[Music] hey guys today I’m showing you my closet it’s very affordable and practical for a small apartment basically it consists of three IKEA Alex chores – clothes racks and two shelves this one is actually upside down because I thought it would be more practical I added some hooks on it for more storage the only piece of furniture that’s not from Ikea is this shelf unit my parents were actually about to throw it away but I spotted it and started using for storing some of our shoes this is an open closet but I really like the way it looks so I don’t feel the need to hide it with a door or a curtain I share this closet with my husband this is my side and this is his many people say that they like identical hangers and I’m no different because it looks aesthetically pleasing especially if you have an open closet like me that you see all the time and it feels already organized mine are wooden hangers and my husband has what once I found that I prefer drawers over shelves because it’s easier for me to keep drawers nice and tidy whereas with shelves I always had to come up with some sort of organization system and I would buy lots of containers and in the end it would still turn to chaos anyways this drawer is our disorganized tech drawer this is for miscellaneous things like change chargers and etc this one is for my bras and in the back of this drawer I keep this box it has all my sewing stuff this one has my jeans and pants this is for towels this one has our bed sheets and pillowcases we only have two sets this one has our different documents papers books some more of my husband’s jeans in this travel pouch I have a set of sheets and towels for when guests arrive I have most of my clothes hung up once you iron your clothes and hang them they don’t get as much wrinkles as if you put them in a drawer and I don’t have a lot of clothes anyway so this system works for me and my husband really likes it as well I really like this organizers I like colors that are not too distracting you know like neutral colors and this one is perfect I keep my pajamas here so things that I’m not like afraid to wrinkle for example pajama bottoms and like belts and stuff like that initially I bought one for myself then I thought it would be nice to buy the same thing for my husband and as well he keeps his pajamas here and like his bells in this box we store our summer clothes by the way we keep our winter coats and shoes on our balcony it’s pretty spacious so it saves us a lot of space on these rats even though oh we could definitely fit our winter coats here it would just look cramped together and this way it looks nicer [Music] I like these boxes because they have a neutral pattern and also I use them for separating our like mementos you know like photo albums and different craft supplies and some of my husband’s instruments as well I hope I gave you some ideas or maybe some inspirations if you liked this tour please write a comment or something I would love to have some feedback from you guys so thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video bye [Music]


  1. Лена, как всегда отличное видео💜, очень нравится как ты снимаешь!! Смотрю каждое твое видео, хотя я нефига не понимаю по-английски, но субтитры выручают😅. Снимай больше!!

  2. love it!!! this is definitely what I was looking for. I am inspired to make these changes and simplify my life. I was wondering how many top and bottoms you own. I am scared that I will end up with not enough clothes.

  3. Hey guys! Here's my blogpost on why I love wearing the same clothes over and over. I hope you find it useful. https://lenabyurger.home.blog/2019/05/26/i-love-wearing-the-same-clothes/

  4. I really love it! It motivates me to declutter my closet

  5. I think that’s more clothes than I’ve owned in my life. This is the complete opposite of minimalism!
    Just because you wear block colours and own ‘minimalist’ clothes doesn’t make you a ‘true’minimalist

  6. Just gave it a thumbs up and subscribed bc I love how organized your are😍

  7. If I could like this video more than once I'll do it for sure. Thanks for sharing, I'm about to have my own bedroom and this video gets inspired me. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  8. Non è igienico tenere la roba senza armadi esposta alle tarme. Sei Troppo disordinata

  9. Кто придумал эти подвесные тряпичные полки… они ужасны

  10. Great inspiration !! Thanks !! I have stolen some ideas for my tiny room.

  11. Não sei como vim parar aqui, mas tenho muito menos, beeem menos, que isso hahaha

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