Patch 7.3 Tier 21 Armor Set Review | World of Warcraft Legion

Hello everybody! My name is Raxef, and today I wanted to take a look at the upcoming Patch 7.3 Tier Armor Sets. Now today I just kind of wanted to go over the Mythic sets, but I will be referencing a couple of the LFR through Heroic sets just to draw a couple of interesting comparisons. Now to start off, of course, here we have the Death Knight. Uh now… Y’know right off the bat … it’s … It’s a Death Knight armor set. I mean very clearly you have One, two, three … Four … five, six, seven skulls? And it’s blue and glowing and I don’t know why Blizzard can’t do something … better for the Death Knights. I mean I feel like I … I know that this doesn’t look like other … Tier armor sets, but I feel like every time we look at … particularly the Mythic sets, they just all end up looking the same. They’re glowing. They’re usually blue. They have lots of skulls on them Y’know, looking at some of the heroic uhh, the heroic versions, or the normal versions; Y’know I don’t really like this green fel thing. I’m kinda tired of that. But, y’know for this blue-ish/black and gold thing I mean even this looks … a bit better in my opion

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