Picking Your Dress Size with Simply Dresses

>>HAYLEY: The first thing that you need to
do is employ the help of a friend, you can not do this alone and your measurements will
be much more accurate if you a friend helps you. Then you’re going to need a measuring
tape, maybe one that’s pretty and pink like ours. And then you are going to measure the
bust first. So for the bust you are going to lift your arms up and then measure at the
widest point. So make sure the tape is wrapped around the widest point and then match up
the ends. So she would measure about a 32. So then you are going to find the smallest
point of the waist, so you are just going to find that which everyone has no matter
what your body type. And you are going to wrap the tape around and measure. So she measures
about a 26. And then the last point of measurement are the hips, and the hips are actually 9
inches down from the hollow of your waist. I’m just going to measure 9 inches which would
pretty much be the widest point of her butt. So I’m going to wrap the tape around the widest
point and she measures about a 36. And if you’re in between sizes always go with the
size that’s bigger because you can always take in but you can’t always let out that
is a very important tip to remember when choosing the size of your dress.

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