Most ANNOYING Thing in my German Apartment?

It’s so annoying! Hey everyone, I’m Dana and you’re watching
Wanted Adventure Living Abroad. I recently made a video about some of the
German things about the apartment that I live in. Now how about what annoys me the most in here. And there are a few contenders, but one takes
the cake. The fact that my apartment and most apartments
in Germany don’t have air conditioning for the warm summer months can be a little annoying,
especially when it’s warm at night and I’m trying to sleep. But for the most part I don’t really mind
not having AC in Germany so much. There were only a few days this past summer
here in Germany when I thought “hm, it might be nice to have a little” — key word here
being a little — “cooling in the apartment.” In South Florida AC was a must. But here in Germany, I’d say I’m pretty okay without it. Something I loved having in some of the homes
that I lived in in the U.S. was an ice cube maker in the freezer. Extra bonus points if the freezer also came
with an ice cube dispenser built into the door so that I just had to press my cup up
to the lever on the door and out came some nice cold ice for my drink. Here in Germany my freezer does not have an
ice cube maker let alone an ice dispenser, so Stefan and I either make our own ice in
ice cube trays or we buy ice from the store. A little annoying if I forget to make a fresh
batch of ice and then I realize that I want some, but eh, again, not really so bad. And the last annoying contender that I have
for this video: I made a whole video about how I just love the amazing windows in Germany,
but I think it’s really interesting and annoying that my windows in the apartment
in Germany did not come with screens on them. When I moved into this apartment, and every
other apartment that Stefan and I looked at renting, the windows were just open, no screens
on them to keep out the bugs out. One of the first things that we did when we
moved into this apartment was put some screens up on some of the windows. And when I say we, I mean Stefan put screens
up on some of the windows. Thank you so much to Stefan for helping keep
the bugs out of the apartment. But the winner for most annoying thing in
my German apartment is….drum roll please…… the laundry rack in the kitchen situation. In the kitchen kind of being the key words
here, because it’s not that I necessarily mind hanging laundry to dry in and of itself. I actually find it kind of calming and peaceful
to hang up the laundry. I just wish that I had somewhere to put the
laundry racks that wasn’t in the way. We don’t really have room in our living
room to put them. We could put the rack in our bedroom, I suppose. And sometimes we do do that, for example, when
we’re having guests over. But especially if the stuff is drying over
night it really causes the room to be quite humid. And other than that we don’t really have
anywhere else in the apartment to put them. I guess we could put the laundry rack in the
hallway or right in front of the front door, but then we wouldn’t be able to walk down
the hallway or in and out of the front door. So most of the time, kitchen it is. Which annoys me for a few different reasons. Number one, the clothing rack — or sometimes
racks, sometimes we have to put two out at the same time — takes up space in the kitchen. Where we have room for the laundry rack is
right next to the window, so then opening the window becomes a bit of a hassle. And they also just kind of ruin the whole
atmosphere of the kitchen. Like, we sit down to eat a lovely meal, and
then hanging there right next to the table are our socks and underwear. It’s kind of a weird vibe. And then there’s the fact that cooking creates
smells, and sometimes those smells transfer to the clothes that we just cleaned and made
smell so lovely! So now instead of smelling like lovely smells,
our clothes and towels smell like broccoli and potatoes and cheese. I’m sorry. I like broccoli and potatoes and cheese, but
I don’t want my clothes to smell like that. Maybe one day we’ll have an office or some
other kind of area in the apartment where we can put the lundry racks and then I think
they’ll be a lot less annoying. They’ll be a little out of the way. But for now, this is simply how it is. So my question for you is: do you hang your
laundry to dry? Where do you put the drying racks? And what’s the most annoying thing in your
home? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching. Until next time, auf Wiedersehen! Want to watch another video? Here are two. And a really, really, really big thank you
so much to our patrons on Patreon who help make these videos possible. Thank you so much for your support.

