My *DREAM* ROOM Tour – INDIA 2019!!

hey guys what is up this is Latika and
welcome to another video this week’s shout out goes to aksheen. Thank you so much for your ovely comment this week if you wanna check me out on amy other social media
platforms, here are all the links ok guys welcome to today’s video it’s an
entirely different setup and I think you could tell from my face how lightened up
it is today I am sharing with you guys my room tour honestly I think that now
it’s been over a year since I’ve been planning going through pictures sourcing
all the products where what will go where will everything be according to my
utility and where I want things I am a control freak in that sense like in my
space I want everything where I want it just to give you guys a little bit of
backstory that we recently shifted and because my dad was in the army we always
kept shifting houses and so I never really decorated or you know felt the
need to change anything in any room so let’s get started I’m super excited and
a little bit possessive also about this video okay so this is what the room looks like
right now as you enter this is my bed area and that’s obviously the windows
and stuff and this is basically my sleeping space oh that reminds me of
another disclaimer the reason why everything is so proper is because
this is also very important from YouTube point of view this is kind of my work area
which is why everything is what it is so now the bed is entirely custom made
and I myself chose this fabric from floor and furnishings I got it made into a
very simple back with a velvet material to give it the luxurious feeling coming
to the bedding I wanted it all black so I put two sets of sheets from Amazon one was
the striped bed sheet which came with striped pillow covers and one was the
duvet cover this again came with pillowcases both of them are a tad bit
different which gives the bedding a little bit of more texture and lastly I
wanted a touch of gold so I got these two pillow covers from myntra and
there’s a little plushy from myntra which was a gift and I guys litrelly both these
sets were just for 999 each which is an amazing price and I’m really happy
with the quality also and then you see this fancy looking runner or throw but it’s literally just material left out of my curtainthe taillor had som extra material left and I just gave him the dimensions and told him to make it in this . Here i literally just have the remotes which are always there and not here and this tray which i stole from mom now
honestly I have wanted pendant lamps since so long
like I don’t know why I just love the feeling of having them at your bedside
that being said I had the toughest time finding pendant lamps anywhere online so
what I settled on was very simple I basically bought the hanging wire from
myntra and then I got these bulbs so this design is not getting picked up on this camera i’ll insert a phone picture here it’s kind of an old vintage bulb if you
want to know it’s the e27 bulb and I got it in a cluster of 3 its kind of giving a
very rustic effect but it’s still looking so classy okay let’s come to my
little bedside table this was an old marble table which we already had so I
stole this and for its decor I first have this cute little marble tray from a
store TIS by the way everything will be linked to the description box there’s a
lot of stuff from there this I have kept to keep little knickknacks and usually
my contacts in a bed at night go here or like I wear a lot of rings so they go here and
then this gorgeous Half Moon planter how good does this look
once again from the same brand then I have kept these coasters here which are
black slate and they have like a gold foil around them super pretty all the
things I drink go here for now I have just kept a candle on one of them so this
wall had very scattered windows and there was nothing much you could really do here but have an entire curtain to fill up the space the only thing to share is
that I wanted these kind of please which kind of go like this and these are
called ripple pleats your usual tailor will give you triple pleats
but these are ripple pleats and you can just tell that to your tailor or show a
picture so as you move from here, Here’s my bathroom door and here is basically my
wardrobe I wanted an entirely black wardrobe and this is custom made from
the carpenter who made the furnitrure for the rest of the house
once again handpicked these handles which they are from a brand called as brassiage and my
wardrobe continues in this chest of drawers that’s a long story why my wardrobe is here and not like a usual wardrobe but it’s honestly the best idea I’ve
ever had and my parents got a new TV so I got there TV super happy for that
fun fact I don’t have a cable connection I just have an amazon firestick okay coming to
this counter I just kept it very clean and simple the first thing I put here is
an agate clock like guys look how amazing this looks I absolutely love the
color love the gold finish and then I just kept two sets of coasters here
you’ll find coasters everywhere because I have lots of drinks one is this really
pretty once again agate blue one with a gold kind of a foil and on top that
I’ve kept a coffee candle which you probably saw in my Amazon haul then you
have these pink coasters on which I’ve kept my little drink okay so now this is
the second part of my room and honestly I deliberately kept a division the
