Pack With Me For A Royal Caribbean Cruise

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cruisers i’m sheri with cruisetipstv welcome back to another pack with me
we’re really really looking forward to our Royal Caribbean cruise it’s coming
in hot we’re going on harmony of the Seas for seven nights to perfect day at
CoCo Cay st. Thomas and st. Martin with three glorious sea days in between to
take in all that the ship has to offer so today you guys are gonna pack with us
for this cruise so here’s how we’re gonna do things today we’re gonna do
things just a tiny bit different I’m gonna start by telling you in case you
are someone who’s watched a lot of our packing videos before I’m gonna tell you
what’s different about our packing game this time then I’m going to tell you
lots and lots of tips for packing for the Caribbean and we’re just gonna show
you as much as possible as you can see by this rack right here of what is going
into our suitcases now you’ll want to stay to the end of this video if you’d
like to see what it looks like when the suitcases are all packed so what we’ll
do is we’ll put everything into our suitcases we’ll open them up and we’ll
take a quick shot of what everything looks like kind of Jenga it into the
suitcase okay so if you want to see that stage the very end also if you want to
see our shoes stay to the end we’re gonna line them all up on the floor and
show you all the shoes we’re taking I’ll talk about them throughout the video but
we want to kind of show you that and it saves a little bit of time so yeah let
me tell you a little bit about who we are we are cruisetipstv we are cruise
travel vloggers and we produce tip segments we’ve been doing this for about
six years and we’ve been on a number of cruise
lines all over the world about 32 different cruises so if you’re new
welcome I hope you subscribe today and stick around for more awesome content
we’re going to be vlogging this adventure on Harmony the Seas and it’s
gonna be a ton of fun so that is who we are myself my husband and my 10 year old
son our 10 year old son who were is who were packing for
on this particular cruise so you’re gonna be seeing clothing and accessories
for women clothing and stuff for guys and what we’re packing for our
ten-year-old little boy which is mostly let’s just be honest shorts t-shirts and
stuff for swimming right like kids are so low maintenance so that should be
pretty easy but let’s start today with what is different about how we’re
packing for this Caribbean cruise the first thing that’s different is that we
have invested in some water shoes so we have my water shoes here
my son’s water shoes and my husband’s water shoes and we partnered with a
leader Footwear to get you guys a discount code on these puppies so it’s a
limited time code we’re gonna put the details in the description down below
but all of our community was telling us you really need water shoes for the
Caribbean so that’s gonna be the first thing you notice that’s different about
packing if we’re going to be going to the beach and stepping on some rocks or
you know snorkeling on a reef or walking around it perfect day at CoCo Cay and
the heat I’ve heard that these are just absolutely essential so get yourself a
pair using the discount in the description below what else is different
well guys I’ve broken from tradition and I’m not taking my standard cruise binder
instead junior editor my son had an art project one day and I had them put
together just a teeny tiny little manila folder for my very limited paperwork so
what’s in here is my wall mount itinerary I’m gonna link to that if you
want to make one of your own and we’ll show that to you once we get on the ship
it’s just kind of a one-page laminated piece of paper that we hang on the wall
that shows what we’re doing every day and keeps us on schedule
I’ve also got our boarding passes in here and I have some information from go
Port Canaveral which is the company that we’re using for our transportation and
hotel stay over in Orlando so I found that Royal Caribbean was just super
paperless I’m using the app my boarding passes are actually on the app and most
everything we need is digital so I just didn’t feel that I needed that really
big binder regardless I will link to that video so that you guys can check it
out if you want to learn how to make a cruise binder but for now this is all
the paperwork that’s going with us on this cruise and that is a little bit
different another thing that’s different is that real Caribbean doesn’t have
self-service laundry so we found this cute new product called sink suds I just
found them on Amazon and we’re gonna be doing little bits of laundry in the sink
as needed you know swimsuits underwear socks things like that so this is really
different and I’ll let you guys know when I get back how I like these one
packet I guess washes one sink full of laundry we’ll find out how that works
I’m really excited to check it out also for the first time in a really long time
