My New YouTube Channel | All In with Iskra

da dada da! ugh that was way too cheesy I have some huge news I have a brand new YouTube channel and the channel is
called All In with Iskra that would be me and I’m working with the amazing team
at Kin which means you are gonna get a new video every single week we’re
talking about modeling, fashion, beauty wellness, loving yourself inside out, even
touching on business, and also about love and about my partner Philip all sorts of
stories that are gonna be a bit shocking or I’ve never shared before “oh bugger”
the reason why I picked this name and I’m sure you can imagine they took a
very long time because there’s all sorts of things you could call it Doughnuts
with Iskra, so the reason I’ve called it All In is because I go all in
literally I know I’m imperfect I’m not trying to be perfect I know the journey
doesn’t have to be perfect so I just give it my all and I’m not scared and I
don’t live in fear and for me that’s been the biggest kind of win of my whole
life is just knowing that I can go all-in on things and not hold back and
just take up space and be myself and I want that for you too and it’s really
easy to find my new channel you can just go down into the description and
there’ll be a link right now da dingggg see ya there, muah!

42 thoughts on “My New YouTube Channel | All In with Iskra

  1. I am still very dissapointed that you work with beautybrands that test on animals. If you want to be body positive, be so for bunnies, monkeys and pigs etc. too please.

  2. When I saw you laughing and enjoying and interested in this life and when you defend against racism to this extent I said and I gave to myself a hope an i said to my self maybe miss iskra can help me please if you just a little mercy in your heart and self please give me a sign that you read my massage please
    I send to messages to your Weibo account and your ig account and your tumblr account if you really interested and wanted to help and save a human being life and do kind things please reply please

  3. Sorry, but I disapprove of interracial relationships, and thus think you set a poor example for young women. White people should be proud of our culture and heritage and wish not only to preserve but to perpetuate it.

  4. Congratulations, Iskra!!! Love the name of the channel. You're so beautiful, inspirational and fun! Looking forward to all the content!

  5. I’m so stoked for this new show! Iskra is an absolute queen 👑 and has helped and inspired me so much.

  6. I love you .u r so so so much beautiful and sexy and super hot.
    Can I see your…… body in this channel

  7. Mi fantasía sería pasar mi verga en tu boca y en toda tu cara angelical ……eres demasiado rica

  8. ممكن بنت جادةوفية٠٠٩٦٧٧٣٥٣٣١٧٥٨

  9. Haters will always hate🤔! They do that because they are not content with their life🤔 Keep doing your thing girl because you have plenty of support.🤗 You should be my girl though😍

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