reason being that I have to work in this room a lot because of YouTube and my
sleep is very important to me so I wanted a split between my bedside chilling
area and kind of like a working area Now coming to the story of the
Wardrobe as you can see it’s not a straight wall
but it’s a u-shaped wall and this is a essentially a space where your wardrobe goes
in so that you know your almirahs just line up like that but instead og having like two full wardrobes just for clothes I preferred this vanity dressing
work area for me having a little own vanity area was kind of my dream things
which is why instead of going for a full wardrobe I have those chest of drawers
and this was a decision that before no one agreed on but I was like no, I
want a little you know area with the full size mirror and entire dressing
table and space for my bags and shoes so let’s start with this side this
clothing rack is DIYed in gold color I’ve shown that in a previous video this has
become honestly so helpful I keep all the clothes for my next fashion video
and it just has helped sort things out more coming to the vanity table and this
area I wanted in white and gold as opposed to the black cozy bedroom area so I
got this one in a matte white color and once again the handles are the same
for the mirror I couldn’t find any website or Instagram store that would do
this for the right price went to glass person got this glass made and got holes cut
out an electrical person who put in the holders for the bulbs and connected all
the wirings into one plug and then a third carpenter person who built the
frame and hung this up on the wall okay so not only is this my dressing area but
it’s also where I work with my laptop it’s a deliberate effort to get up from the
bed and work here then I have this rectangle box with a glass frame
barely for I think six fifty rupees and once again this is literally so dreamy
and i’hv kept like skin care stuff here so that I’m not lazy and it’s easy to grab
and little pieces of jewelry and then this is a beautiful makeup brush holder
literally for rs. 650 and with this design and aesthetic I’m in love and this
has a smaller version for like 500 bucks sponges and I keep like cotton pads in
here and stuff then I have this gorgeous tea light holder I wanted to keep like a very tiny candle her so I have this agate holder for I think five
fifty rupees here I kept two amethyst or amethyst or I’m not really sure and I
stack up like my rings here and then on this side is a complementary rectangle
box this one is a bit smaller and I’ve kept my Indian jewellery here which i reach out for very often and I have a little hexagonal box once again I wanted
everything gold and dreamy and honestly this has been so useful I can literally
see all my accessories and you know create looks for you guys and all of
that then I have an entirely gold gorgeous looking necklace stand which is
i think for six nine nine and I’ve kept all my gold jewelries some necklace
pieces right here coming to this area this wall is basically a column so it
was a bit extended so I had all this space and initially I wanted like a gold and glass bag rack I just wanted to display my bags for
some reason but then because the space was empty I’ve just got shelves built
from the carpenter in the same white matte finish and I’ve kept all of my
bags and stuff here so lastly you have this mirror here
you guys saw how I diyed it once again in the DIY video and I had also DIYed like
a love sign which I’hv just hung vertically here I don’t know why I think it looks
cool and lastly this look wouldn’t have had this luxurious touch
if it wasn’t for the fur once again this is entirely DIY’ed in like 500
rs and the rug for here I wanted it in kind of this shape and finally found
it on Amazon I think it’s called as like a sheepskin obviously faux but yaah this
is what the vanity area looks like so you guys can clearly see this division
between my work vanity and my bed space and this is very bright and you know lifts
me up whereas this is the cozy minimalist sleeping space that I wanted and oh my
god how did I not mention the fact that I freakin made that painting because
the bed is low it kind of needed something up there and I googled a lot
and I found that resin art can turn out like how I wanted then I didn’t know
where to get it so I was like you know what let me try it for myself and oh my
god it has made the space so luxurious like I don’t know if you could until now that it was a really fancy expensive painting or I just DIYed it and
there’ll be a blog link to this in the description box and guys that said all
the product links and any information will be in the description let me know if you
want a detailed step-by-step process of how I actually put all of this together
obviously any other questions and incase I’ve missed from where something
is feel free to ask in the comments box it’s actually crazy how I think eight or
ten months back I had a little Photoshop file of this and every inch every small
measurement like I can tell you the measurement of anything in here
I literally planned and chose everything from scratch myself because this meant
so much to me and I think I’m also gonna end this video here let me know what you
guys thought any suggestions comments thoughts ideas feedback drop them in
the comment box I shall see you guys very soon with
another video

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