I am actually not taking any magnets on this cruise if you’ve watched our
stateroom organization and packing videos in the past you’ve probably seen
that we put magnets on the walls the cruise line cruise ship walls are
magnetic and we put things on the walls like a little grab and go station by the
front door paperwork but we’re really trying to pack light because we as a
family do travel carry-on only so that was one thing that we decided to nix
this time in our little adventure also wanted to let you know that we got a new
carry-on it’s actually we got a couple new carry-on so we have a new couple new
carry-on suitcases we have this cute little suitcase that we got a TJ Maxx
that says bon voyage and this is our new go penguin which we also have a discount
for discount code for this is a gorgeous carry-on that comes in a bunch of colors
so I’ll give you a little look at this really quickly this is about what it
looks like it’s extremely lightweight and it has really really high-quality
spinner wheels so that’s pretty cool show you my bag now my carry-on bag and
then we’re gonna go ahead and jump right into what’s in my carry-on this is new
this is my new mini gen from Mia 2e I’ve got a discount code for that too
I’ll put it in the description below and I want to show you everything that’s in
it and why I bought this this bag has a sleeve on the back that goes over the
trolley handle of your carry-on so rather than me having to schlep a
backpack through the airport with sore shoulders I’m getting old guys it’s not
easy anymore this just goes right over the sleeve so that is why I use this bag
now we’ll be taking a back pack on this cruise this cute little packable
backpack will be going with us but I’m not gonna wear it on the plane if you
want to travel really light and you don’t want to take anything extra you
could totally pack into a backpack as your personal item if you’re going
carry-on only but for me I like the ease and access of
this bag as you can see everything is just really easy to get to so I’ll be
sliding this under the seat in front of me on the airplane and it should be
SuperDuper simple to get things in and out we’re flying from Florida excuse me
from California Florida and Florida back to California it’s not a very long
flight it’s only about five hours but you want to be comfortable right so let
me show you what’s inside first is my cosmetics bag I actually scaled down
into a smaller cosmetics bag this little puppy is something I found at t.j.maxx
love it I have a pashmina type scarf that I take on every cruise these have a
million different uses from using them as a neck pillow to keeping you warm to
covering your legs if you get chilly so many different uses I’m taking a water
bottle happens to be a cool little royal Caribbean water bottle I love this can
use this for hot or cool liquids and this is a great way to just make sure
that you have an insulated bottle with you at all times this little container
right here has some fuzzy socks in it yes I know I have a striped pouch that
just has fuzzy socks in it it’s ridiculous but these are important to me
on a plane I like to get cozy and then we have a ziplock bag full of Santa
hands these are my favorite alcohol-based hand cleansers that we
like to use when we can’t get to a hand-washing situation whether it’s on a
plane on the islands on the ship wherever we take these everywhere with
us and they’re great and I want to have them on the plane with me they’re super
I also have a little thing of Clorox wipes in there to wipe down the the
airline seats before we get really cozy wipe down the tray table right the
handles the little buttons that you plug everything into the TV we get all that
wiped down before the flight takes off then I have this really cute little
accessory pouch from travel on and this has all of my tech accessories in it so
for example we’ve got headphones chargers and a portable charger probably
have more than one portable charger in here just in case our JetBlue flight
doesn’t have in the seat charging we like to take some portable chargers with
us next up I do have a few pens in there which are stuck in the bag so I’m not
going to pull this out I have this handy little travel on neck wallet that we use
that has their passports in it so you can just
around your neck for the times that you’re approaching the airline counter
or when you’re checking in at the cruise counter you can keep this around your
neck and then pop it back in your bag if you’d like but we’ve got our Global
Entry cards in here a pen super important always make sure you take a
pen passports and when the time comes our flight boarding passes are gonna go
in here as well this is kind of a silly thing but I also have a selfie ring
light these are actually really great you guys for if I want to do any filming
on the flight I can clip this to my phone it’s really cool and you got a
little bit of extra light I’m not sure if I’m actually gonna use it but every
time I leave this at home I always wish that I had it so if you’re gonna be
