Non-Verbal Communication Tools : Non-Verbal Communication: Clothing

Okay, another form of artifactual communication
is your clothing. What you wear gives a very strong impression of who you are. Like me,
I like red sweaters. I wear my red sweater almost everyday. That’s a big part of who
I am. And everybody has a different style. You know, maybe your style is more formal.
Maybe it’s more casual. Maybe you have a very Bohemian style, where you dress very eclectically.
Neither is good or bad, it simply is a non-verbal impression of who you are. The only thing
that you want to consider when it comes to clothing is, are there certain times where
you need to alter that expression. For example, when I teach college class I always bring
this up to my students. I tend to dress a little more conservatively. And I ask my students
on the first day of class, when I walked in the door, what was your impression of me?
And they rattle off, all these complimentary things of course, because they all want A’s.
But then I say to them, what would you have thought if I had walked through the door in
a tank top and cut off shorts. And they’re all in shock because they wouldn’t quite know
what to think of that. But, it would give them an entirely different impression of me
because I say to them, “What would you think of me as a professor if I did that”. And the
answers are always completely different, than what the initial perception was because of
the way I dress. So dress is a non-verbal and it’s just something to consider again
based on whatever situations you might be going into.

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  1. Great posts but there's only 1 problem. I can't see what's after the last semicolon in your title until after I open up the video! That's frustrating because I want see more but I've opened the same video like 3 times already. It wastes time. I love Expert village, but I've found that you guys are notorious for that. I personally get tired and stop watching. Ok I'm done, just thought someone should know.

  2. Women have to be careful, because they can easily show their nakedness by the types of clothing they wear.

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