Parables of Jesus: Parable of the Good Samaritan


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  1. It is amusing to see at 0:33 the mule being smart enough to go around the stairs because it is the safer route.

  2. It's hard to tell what the moral of the story is. For awhile now I have believed it to be: Whenever someone is in trouble give the good service you can to restore them.
    But I think im wrong..

  3. Lord, I pray that if someone like that is presented to me, whether it's someone being bullied, hurt, or whatever, that I will help them. I pray that my motives will be right to. That they will not be for my own glory, but for the love of that person and for your glory. Amen

  4. "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

                                            -Matthew 25:40

  5. Are we good Samaritan's today? Or will we turn our backs, or just walk by as if we never saw someone else hurting. Are we being the person God wants us to be? Lord I try.

  6. This can really tell that not everyone is merciful… It is not easy to be a good Samaritan indeed…. Good is more powerful

  7. Not all men "by the wayside" have been beaten or robbed. Many are in emotional trouble, or are having trouble with their faith, or are confused in the world. In striving to be "good Samaritans", we should watch for opportunities to help those people as well.

  8. Something to keep in mind is not only did the first two men refrain from helping but they also refrained from telling someone else that a person was in need. Not all the time do I have the resources or strength to help someone in need but I do know certain people who do that I can pass the word on to.

  9. I would say that the message that Christ conveyed using this parable is reflected in the laws of war, because when he referred to one's "neighbour", this extends to one's enemy as well as one's friend – after all, the Jews and Samaritans were enemies

  10. This is one of the most inspiring gospel stories. Everybody should be like the Samaritan and not like the the Levite and Priest who would not dare to to help him. Even if you see someone hurt or lonely or in any need and they aren't family or friend help them. Be like Christ himself, cure the sick,feed the hungry,shelter the homeless…

  11. 45,000 die each year because of a lack of insurance. Tens of millions are uninsured. If you seek the good of your neighbor, because you love your neighbor, let that be reflected in the policies you promote. Then we will know if your love of God translates to the love of your neighbor.

  12. Anyone know what song they used for this amazing video??? Let me know 🙂

  13. Does anyone know the composer or title of the song? It's beautiful and I would love to know!

  14. I look upto u dear samaratain n all I ever wanted was to be like u. people don't like us good guys tho. am sorry wat happened to you n I love you my hero xxxx

  15. nothing more beautiful than kindness for no reason. thank you for a valuable lesson I hope in my 35 years I've helped 35 people and my work Is good dear lord AMEN 😏

  16. I talked to my girlfriend today about this parable, and I could be wrong but this guy was stranded on the street in his truck, I said let's go help him. she said No!. I don't have time. I said Louise let me then. this is what Jesus was saying about our neighbor , what we read today. she said ok , it was literally like 40 seconds and he was gone. I wonder if it was a Angel?

  17. to say that you follow jesus is good but you also need to believe that he is the son of God jehovah . because he is the only one that can take us there . and don't deny jehovah name never . why because jehovah gave his only son to pay for our sins . and we enter in two everlasting life . thank you jehovah . my father my friend my god .

  18. He just did what any man would do; god bless him for his kindness

  19. I hope and pray for people to be more like the man who picked up the man who needed help and not just pas him by. It doesn't make them bad people, it just sum time you can give up your time for the sake of anthers, even if it's not christian time 🙂

  20. God, I have no interest in gaining eternal life. If it meant being with You forever, I will accept it. Lord, I am not following Your commandments and laws in order to get everlasting life but instead, I follow Your commandments because of the kindness and generosity you have given to me. In a young age, I have realized that wanting eternal life by forcing yourself to do everything to gain it is selfishness in my perspective. In my opinion, a person should worship God not by gaining eternal life but because that person is indebted to the Lord. In my eyes, passionately following God's orders because you want to be with him instead because of having eternal life is what I aim. He had helped me through so much, it is only just that I thank him by loving him and having faith in him as a close friend would.

  21. The essence of what I am most proud of about Christianity is that we ARE definitely our brothers keeper. Christians care about others and their well beings too. Didn't Jesus say to love our neighbor as our brother?

  22. The good samaritan is such an interesting parable. Despite him acting correctly, most Christians must believe he went to hell for having the wrong faith. I do know it's not a true story by the way.

  23. I appreciate your efforts Mormon Channel. If you could make more short videos from the four gospels it will befit everyone of us and bring us closer to Jesus.

  24. The more times change, the more they stay the same.
    I lay in a heap by the side of a busy road, knocked semi unconscious and broken collar bone and very nearly a broken neck if not for a full face helmet, when you hit the ground from 40+ mph the instant stop will do that. from a booby trapped trail, past by dozens of cars. Then one young man stopped and started my bike and helped me aboard to find my way home. We all have a choice.