doing any photography using your smartphone because are really great to
clip on and last but certainly not least we have our TSA liquid bag so I actually
have two of these in the bag but this is the one that’s carrying all the liquids
these are fully compliant for the three one one rules if you’re flying within
the United States of America and the types of things that you’re gonna see in
this container are shampoo eye makeup remover we’ve got some chapstick we’ve
got toothpaste hair gel for the boys shaving cream a very small amount of
sunscreen and other liquids like body lotion and things like that so all of
the liquids for the trip are in this I’m keeping it pretty minimal this time you
can take one of those per person per the 3-1-1 rules but we just pack one for the
whole family I’m kind of a pack mule for the whole family and then the next
little TSA container I use actually doesn’t have the liquids in it really I
did put the sink suds in here because they are technically liquid and I wanted
to make sure that all of those liquids were in my carry-on bag that will go
through the scanner right you have to be able to take those out quickly I’ve got
my sleep mask in case I want to take a nap on the airplane
I’ve got tissue and I’ve got some pain reliever and then those Clorox wipes I
mentioned and some baby powder baby powder is just a wonderful thing to
carry with you anytime so those are pretty much the contents of my carry-on
bag a lot of people always ask me where’s your purse well I actually don’t
travel with a purse so I’ll be taking my wallet and my car
keys and transferring them into this bag on cruise day and then no purse for me
for the rest of the trip instead I will be using if I need to
carry stuff around the ship I will be using this darling little wristlet bag
that came with the Mia 2e mini gen that I just showed you it’s the same color
it’s rose gold and it came with a bag so it also inside has a shoulder strap that
you can attach to it but I kind of like the wristlet concept and this will be
the purse that I use if I even need one on this cruise alright so we’ve talked
about the carry-on bag for me we’ve talked about what’s different I want to
show you my son’s carry-on backpack we’re gonna keep this really light but
this is just a cool little yak pack it’s called that we got on sale at Marshall’s
or TJ Maxx or someplace like that has lots of compartments in it we’re gonna
not put a lot of stuff in here for him because we don’t want to weigh him down
he’s little guys so he’ll have some snacks in there he’ll have something to
read probably his Kindle and iPad and not a whole lot else really
sometimes I’ll pop something kind of lightweight and bulky in here if he has
a little bit of extra room and the family needs a little more space so you
know as long as it’s not too heavy well we’ll do that and my husband will be
taking a carry-on camera bag on his back that he always takes along I’m not gonna
show it to you today because it’s really heavy and he’s in the middle of getting
it ready for the cruise but just know that it is a it’s probably a Manfrotto
brand or something like that camera bag and he has none of the family stuff in
it so it’s all camera equipment for our vlogging adventure so you’ve probably
seen it before and we don’t need to show it to you today so let’s talk about
what’s gonna go in the suitcases guys what’s gonna fit in these three
suitcases right here and then we’ll talk about the clothes so we’ll talk about
the kind of the non clothing items first in this particular pouch right here I
have our luggage our luggage tags for the cruise right here these are not real
Carribean compliant tags but it doesn’t matter what kind of outer plastic cover
you use as long as they fit so this is what I used and we’ll put we’re gonna
actually put together a Caribbean cruise packing list and have just all of this
stuff that as much stuff as we possibly can we’re gonna link to and these little
guys are one of those things so have those we have some really cool
lanyards for every member of the family these are things that you can put around
your neck and put your cruise card in if you’d like it’s obviously very much
optional that is if we don’t get the wow bands which I’m kind of thinking that we
might want to get the WoW bands I also packed some sticky notes I think these
are really great to have to leave notes for your family or your room steward if
you need to if you’re not all using the app and a couple of thank-you cards for
the crew if we need it so that is little pouch number one that will go in one of
our suitcases the next pouch that’s from the same set has a travel alarm clock
we’ll just take everything out and show you really fast our little travel alarm
clock here that we take with us because as you know there’s not really clocks
and staterooms you have to turn on your TV usually to tell the time so we like
to have just a little digital is it a digital clock it’s not an analog I
always make that mistake I also have some see bands for seasickness in case