100 thoughts on “Most ANNOYING Thing in my German Apartment?

  1. Haha I know this is unrelated but the thumbnail says “annyoing” instead of “annoying”

  2. I solve the clothes drying thing by hanging them up on the evening, after all the cooking is done. I don't do any cooking in the morning and by the time I am back from work in the afternoon, the clothes are dry.

  3. I found it annoying that you had to bring your own kitchen in many places to rent an apartment in Germany! LOL! So much work!

  4. the most annoying thing vor my boyfreind in his apartment are my long red hairs laiing around when they fell out.

  5. I'm also living in Germany, and I'd say I have an abnormally large bathroom. In any case, I keep my drying rack between my shower (which is in the middle of the room) and the window.

    As a side note, I thought the entire month of August was dreadfully hot–it definitely wasn't just a day or two.

  6. I keep my laundry racks in the bedroom. I don't mind if it makes the air humid. The most annoying thing in my German apartment is probably my cats. "Waow!" "What is it?" "Waow!" "If you're hungry, there's food in your bowl." "Waow!" "Get out from underfoot before I step on you!" "Waow!" "What do you want???" "Waow!"

  7. We have an drying room in the basement. Everyone from the house can put their wet clothes there. So we never have to dry it in our apartment. Also some neighbors have a dryer and don't even need that room.

  8. if you're lacking space just buy a wash/drying in one
    and a mobile A/C unit
    now your life will be perfect :p

  9. Everything must be convenient for Americans regardless of the environment! THAT is really annoying!

  10. When I moved into this appartement I was concerted about where to but great snow but fortunately all my neighbours sell great stuff

  11. We have a "Waschküche" (laundry room) with a waching machine in the cellar of our apartment building where we also can hang the laundry to dry. Since there's only three apartments, it's totally fine. We have a plan who gets the use the laundry room on which days. In the summer, we hang the laundry outside in the garden. There is also a dryer in the laundry room but I only use it when I have to hurry. I live in Switzerland by the way, maybe things are a bit different here, I don't know.

  12. Hello, Dana – thank you for your entertaining videos.
    For me as a german i love to notice the views from other people. It makes me aware of "typical german" things and somehow puts it to the test.
    I think there is a pretty good reason, that german apartments do not have AC or Icemakers by default – it is not requested by everyone, increases the cost, and in the end the rent. And of course, it can be insalled easyly. For the AC you may need the "Yes" of the owners. For the laundry i use the bathroom, – there it is out of the way and does not increase humidity in the living spaces.
    And for the inacessability of the kitchen window, i have a costly but easy workaround: have some stone bricks at hand in the kitchen – its just one throw and the window is open….
    Greetings from Germany, near Hamburg

  13. Quite amusing for me – I have an ice dispenser in my freezer here in the UK, but my (American!) fiancée doesn't like those – and she's the only one who hangs things to dry: I use the dryer instead. We both like AC though, and want it wherever we live next!

  14. Guess there are no laundromats in Germany. In my entire adult life I've never dried clothes on a rack, line or anywhere other than a dryer indoor.

  15. Some rent contracts even forbid the use of a drying racks inside the apartment because the humidity that builds up can cause mold. While I can imagine having only room in the kitchen for a drying rack. I dont believe its really common. People often use their balcony, attic or basement to put the drying rack. Or use a long rope.

  16. Most Germans use their cellar I think. Some Germans like me have a seperate room called Waschküche in german with enough space to place the laundry rag . But not every German has this luxury of having a Waschküche or even a cellar

  17. There are fridges with ice cube dispensers available, but I wouldn't use that ice because I think that it cannt be as hygenic as it should be. In fact, I have seen some really filty ones. Instead, I prefer ice cube trays (Eiswürfelschalen) like you also mentioned. You fill them with water, freeze them to ice and put them into your dish washer after usage whitch makes it much more hygenic.

