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  1. Still listening 2019. Also he's true to his work talking about fame calling him and he will call him back when album 4 comes out.

  2. So I read a russian comment and translated it apparently they came from Igor Voitenko. Original: Channel: Воспитанный Турником
    2 months ago (edited)

    Кто еще от Игоря Войтенко?

    p.s. лучше бы на канал так подписывались)
    2.5k likes by the time I saw it may have increased over time.

  3. No Name: All I know is I'll be doing this
    Change: I like to rap but I aint gonna do it forever

  4. Insane; almost 50 million people all here, just to watch Nathan rap in an alley.

    This is more than just music.

  5. I can’t believe this was made in 2018!! It feels like I’ve been listening to nf for like 5 years

    Hell of a 5 years tho 😂

  6. It's so fire to me how he can rap hard and not even curse!! Much love and respect NF!! 💯 💓

  7. hey i just had a rap battle with me friend . i used your song, and i won. i feel your pain btw

  8. Me: Turns on car
    Also Me: puts on NF Music
    Car: so you've chosen death with insane heat burns 🔥

  9. "I hung op on him, i ain't ready for it, i'll get back to that when i make album 4"

  10. I'm having a nf themed birthday tomarow!!! I'm so excited!! I listened to you for 15 years I'm turning 15 tomorrow I started listening when I was 6!!! Mom says she trust me s ok I can finally chat!!! I might be seeing you In little rock at the winter James and it's in 2020 i cant wait love you so much!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Ohhhh lordddd dropping conceptual art album "The Laboratory Volume 1"🤔🤔
    This would not of been possible without the true inspiration found in life from that boi NF NATE FEUERSTEIN 🙂🙂

  12. Nf is too sick
    Had to go try and rap this to 1.5x speed
    It’d be sick if u lot checked it out

  13. Just because it has happened on the earth before doesn't mean where in recycled mode….No one will be Jesus Christ or Satan for that matter….We all use the word depending on how our bodies are laid out…..There is only one NF….One Eminem…Etc….Why do you think it's called the son of man and not the son of God…Man can speak the word🙃 god cannot😉

  14. Then:
    NF: i used to wear a little tie with a black vest.
    NF: baggy clothes, ripped jeans, hats, sweatshirts.

  15. Jesus, this cat shouldn’t be compared to ANYONE! He’s in a class all by himself and I believe he’s the best I ever heard.

  16. Fuck marketing u need that money … ima fan a ur rap kid dont be mad at ur fans … fuck face ass bitch

  17. I dislike 99% of all rap, especially new rap, but this is actually pretty good. He's different. I like that. I wish him all the best with his carreer.

  18. Gifted by the most High is the only explaination to how your brain works brother .You are the best this is wat the art is about

  19. people: nf is da worst
    me: punches them
    also me: what was that about nf i heard?
    people: ummmmm… is da best!?!?!?!?!

  20. Hi NF I’m not sure how or where to reach you at, but if this message reaches you somehow, praise the Lord!

    I love your song’s, I’m wondering if you could create breakbeats. I’m a dancer thats christian and I use music as it is intended but you my friend have a gift.
    The breakbeats are for the children Im teaching, not for me.

    Could you please make some breakbeats?
    Thanks in advance

  21. my friends in school rocking music cuz it sounds good, I’m here 15, rocking music cuz I can relate

  22. I saw this guy perform in College Station about 7 years ago in front of 100 people. He's came a long way

  23. Saw him last night in Springfield mo.
    He’s incredible. pls never change Nate

  24. Hey nf great news I'm so excited I'm going to the bok center in tulsa!!! I love you!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  25. NF true talent. No cursing. No sex. No drugs. NOW THATS A RAPPER!❤️🤘🏻😎 #POSITIVE

  26. Remember in no name I said fame called, I told you I hung up on him it kinda felt wrong.

  27. I love his music
    I have a few names for you
    My favorite artist
    A great role model

    Thank you for sharing your talents with us
    We dont deserve you

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