we go on a small boat tour or something like this these go on your wrists and
they activate I believe the p3 point to help you minimize motion sickness I
don’t usually get motion sick but they’re just really nice to have I’m
also taking a clear plastic waterproof bag that a lot of people use to carry
around their neck for their cellphones what we actually do is we don’t put our
cell phones in then we just put our valuables in them so credit cards cash
say you’re going to the beach in st. Thomas and you don’t want to leave your
suit your your wallet your bag your valuables on the beach chair while the
whole family goes swimming pop the little valuables that you brought with
you in here and take them in the water with you and you can feel totally safe
that’s something new that we’ve started to do also have a little supply of
Ziploc bags there’s so many good uses for Ziploc bags on a cruise or when
you’re traveling then we’re actually gonna make a standalone
travel hacks video that talks all about different ways you can use ziplock bags
on a cruise so we’ll talk about that later this is also where I’m storing our
family’s medication for our cruise for the week so this is kind of like a
first-aid bag it has band-aids it has some emergency in it has pain reliever
for the whole family some stairs strips and little butterfly closures in case
somebody gets a cut and it’s like not stitches worthy but it needs a
little attention and we also have some antibiotic ointment that we pack with us
but that goes in the liquid container cough drops allergy medicine cold
medicine tummy medicine small amounts of a lot of different types of things
in case we need something someone gets sick and we have to wait a few days to
get to a port to buy more you have a little of everything but we don’t like
to go too overboard on the medication because it takes up a ton of room and
then the last thing in this bag this is actually a wet swimsuit bag this
is a wander wet bag from wander wet bag calm we’ll put a discount code for you
below and a link but these keep your swimsuits your wet swimsuits away from
everything else in your bag and they’re just really really handy for Beach days
wonderful to put your swimsuit in after a beach day you can also put other
things in them when you’re not using them for your swimsuit you can pop your
sunglasses in there your cellphone whatever it might be so I always travel
with one of these I love them and they’re great okay so those are the mesh
bags that were packing this time we’re also taking goggles for the whole family
this is really funny you guys we like to snorkel but we don’t like to
use snorkeling equipment so whenever we’re at a beach we’ve Omaha Trent the
snorkeling equipment we’ll just take our goggles and go like free swimming and
free diving as a family instead of having to worry about the germs on the
snorkel I know I know but you really you don’t really know if those things are
getting cleaned so we’re just going to take our goggles and and you know if we
need them we need them if we don’t we don’t but they’re not gonna take up a
ton of space in our suitcase next up is one of my absolute fave this is my eBags
packet flat hanging toiletry bag and this little guy has been with me all
over the world and is just wonderful this is where we’re gonna put all of our
toiletries that aren’t liquid for traveling for right now and then we can
transfer liquids into them later but it’s super cool has lots of different
pouches for right now I have things like my deodorant a bar of soap and our
toothbrushes earplugs stuff like that is in this bag but an awesome minimal
impact kind of toiletry bag it really does lay nice and flat in your suitcase
and that’s why we love it it’s great okay then next
item is my good old jewelry roll you’ve seen this little guy before it rolls
right up you put all of your jewelry in the little pouches I’ve bracelets rings
necklaces nothing valuable of course just costume jewelry but all of it packs
nicely in here and when you get on the ship got a tip for you
you can hang it in your closet with your clothes so you can kind of go and look
and see what matches and then you’re good to go
you could also just leave it in a drawer to that be perfectly fine okay
another essential thing that we always cruise with is a pop-up hamper these are
a lifesaver so that your stateroom doesn’t get all messy with laundry being
all over the floor if you don’t want to take one of these another hack for you
is when you get on the ship slide your suitcases under the bed but
leave one of them open and just put your dirty laundry in the suitcase as you use
it only downside about that is they can get a little musty if you have wet
swimsuits and things like that going into a suitcase you can get a little bit
mouldy over the course of the week so we kind of like how these hampers our mesh
and they aerate really nicely so another tip for you I already told you about my
backpack but I’ll show you again this is the aurochs and these are really