  18. I really thought you would say garbage disposer.
    And of course, like many others already pointed out, the magic answer is having a dryer. then you just throw everything inside, , maybe except pullovers and jeans and you will be fine.

  19. Here in Cambodia, I hang my laundry on the chairs and couch, all of which are wooden and have no cushions. Also my counters are maybe 2.5 feet tall, so I can comfortably do dishes on my knees!

  20. We sometimes hang laundry to dry, but also have a dryer. I try not to use it much and plan doing laundry when it isn’t raining so i can hang it outside. I also have a drying rack and a line in my basement mostly for things i don’t want outside. The neighbors just don’t need to be seeing my underwear.
    The most annoying thing actually is outside. It’s super wet in our yard after it rains. We haven’t had rain in probably a week, and i still accidentally stepped in ankle deep freezing cold muddy water yesterday while taking things out to throw in the compost bin.

  21. I guess I was lucky, when I lived outside of Munich, I hung my washing in the spare bedroom or on the balcony, which was built under the roof of the house, so even when it rained, I could leave stuff out there to dry.
    Where I am at the moment, we removed the old oil heating, when it broke, and use the room where the oil tanks were as a drying room. In summer the washing is put out in the garden to dry.
    The place I had inbetween those was a single big room + small bedroom (so small, there wasn't space for a wardrobe). The room being around 90M², I would put the washing on the terrace before the flat when the weather was good, otherwise in front of the wood stove. But being alone, I would wash once a week, so not that inconvinient.

  22. The drying rack was something I had to get used to when I first moved to Germany. We keep ours in the living room for now. We have a second floor office, so we are considering moving the rack there or in the basement. Luckily, we have backyard access for drying laundry outside in the warmer months.

  23. If you like to have a fridge with an ice dispenser, then it might be a great idea to just buy one? Of course they are more expensive so there are fewer people here buying them, but they are still out on the market.

    For the laundry every house I lived in till today had a separate room for this purpose which was either located in the basement or the attic.

    So I guess most of these annoying things are just selfmade by you 😉 Maybe you just need to consider moving to a different place in germany or just buy the stuff that you are missing 😉

  24. Na ja, ich hänge meine Wäsche auf dem Balkon auf, nur im extremen Fällen (Regen, Schnee, Sturm) hole ich die Wäsche zurück ins Wohnzimmer!

  25. We bought our own washer dyer set because of this. I would take 3 days for things to dry too. NO THANKS!

  26. Why I hear a lot of "mimimimimi"‽ Your fridge don't have a Ice-cude-Maker? Buy a new fridge. The apartment don't have enough space for your cloth-drying? Get a greater apartment (good luck in Munich). You think, others don't have the same hasel in Germany? A a normal worker it is always the trouble where to put the drying racks…

  27. now that you mention it this is a drag
    i never know where i should put my laundry to dry
    in the summer I keep it on the balcony but since it's cold outside I have it in the living room which is really annoying

  28. Normally in Germany you have a Trockenboden oder Waschküche where you are able to dry clothing on racks.

  29. But what does that have to do with Germany? It's just your apartment size, I'm assuming you would have to do the same thing in a small apartment in the US xD

  30. The house where I live has a drying wrack in the yard. My parents have a house an they have an extra room where they hang their laundry. So it's not really a common german thing. Also very common for people who have a garden are "Wäschespinnen" which are basically drying wracks that can be folded so they're not using up to much space.
    But I really understand that it annoys you.

  31. Why not buy one of those portable A/C units that you can store away and just bring out in the middle of summer?

  32. I think your flat is to small, if you would have a bigger one it would be better. But in Munich ist is a big problem to find a payable one it ist so expensive there.

  33. Dana, why don't you buy a freezer with an icecube maker if it is important? Contrary to the US, we have hundreds of different types of refrigerators and freezers. American kitchens are so terribly standardized with monster appliances nobody needs. German kitchens look more individual and mostly prettier. The same goes for screens, air conditioning, dryer etc. Since these things are not part of a rented apartment, you can buy whatever you require and like 😊 All the stuff you miss is easily available in Germany.

