little more water a little more soap put the other sheet and pillow case in there and still making sure it doesn’t go past the
overflow it will splash around when you turn it on it does splash around it goes into the drain let that wash dirty I have both sheets in there put it to spin while this side is draining make sure your hose is hooked over the sink before I rinse it I wanna make sure lint is not a problem take a paper towel and wipe it out if you have extra dirt cat hair or anything like that paper towel will pick it up and you can just throw it away now fill it up and rinse fabric softener use about a teaspoon put it in with the filling water make sure it gets dissolved don’t want a glob they are practically dry don’t have all the excess dirty liquid in them 1 sheet 1 pillow case leave the other one for next pull it out be sure when you are washing you put it on wash when you drain put it on drain when you are not doing either one put it in the middle so it can’t start now that I’ve got this nearly filled up so I can rinse it put this on wash I rinsed this one, I am going to put it in the spinner add a little more water practically clean and that was the first rinse now add the other sheet and pillow case add a little more water put this side to rinse water is clear enough for my satisfaction so I have all of the sheets and
pillowcases in here I’m gonna set this to drain turn on the spinner and then hang them up to dry after this drains completely I am going to take another paper towel and wipe it out make sure there is no lint or residue Try the Panda Washing Machine it is easy to wash your sheets Don’t walk away when you are using the Panda Washing Machine Please subscribe AlaskaGranny.com alaskagranny.com

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