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hi everyone, it’s Justine. when you are on YouTube, you receive video suggestions pushed to you based on the type of content that you’ve been watching before. same thing when you’re on Google, you
need to type in an actual question, something that you want to know, for the
machine to be able to give you a list of websites that might have the answer
you’re looking for. you always have to know and tell the machine what you want.
so how do you get the more creative input, the kind of content and ideas that
you wouldn’t come up with by yourself?… personally I want to see new things, on
broader topics and well curated, quality over quantity,
so I actively look for websites that have a point of view in the way that
they’re curated, that have pretty pictures and that bring me the new input and
broader perspective. I bookmark those websites and I keep going back to them
actively, almost daily, today I’m sharing my list with you! number one: this is
colossal. this website has several categories: art, photography, illustration,
etc. I love that the photos posted are always big good quality and the articles always
link to artist profiles, further readings and so on, recently there was a
post about an artist who paints on used tea bags. this is wonderfully pretty, look
at that. mini paintings! she painted one tea bag every day for 363 days. now she’s
even getting a show in Philadelphia so if you are based there, please go and send
me pictures 😉 the last post that I saw was a video of a woman making paper by hand.
let me tell you: I had no idea that many steps were needed in the process. on there
they post like an article per day (max.) so it’s definitely a pace that you can
actually keep up with. number two: Ignant. this one is a major website for people
interested in modern design, the clean and white type. it also has several
categories and I enjoyed the part on architectur:e you see in possible houses
in impossible places. I find it funny to scroll through the photos and imagine
myself living in those places. when I see a minimalistic house like this one and
the bathroom is picture-perfect. I always wondered what would happen if I
put a colorful tube of toothpaste on the sink. do you think it would ruin these
tactics and the concepts? probably 😉 number three: boom with many O’s. this website is
mainly crowd-sourced, which means that anyone in the world can send in the art
and then the staff picks which one or which pieces will be featured.
so it is kind of crowd-sourced but still curated. since everyone can
submit. you can be sure that you will get a great mix of styles, genres, color
palettes etc. the website also publishes interviews and so-called
“artist spotlight” articles where they show several artworks by one person. it’s
like a mini online exhibition. if you don’t want to go to that website every
day, you can even get their content directly in your inbox: they have a
newsletter and it’s good. number four: feature shoot. that one is mainly about
photography and about telling stories through photos. for example taking
pictures of horses backs as if they were landscapes! I think that’s a brilliant
idea and the curves of the animals are just perfect, so beautiful. it’s also on
this website that I learned about The Print Swap: you send in a photo taken by
you. anyone can participate. a jury selects winners and then each winner
receives a print from another winner’s photo, so it’s a random swap and I love
the idea. if you were interested and you decide to participate in this, you’ll be
competing against me 😉 but last year I think there were 2,500 winners out of
45,000 entries so there are in fact many winners. it’s a fun thing. number 5: 500 pixels. dedicated to photography, as the name says. here I like the category
“discover” because it’s a full wall or feed of beautiful photos. like Tumblr but with
curation and professional editors. the best one is the feed called “editor’s
choice” in my opinion, and you can save your favorites in a personal gallery
when you’re logged in. it’s hard to find good photos on the
internet really, that’s why I think that this resource is a great one. number six:
print pattern. it’s a blog on Blogspot. this is more of an amateur blog with
lots of banner ads, but let’s ignore that… it is also a huge repository of all
types of patterns, on all types of surfaces, if you scroll down on the blog,
you’ll see the categories on the left side: this is rather how I browse through
all the archive. they already have over 1200 designers featured on that blog so
it’s really a huge database. can you tell by now that I like websites with a mix
of different aesthetics and people? number 7: Google Cultural Institute on fashion.
Google has a project which consists in gathering all artworks from the world,
ideally, to put them online for people who can’t travel to a specific country
but will still like to visit a museum there or look at the art that’s there.
now they’ve started to do the same for fashion and they are collaborating
with the best museums worldwide to make fashion history more accessible. they
curate the content along four categories: fashion icons, fashion movements, like
street star in Tokyo for instance, making-of, we see the crafts behind traditional
clothing from everywhere, and the connection between art and fashion. one
of my favorite museums in the entire world is featured here: it is the Frida
Kahlo Museum in Mexico City. if you’re there trust me.
go visit that Museum in live, it’s six stars out of five 🙂 number 8: color lovers.
this one website is just about color. you have color palettes and you
can upload your own, you have patterns, you have shapes… looking at color
palettes can be very helpful to find out what you like. when browsing you will
quickly see that you really love some color palettes by people and that you
hate others and it’s a great help when you build a capsule wardrobe, for
instance, and you’re trying to decide which color
combinations you want and which ones you don’t want. so this is not a resource I
go to daily but it’s something to bookmark for when you’re changing your
wardrobe, or redecoratign your house. I’m sure that would work great also for
interior design. number 9:Etsy. you probably all know that one. it’s the online
shop where DIY lovers and crafty people can sell what they create, the result of
their work. it’s a lot easier to do it on Etsy than to create your own website and
it’s a good place to start a small business from home, for instance. there
are many success stories that have emerged through Etsy. but I use it
differently: basically I use only the category “supplies and tools” it’s full of
materials that you’ve never seen before, and probably never missed before, but as soon
as you start scrolling through you get ideas of things that you could make. last
time I visited, I found something called arm knitting: do you know what that is? in
the US, probably yes, in other countries, probably not. you take chunky wool and
you knit it with your arms and with your fingers. without needles. they say you can
make a huge scarf in like one and a half hours. that sounded great so I ordered some
wool to try that and it’s going to be my next DIY experiment. number 10: Craftsy.
this one is for you if you think that you’re not good at DIY and craft things
but you wish you were. they have good online classes in
photography, sewing, knitting, etc. they also sell the supplies that you need for
those hobbies. if you have no idea what you need, they even have kits with
what you need + instructions to make the thing that you want to build. they
make it very easy to start. if you’re still looking for a hobby for this year.
doing something with your hands and giving your brain a little break might
be a good idea. highly recommended. this is my list of 10. I’m not sponsored by
any of those websites and even if, I would still only talk about those that I
personally use and like. all the links are in the description down below, as
always. thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and if you feel
inspired! and feel free to share your potential website tips, your own secret
bookmarks with us / with me, because my bookmark page has no storage limit and
I love to discover new sources of inspiration. thank you!

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