Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Bloodline | Unboxing & On Foot Review

What is going on you guys welcome back to the channel It’s your boy Nelson here with another sneaker video for you guys here today And today we’re going over and reviewing the Air Jordan 1 bloodline Edition I actually picked up these shoes today about an hour ago on Black Friday Second pair of shoes I got today The first one was actually the yeezy boost 350 the re-release of the black Which you should subscribe the channel if you like shoes because I’m gonna be doing an unboxing on those shoes once they come in in The mail. Happily I got those cuz I caught a fat L Back in June when they originally released but I was able to get them this morning and I also these were sitting at my local mall As well, so I decided to pick them up and do this video for you guys I actually really like the way these shoes look and these are gonna be shoes that sit So they’re probably still sitting in stores around you if you want to pick up a pair Don’t get these if you’re into reselling, but get them for a shoe you can wear every single day Let’s jump on into it Make sure to check out this full video because at the end I’m gonna be showing you guys some on foot shots of these shoes and showing y’all how they fit and look on feet So make sure to watch the full video to check that out and Let’s jump on into this review alright So the Air Jordan 1 OG Bloodline Actually I really like seeing how these look in hand and they look better in person than in photos It’s cool cuz you have the classic black red and white. Colourway Except it’s done a bit differently where you have the black and white sneaker with the red accent falling around Highlighting everything from the Nike swoosh to all the designs of the shoe Overall, the quality is not bad. Pretty much like every other typical Jordan one, so don’t expect anything different there alright guys so the Jordan one actually comes with three different laces for you guys to check out it has the red which is already on the Shoe you have a classic white as well And you have this cool black pair that has red writing on it that says “Who said man was not meant to fly” which actually says it as well on the inside of both shoes right there in the insole Which is pretty dope as well because this classic colorway is pretty dope and we all know that Michael Jordan did a lot of history in the Air Jordan 1 so It’s kind of cool. It’s a nice touch that they put that in the inside of the sneaker in terms of Nike and Jordan branding for this shoe You have the classic nike air on the tongue right here The classic nike swoosh and then on the side right here the Air Jordan logo. It’s pretty dope So, let me lace these up really quick for you guys and we will jump into some on foot shots of the sneaker Alright guys, so as you saw in those shots right there, I think these look absolutely killer on feet I think this is the Jordan that you should go for right now if you want something that you can wear and Not worry about beating on it because this is a shoe that’s not really gonna retain its value You’re not gonna make you’re not gonna make yourself a rich man buying these and flipping them So it’s the perfect shoe to cop that looks great that you don’t have to feel bad about wearing everyday So that’s my review of the Air Jordan 1 bloodline. I hope you guys liked this video. Make sure to smash that like button Subscribe to the channel If you’re new, and if you haven’t watched it yet check out my December sneaker calendar release video We talked about all the shoes coming out next month What the potential resale value can be and what you should cop and what you should flip But until then I’ll see you guys in the next video. Peace

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