  34. All of these things are fixable by going to the relevant store and buying them. Screens, AC, ice maker and condenser drier, all available on the high street.

  35. When I was in Passau, in June, it was a little on the warm side, as was to be expected, but I could've tolerated that a bit more if I had had the foresight to pack shorts instead of pants. The part that really killed me was the humidity. As I am wont to say, 30 degrees Celsius is a lot more livable under 10% humidity than under 90% and Passau is not exactly a dry town. No matter what I did, I just could not seem to stop sweating. One day, I showered twice just to feel clean.

  36. When my fiance and I hang dry our close we sometimes use a drying rack, which we stick in the bath tub, or we use a tention rod which we hang over the bath tub and hand the clothes on hangers. It works pretty well. You just have to remember the clothes are in there. There's been a few times when I forgot and got ready for ashower then stood there staring at my clothes like, "oh yeah… Great now what do I do. " XD

  37. I have a dryer, AC would be nice but only 5 days a year. Screens to keep the bugs out is a priority ONE thing. I never found them pre-installed. I own a large mosquito net (klamboo in dutch) btw.

  38. Little advise from someone with the same laundry problem…. Swap the rack for a drying tower. You can put more on it and it takes less space!

  39. Wäsche kann man in den Garten hängen, auf den Balkon, in den Keller, auf den Dachboden…
    Und wenn man einen Kühlschrank mit Eiswürfelbereiter haben will, dann muss man sich eben einen kaufen 😉

  40. 1) In our house it is forbitten to use a rack in the flat so we have to use the drying room.
    2) What is the problem with smelling from the eatables ? My socks (and feets) smells anyway like cheese 😉

  41. I hang my laundry to dry on hangers in the hallway closet. The most annoying thing in my Canadian apartment is the lack of a laundry machine of any kind. I have to go down two flights of stairs to a shared paid laundry.

  42. Goodness, I'm thankful that my home have enough space to put our clothes even though stuff can get cluttered most of the time. Since we often hang our clothes at the side of our house next to the kitchen; we usually collect and lump them all on a small table( coffee table) in the kitchen. Whilst cooking could cause the smells to seeps into the clothes, our kitchen is large enough that the fumes don't affect our clothes as much.

  43. Air conditioners are expensive. You can buy a special refrigerator with ice cube maker. Windows without screens on them… Hmm same in Romania so I guess I am used to buying window screens. I keep my clothes in the living room so they don't smell like food hihi.

  44. I'm an American living in India. We hang out laundry on lines in the living room. It's totally unorthodox and weird to anyone who visits, but our balconies are tiny and too close to the other buildings to get good airflow. If it's monsoon season, nothing dries. Inside, the AC dries laundry in half a day instead of two days. Do what you have to do.

  45. I used to live in a place where the aforementioned Waschküche located downstairs from the ground floor offered enough space for clotheslines. After I had moved in here, I tried hanging the clothes to dry in my own storage room in the cellar which has got a tiny window. It took ages to dry even with the window open and always smelled like the tyres somebody had stored in their space next door. So I got a dryer in the end that used a condensator technique to get rid of the water: once the machine is finished, you take out your laundry but don't forget to also empty out the water tank. Maybe that would be something for you because it's a dryer that does not need a chimey of sorts leading to the great outdoors like old dryers did.

  46. Well, you can easily resolve all this things. Just buy this stuff! IF you compare the apartment prices in Germany and us you will see what I mean… if you pay the same amount of money im Germany that you pay in the US you will have an AC, a fridge with the ice cubes and and a dryer. This is not annoying, its just the price class of apartment you choose

  47. We put our drying rack in the bathtub. It's out of sight and in vicinity of the washing machine. And I don't bathe often enough that it becomes a problem.