inexpensive I have to be honest they’re not super duper high quality but we
really don’t care because they’re inexpensive and they’re packable and
they’re really lightweight and they’re great for beach days you don’t have to
worry about getting them dirty you can fling it in the sand and not worry too
much got to take my curling iron so this is going in a hairbrush is going in a
comb anything that I need for my hair and we also have sunglasses for the
whole family and these will probably go one pair will go in our carry-on
personal item bag and then the other if we take more than one that will go in
our checked luggage and of course we have hats for the whole family as well
hats they’re super important in the Caribbean we’re going to be getting a
lot of Sun we want to protect our faces our noses my son and I are super duper
pale so we want to be careful about that okay so that’s the great majority of all
the non clothing stuff as you can see there’s some packing cubes back on the
shelf back there this set right here these two are my husband’s packing cubes
so he’s going to be taking 3 packing cubes those two are already packed the
rest of the clothes that he’s going to be taking with him on the cruise are
going to be going into a third packing cube and though
right here then those are my and juniors packing cubes those are started but
you’ll see that there’s gonna be a lot more packing cubes in the picture when
we’re done with this but what we did is we left everything on hangers because we
wanted to show you what’s going in the bags give you a general idea maybe give
you some inspiration if you’re going on a Royal Caribbean cruise or any cruise
to the Caribbean for that matter so we’re gonna work from the front to the
back and I’ll just give you really quick looks at everything that we’re taking
this first little section of clothes right here is my son’s formal wear so he
has a little vest and some slacks these are really great and a couple of pretty
wrinkle-free shirts and ties to wear on formal night hopefully you can see those
okay there’s no need for a jacket for kids or for adults unless you want to
take a jacket or a tux you can totally do that if you want next we have a bunch
of collared shirts for him to wear to dinners so I have just packed him two
simple pair of pants one pair of jeans one pair of kind of all of you color
pants and those will go with all of these shirts he’s got a cool little
school shirt here that’s gonna match his dad and the rest are just a variety of
nice casual cotton breathable collared shirts for junior so that’s that in his
packing cubes we have underwear socks and swimwear already packed away
including a rash guard for him we have rash guards for the whole family because
perfect date Coco key is gonna be a long day out in the Sun and we need to
protect our skin so let’s talk about mr. cruise tips TV stuff my husband is
taking he’s taking four shirts for dinners that I’m gonna back up and show
you really quickly so we’ve got just some nice collared items here so you’ve
got one two three and four those are his collared shirts and he’ll wear those
with some nice basic like how would you describe those like khaki is kind of
simple you know flat front pants with a nice shoe but nothing too fancy and then
for formal night he has to dress shirts two ties but he only takes one pair of
pants to wear both nights where is your vest it’s not in here is it so you’re
not taking the vest this time so no vest for him this time sometimes he goes with
a vest and bowtie look and he looks exactly like the crew it’s totally funny
a lot of people asking where the bathroom is all the time but for this
trip it looks like he’s just doing to dress shirts one pair of pants and two
ties so those are the boys clothes now remember all of their other stuff their
shorts their hybrid swimwear and all of their
t-shirts and stuff is in their packing cubes already we don’t want to show you
every single item of clothing because you guys have got this you know what to
do so let’s talk about my clothes because we know that that’s where the
majority of the stuff is look how much of this rack has used unlike clothes a
tip for you while we’re talking about the jeans that I’m going to be wearing
one tip is to wear your most bulky clothes on the plane for me that’s gonna
be my jeans it’s gonna be some type of sneaker not my water shoes but my
regular sneakers and maybe a hoodie don’t put that stuff in your suitcase
unless you absolutely have to especially if you’re cruising the middle of winter
and you’re going from a cold destination to a warm destination you want to wear
that stuff so I’ll be wearing one pair of jeans
I will wash them when I get to our pre cruise hotel most likely and then maybe
wear them to a dinner or two on the cruise I brought some shirts to wear I
also have three pair of shorts some khakis a white pair an aqua pair just
keeping it really simple there and a number of shirts to kind of mix and
match with those shorts so I’ll let you see here I’ve got a cute free people
