New Leather Shoes? 7 MUST DO’S Before Wearing

New Leather Shoes 7 MUST DO’S Before Wearing
[0:00:00] Congratulations! You just bought a new pair
of dress shoes. But, are they ready to be worn? There are some really bad advice out
there on how to prep your shoes before wearing. Oh, my goodness! Now, I get it. He’s trying
to create traction on the leather soles to prevent slipping. And that’s not the only
problem you got to deal with. New leather shoes, they don’t come with a water resistant
seal. They are susceptible to water and salt damage. And, let’s not forget about breaking
your shoes in. Failure to do this, you could have blisters all over your feet.
Tip number one. Wear your shoes around the house. There is no substitute for actually
wearing the shoes to truly determine if you have a good fit or not. The issue here is
if you wear them outside, you wear them on concrete, you’re going to scratch the sole.
And most companies won’t take these shoes back. So, the way to get around this is to
wear your shoes in the house on carpet, so you don’t damage the sole, but you could
very quickly determine how is the fit on these shoes.
All right. So, if you got a perfect fit, congratulations. But, what if you don’t have a perfect fit?
Now, if it’s a minor fit issue like they’re just a little bit too tight or maybe there’s
a hotspot over on the heel, you can actually fix some of these using heat, which I’ll
talk about in a second. But, if it’s a major concern like they’re a size too large, guess
what, guys? You can send them right back. Protip. Did you know different shoe companies
use different lasts a.k.a. the foot mold for their sizing? So, one company size 9 is not
going to fit the same as another company’s size 9. What I would focus in on is finding
a brand whose sizing works for you. Tip number two. Use heat to get rid of tightness
and hotspots. Now, when it comes to new shoes, they can be very stiff when you first start
to wear them. The way to get rid of the stiffness is to leverage the power of heat.
Use a hairdryer and run it over the shoes for a few minutes especially in the hotspot
areas. You’re looking to warm up the leather and make it more pliable. Putting on your
warm leather shoes, you should find that they fit a bit better and as you wear them throughout
the day, you’re going to find that they’re going to adjust better to your feet.
Next up. Create traction on your leather soles. So, at this point, you’re sure you want
to keep the shoes. Now, it’s time to deal with those slippery leather soles.
So, why even bother with leather soles? Why would you even want them? Leather soles, gentlemen,
are a sign of quality. And, historically, they are found on the high-end shoes in the
menswear world. Now, the problem with leather soles as anyone
who has ever fallen in them can tell you whenever you step on water, ice, they give you no traction.
Simply rough up the sole, you want to create a sole that actually is going to be able to
give you traction. Now, you don’t want to do this with a knife.
No, that damage the sole by cutting too deep into the leather. Instead, just use 80-grit
sandpaper and go over the sole roughing it up.
Don’t have any sandpaper? Well, let’s make this easy. Go out to your sidewalk, then
drag your feet around to create little cuts little grooves that are going to give you
traction. Still too slippery? You want more traction?
Well, gents, I got you covered. So, just go to your local box store, maybe your local
cobbler, or look online for rubber shoe grips. With a little bit of adhesive, these rubber
shoe grips attach to the bottom of your shoes and they will give you traction and prevents
you from slipping and sliding all over the place.
Next up, buy a shoe horn. So, did you know that most men put on their dress shoes incorrectly?
Yeah, they just shove their foot right in there and they damage the back of the shoe.
To prevent it from bending and deforming over time, you need to start using a shoe horn.
Now, when you’re buying a shoe horn, you’re going to see tons of options out there; 6-inch
plastic horns, 12-inch metal horns, 24-inch horns made from horn. Which one should you
go with? Gentlemen, it doesn’t matter just simply use a shoe horn and you’ll protect
the life of your shoes. The next tip, gentlemen, buy backup shoelaces.
Shoelaces seem to break at the worst time, minutes before that interview, minutes before
you’re about to go on stage and give the presentation of your life.
Gents, be prepared, buy backup laces. Whenever you buy new shoes, what you’re looking to
do is just make it easy for yourself in the future. Whenever you’ve got one lace that
breaks, you only have to replace that one, not worry about actually matching them up
because they’re made from the same manufacturer. Next on the list, buy cedar shoetrees. This
is the one piece of advice that most people ignore. And, unfortunately, it leads to the
premature death of their shoes. You see, your brand new dress shoes, they may look beautiful
now, but they’re not going to stay that way if you don’t take care of them.
Cedar shoetrees are amazing because they help your dress shoes to maintain their natural
look when you don’t wear them. You see, when you wear dress shoes, you sweat in them,
you reshape them whenever you bend them again and again. Shoetrees go in there and they
maintain the shape and they prevent creases from appearing.
[0:05:07] Gents, when you’re not wearing your leather
dress shoes and within hours of taking them off, you want to store them with cedar shoetrees.
They’re going to maintain the shape, maintain the look, maintain your investment.
Apply leather conditioner. So, leather conditioner is a lotion that penetrates the leather and
can help to make it softer. This is great by the way if you’re dealing with fit issues.
If the shoes are a little bit too tight, there are some hotspots, guess what? You can use
a little bit of leather conditioner to make the leather more malleable.
Now, throughout the life of your shoes, you do want to apply leather conditioner at least
once a season. Why? Well, if you live in a dry environment, let’s say the desert, you’re
going to find that your leather can become brittle. It can become too dry and crack unless
you put on a leather conditioner. Or if you live in a wet area, oftentimes the
water will penetrate and then leave, and when it leaves, it pulls out a bit extra and this
can lead to water damage. Leather conditioner will go through and actually prevent that.
Next up, apply a wax polish. Applying the wax polish to your shoes kills two birds with
one stone. First, it gives your shoes that lovely shine, catches people’s eyes and
gets you tons of compliments. Second, that thin layer of wax creates a protective
layer. When you get scuffs and scrapes, it’s going to be the wax that is scuffed and scraped.
And, it’s going to provide a thin layer of water resistance.
Now, when it comes to matching the wax color with your shoes, try to get them as close
as possible. If you can’t find anything that works, then go with a neutral wax. A
neutral wax is still going to provide a bit of shine and most importantly the protection.
Next, apply a water proofing spray. Now, that layer of wax does provide some protection.
But, gents, if you’ve got light-colored shoes if you’re running through the slush
and snow, no, you want more protection. What you want to use here, gents, is a silicone-based
water proofing spray. Now, before spraying it all over your shoes especially light-colored
footwear, make sure to test it on the tongue to see if it darkens the shoes.
After the test, using light strokes, you want to go ahead and spray the entire shoe. Let
the shoe sit for a couple of hours and then apply a second coat. You’ve now got a hydrophobic
layer all over your shoes to repel moisture. Now, when you buy dress shoes, they already
come pre-laced. Gents, what we’re looking to do what we’re looking to bring in here
is bar lacing. This lacing style creates a very sleek, streamlined, and dressy look that
works perfectly. Gents, check out this video where I show you
how to lace your shoes. [0:07:47] End of audio

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