  25. Im not christian but i like how the man helped the man who almost died

  26. This made me cry! I wanted to be Good samaritan beside of may faith.

  27. Whether you are Christian or not, these parables teach valuable lessons of kindness and equality, and that is why they mean things to me even if you are reading this and are not Christian 🙂

  28. WE must have compassion for each other…as we're all so weak and tiny. We….at least "I",…must stop…and give "time for the car that 'cuts me off in traffic'…or the older person…who has not the senses to "give full attention to the task at hand, any longer".

    I pray now…as I type these statements/thoughts, that the Holy Spirit may allow me to "say" the right things….with good, and strong analogies. I'm weak…as are we all.

    May God bless us all. May he "bring to him…those 'on the fence' of belief in many numbers this night."

  29. I love this parable. Jesus used the Jewish disdained Samaritan as an example of a good neighbor. the one who made the comment of who is the good neighbor didn't even mention that he's a Samaritan!

  30. the good Samaritan did the right thing to do and ask nothing else from others he felt compassion on this man but other turn and look away others walk around him how much are we if we dont do this to others in this world?

  31. Just read a post on Facebook written by someone I grew up with who throws her Christianity around as often as possible. It read, more or less, "why should I care about the 150,000+ foreigners while Americans, especially veterans, are in need? Let them go somewhere else." I find this notion absurd, that we only care for "our own" and screw the rest! Without them, "we" are nowhere. There are no borders or outlined divisions of nations from above…and I do not mean God, but an airplane. God works, too, however. If we do not begin to see ourselves as ONE world and one that is changing fast, and we don't begin to see each other as one people, no matter where you come from, thing will worsen. As the above story tells, the Samaritan asks nothing. He does his duty as a human, and moves on. Indeed, in this case, the Samaritan helps an ancient enemy while the "enemy's" countrymen walk by. We all, especially today, need to stick together, put old arguments aside, take away skin colors, choices of religions, etc…and work together or we will all be lost. We, especially we Americans have to stop seeing ourselves as "better than" and simply note that we are all equal. In the end, there will be hell to pay, in one way or another. If this I am convinced.

  32. The teachings of Jesus will always remain to those people who are willing to help, to the people who needs help.. being a good samaritan is true follower of GOD. GOD Bless🙏 to the people who helps the poor❤

  33. This one was for all those small man who are yold o be small but showed the good heart than those who has a high status may god bless all those people 😊

  34. Be one of Good Samaritan to your fellow people. Help them unconditionally. Coz God bless you more than what you do. Amen

  35. I love Jesus Christ and his father lord so much then anything but some time humans fogets about Jesus and his father lord and go the wrong way

  36. What would you do if you weren't able to help? I would get help from someone stronger than me.

  37. Good Samaritan works pleases God… Kindly do it…along with preachings,applying practical ly

  38. lord i pray that i will be brave and to be helpful and have strength amen and i love your video

  39. I would like to thank God for making good people that helped make this video and to those who share it. 🕆

  40. Feels nice visualising the stories I read and heard multiple times from from childhood…sad that people still ignore the needy nowardays…

  41. When was the last time you saw someone help a stranger? Here in 2019 it would be indeed, a rare thing.

  42. Hello can I please get a copy of this series I would appreciate it

  43. Jesus, how amazing is your teaching, you show us what love is all about. Lord, I pray that you would grant us the strength to do your words. Amen

  44. How can I prove that I am good neighbor. Are the helpless, the hopeless I mean the blind, the lame, the handicapped, the retarded etc not the neighbor, if nobody is bothered to even pray for them, then at whose mercy are they left to. Should we ignore them, not preach, not pray, not visit, not help. Can call myself a neighbour. How can I IMMITATE JESUS. Will I be blessed with eternal life. I have tried so many videos, but not one speak about the abnormal people. Should we think that what Jesus did to the abnormal is all false and just show. I believe in what Jesus taught and did. We too should do the same, otherwise we are not different of the Scribes and the Pharisies.

  45. All paramedics and ambulance drivers go to Heaven ! 🙂
    And a big THANK YOU to medics, doctors, and nurses for saving so many people when they get sick and injured… Thank you so much !

  46. The good samaritan is Jesus, the fee paid for the innkeeper is Jesus passion, the time when he return to pay the debt for the innkeeper is the Judgement Day.

  47. Good CHRISTIAN parable. Too bad this channel is not created by Christians. Mormons are not Christians. They should be called Smithians since they follow the teachings of Joseph Smith, and the words he said when he buried his head in a hat staring at "seer stones" in an occultist ritual. This is not to say they are bad people, but they are NOT Christians.

  48. Compassion…….a beautifull emotion becomming rare these day,s…our son of 10 years is bullied because he,s a kind and compassioned boy strong in believe in God…
    How hard it is to explain him that there,s nothing wrong with him (what he thinks) but he is beautifull and God loves him for it..yet it is for him to a difficult road to grow up on…
    Thank God we have open communication and the boy,s strong faith to keep going on…
    He just doesn,t understand why other children are so unkind…so mean…

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