really flowy off-the-shoulder number a green off-the-shoulder shirt a black one
to wear with jeans to dinner and then one tank top I have a few more tank tops
in my suitcase but my mo you guys during the day it’s really swim suits and
cover-ups so all of my swimwear is already packed swimwear undies and socks
and bras already packed but I will show you the cover-ups that I’m gonna wear
I’ve packed three for this cruise I know I’m crazy
I packed white this is the first one it’s an off-the-shoulder swim cover-up
it’s really cotton me and nice hopefully we won’t get super dirty I got it at
t.j.maxx if you want to try to find one they tend to bring them back this is a
cute little cover-up that I got at Macy’s that matches my swimwear pretty
basic haven’t even washed it yet that’s number two and then number three is
another white one that I’ve worn on so many cruises I
just love this cover-up and it works for me it feels really great Oh
taking a deep breath for a moment I feel like I would just talking and talking so
next up we have here what’s gonna protect me from the Sun this is my rash
guard hopefully you can see that okay can you see that okay so this is a zip
front Roxie rash guard that I can wear like a perfect day when we’re doing
water slides all day I just don’t want to be completely and totally sunburned I
had enough of that when I was a little kid and now I really want to protect my
skin and I also have some cute little swim shorts here that I got these are I
think these are also these are an O’Neal brand I got at Macy’s and they’re really
cozy and you can wear them while you’re in the water or you know wear them part
of the day at the beach but they’re just nice to have if you’re feeling like you
want to be a little bit more modest or maybe you like have a swimsuit on and
you want to go to lunch and you want to put those on really quick because you’re
soaking wet well those are gonna be good for
absorbing water okay let’s talk about dresses I’m a big dress person I will
often wear a dress to dinner one night and then re wear it for a port day or a
sea day because I’m just really comfortable in sundress types of clothes
so first I want to show you my first quote-unquote formal night dress Royal
Caribbean is now starting to call formal night something else though they’re
calling it where your best did I get that right on some ships so this is the
first dress there’s two dresses on this hanger that I’m gonna wear for wear your
best night it’s just a fun off-the-shoulder a little kind of satiny
dress and I’ll wear that with some fancy shoes which we’ll show you at the end
and then I’ve got on the same hanger a really comfortable cotton dress that I
got at Target a few years ago that will be great
good old standby off the shoulder dress from Express it’s cotton
it feels great for dinners and days around the ship even days in port and
this is my second formal night or wear your best dress it has a really
beautiful dipped back and it doesn’t look super formal but when you pair this
with jewelry and fancy shoes it is really really gorgeous it has some
pretty embroidery on it and this is also free people on sale at Macy’s another
free people on sale at Macy’s is this really cozy cotton dress and
it has really funky sleeves and kind of a cute little mini dress I have very
good luck getting free people on sale at Macy’s and Nordstrom Rack so if that’s a
brand you love definitely give it a try and then my new splurge for this cruise
is my first ever Lilly Pulitzer dress or Pulitzer I’m not sure how you say that
but you guys this is really funny it’s actually a skort or ombre it has little
shorts underneath it so I think this is gonna be my embarkation day dress
because if I want to go on like the ultimate abyss I’ve got shorts under my
dress and I can do it I just kind of like the idea of being able to wear a
dress but have the shorts so I’ve never seen a dress that hides little shorts so
well they’re almost more like bike shorts like they’re kind of tight you
know but really cute I love this so anyway next up I’ve got a little bit of
active wear sports bra tank top and a really really lightweight Nike hoody and
some workout pants and another workout top to take in case honestly I probably
won’t go to the gym but if you’re doing something like ziplining you kind of
need active wear and sneakers and things like that so I think we’ve hit most of
the major areas here you guys I hope this was super helpful for you I’d love
for you to stick around for just another moment we are going to show you all of
the shoes that we’re taking laid out and we’re also going to show you what the
suitcases look like packed but before you go I would love for you to comment
and tell us if you have ever been on a Caribbean cruise or Royal Caribbean
cruise where did you go and what are your packing tips we’d love to hear all
about it in the comments section below thank you so very much for tuning in and
until next time we will see you on the high seas bye bye

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