Outdoor Research Men’s Cirque Pant

Designed for cooler weather backpacking, snowshoeing,
ski touring or alpine conditions, the Outdoor Research Men’s Cirque pants are a great
soft shell pant for when mobility is necessary in the backcountry. Let’s take a look at
all of their features. These pants are constructed with a durable,
double weave, soft shell fabric that gives it really nice stretch, really nice mobility
to the whole system. It is very comfortable. It has got a polyester backing so it lays
really nicely against the skin or it layers well if you are using a light weight base
layer underneath. It does have a brushed nylon face fabric so that is really good at helping
to shed that snow, that mud or that precipitation in the event that it starts to rain on you.
They are a highly water resistant pant, but they are not com-pletely waterproof. So keep
that in mind when picking up the Cirque pants. But they have a really nice feel and a very
comfortable fit all while being very stretchy to offer great mobility. So a really nice
fit and feel to the Cirque pants. Some features that the Cirque pants offer
are a button and zippered fly with a kind of elastic adjustment on the waistband so
you can actually cinch the fit down if you need to. And there are also belt loops so
you can use a belt if you choose to do so there. You have also got two and two front
suspender loops with a rear suspender loop. So you can attach accessory suspenders if
you choose to. They do not come with the pants. They are sold separately. When it comes to pockets, we have got two
front zippered pockets, one back zippered pocket and one thigh zippered pocket on the
right side. So you have got some different areas to stow away some gear and you can zip
them up to make sure that it stays secure when you are moving around in the outdoors,
so some nice features going on there. We do have a nice gusseted crotch and articulated
knees, so you have got really good mobility and a somewhat more loose fit in those areas.
And in combination with that soft shell fabric, you just get all around good movement from
the pants. All the way down toward the cuff region we have got a reinforced nylon ankle
guard. So you have got a really nice protected material there. It is going to add some really
good durability in that section. You have got a couple of other nice features down in
the foot area, such as a boot lace tab. So you can actually attach these directly to
the boot laces so that they don’t ride up or crate any unnecessary or unwanted gapping.
So almost like you would find in a gator. These guys have that lace clip there, that
lace hook to really cinch it down. We have got some other nice things going on
on the underside, like a tab for an instep lace. And, again, they are just really nicely
designed. They work well with gators if you choose to, but are going to give you really
good water resistance and weather resistance if you just want to wear them by themselves. These pants have a fairly snug or athletic
fit. They are not super tight, but they are not regular loose fit pants. They give you
more of that athletic feel, you know, staying low profile. So you could layer under them
with a light or a mid weight base layer, but they are meant to be a more active pant, so
they give you that slightly more snug fit. And it still feels nice. I don’t feel restricted
in them at any point, at any, you know, any move-ment is still easy, you know, because
of that soft shell, that double weave stretch fabric and, you know, all that mobility with
the articulated knees and the gusseted crotch. So although they do have a more tailored fit,
they are still a very mobile pant. So a really nice feel to the Cirque pants here. So there you have it. With a light and durable
soft shell material that provides good weather protection in those cooler temperatures, the
Outdoor Research Men’s Cirque pant is a great option for when you need to be mobile
in the backcountry.

2 thoughts on “Outdoor Research Men’s Cirque Pant

  1. Anything stretch sux for hiking for those that go through heavy brush it snags on everything and pulls stitching. If you a trail dude these are great but if your off trails and like challenge get a better non stretch material.

  2. You missed out the zip on the bottom of the legs. It would have been nice to see how much that adds to the Hem width with it unzipped. But I really appreciate all of the other information youve given, Thanks.

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