Patagonia Women’s Nano Puff Vest

Extremely thermal efficient for its weight,
the Patagonia Women’s Nano Puff Vest is the perfect addition to anyone’s outdoor
gear. It is extremely compressible, extremely light-weight. They are using Primaloft gold
synthetic insulation. And Primaloft gold is the most thermal efficient synthetic material.
So although down continues to be the most compressible, the most warm for its weight,
Primaloft gold insulation comes very, very close. And the thing I love about synthetic
insulation is that if it becomes wet, it main-tains its thermal efficiency and dries out really,
really quickly compared to down. So this is going to be the perfect piece to take into
the backcountry, maybe in humid conditions or in damp conditions. If you anticipate it
becoming wet, it is going to dry out very quick-ly. So it being a vest, it is extremely
compressible. It is extremely lightweight. It works excellent as a stand alone piece,
but it is great for layering. So I do have just a better sweater on underneath of it
to show how you can layer with it. It is low profile enough that you can put a shell over
top of it. The shell material here is a 22 denier, 100
percent polyester recycled material. So you can feel good wearing it. It is recycled and
it does have a really nice brick pattern here. So you have got nice baffling and the features
are just really streamlined and simple. You have got a full length zipper here. Behind
the zipper you have a nice draft tube, a nice storm flap behind that zipper. Down at the
bottom hem there is just one stretchy draw cord here at the bottom of the hem. So that
keeps it light weight, but also you are able to just cinch that down. If you are wearing
a climbing harness or if you are wearing a backpack with a hip belt at the bottom, there
is two hand level pockets and these are real-ly convenient as hand warmer pockets. So hand
level pockets here. Making my way up there is just a really simple
collar here at the top. On the inside of the collar at the top there is a nice fleece material.
If you have this zipped up all the way it is not going to irritate your chin. So if
I just zip that up, you can see there is a nice collar here. It protects your neck and
keeps it nice and warm. There is one pocket on the inside of this
vest. And the vest actually stuffs down into this pocket. So it is a really nice pocket
on the inside to put small items you want to get your hands on quickly. But this does
have a double sided zipper. So you can just turn this pocket inside out and then stuff
the vest right inside. So when you are not wearing it, when you have it either stored
in your backpack or attached to your climbing harness, you are not going to notice that
it is there, because it is so lightweight. But then it is going to make a big difference
when you take it out and put it on. It is going to provide a lot of warmth. Right here on the arms, so the arm holes here
are nice and comfortable, definitely it al-lows for a lot of range of motion and you just
have stretchy Lycra here on the arm holes. The fit here is really nice. I am wearing
a small right now and I normally wear smalls in Patagonia all across the board, so it fits
exactly how I would expect it to. It does have a little bit of a trim fit, but it fits
really well. It feels really lightweight and comfortable on. And I feel like I could wear
this in most seasons throughout the year with just lightweight layers underneath to provide
a little bit of extra insulation or in a layering system to have a shell over top. So with all
of the features here, with the Patagonia Nano Puff Vest, you are getting a lot of warmth
for a low weight.

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