  48. Well… Putting screens in the window is your own business, some people don't need them. You could also buy a dryer and for sensitive stuff you can put up a small drying rack (they're available for the Heizkörper so they won't take up too much space). Also, you can just buy an AC if you need one. Just because it isn't built into the apartment when you're moving in doesn't mean it's available, thus I don't get why you're annoyed by that. Just take care of it and it won't annoy you anymore.

  49. I lived in Heidelberg for a month this past July. Second floor flat with balcony, facing in towards the courtyard. I had enough space to place my laundry outside. When it rained, I had a spare bedroom that I could put my laundry rack in, conveniently located next to the balcony. I could just put the racks right through the window! LOL no screens were a saver a few times.

    I think the most annoying thing for me was sharing one washing machine with 15 other residents in my apartment building. It took 8 hours to do one load!! I eventually ended up washing clothes by hand because it took less time.

  50. We live in a flat and share a big laundry room with 5 other flats which equals to 7 to 8 people. So ususally there is enough space. Sometimes in winter we have to hang our laundry in the flat on a rack, when the laundy room is full, but we have enough space in our hallway 🙂 and of course in summer we hang them on the balcony 🙂

  51. In the classic German house laundry dries in the attic under the tiled roof. The room below is open to the outside air while protected from the weather, so the laundry dries perfectly through the whole the year. At some point people started building flats into the attic floor and since then you have to use the balcony, the basement or a dryer.

  52. I don't get your points. Go and buy what you miss, everything is available in Germany. Trying racks go into the garden or the cellar…

  53. As I am a german, yes I hang my laundry for drying. Over the years I had diffrent appartments and diffrent attangements with this…
    My first appartment as just one romm + bathroom. I didn´t have a washing machine back then so I went to a saloon where I washed and dryed my laundry, but some of it was usually still a bit dampso I would put it all over my room for drying as I didn´t have rack and even if I had one, there would have been no space.
    In my second appartment I had 2 balconys o the one behind my beedroom would be used for this, this was really practical.
    in the third one I had a similar option, but I only had one balcony so it was a little more anyoing that I couldn´t use it for this times. Also of course when it was raining the rack went in the bedroom.
    In the fourth appartment I didnt have thsi luxury so it was always a choice between bedroom and livingroom, but I wold never have thought about the kitchen as an option…
    And now, well I was so lucky to get an appartment with a small seperate room just before the bathroom, where I can put my washing machine and the rack This is really comfortable, it doesnt get in the way any more.

  54. My father generally sleeps in the living room, so his own room is always available for the clothes.

  55. there are a lot of things that annoy me, but not the lack of things you mentioned. my flat is very hot in summer and rather cold in winter, but this because of the lack of insulation of the roof just above my flat.
    Out of the same reason it is very noisy, I can hear every move of my neighbours and they can hear mine. A lot of flats built in the 1950 -1990 are very poorly insulated against noise and temperature. Another thing is the old piping, quite often the water from the taps is luke warm and contains brownish residues, I hope it's just iron. But normally I don't want to drink this tap water.
    we've also got an elevator that is always a risk to use. last week the fire fighters came twice to rescue neighbour being struck in it. I got struck twice, but could have been set free by the caretaker.
    Now I climb the 4 floors up by stairs… my luggage may take the lift…

  56. Laundry racks may come as bathtub racks – Badewannentrockner – in many shapes and sizes. They place the laundry in the bathroom.

  57. I never hung my clothes in the kitchen. I always put it in the bath room or on the balcony (with appropriate weather). That was obviously before I had kids and moved into a house in the countryside where one of the rooms in the basement became the laundry room.

  58. We like not the same things in Germany , we are different . I am another like my neighbor ( my English is not good)

  59. I hang it in the attick or when its good weather, in my garden. The most annoying thing in my house are the huge windows. In The Netherlands houses are often made with huge windows and a lot windows. This makes our homes cold in winter and hot in summer. I don’t have AC either but heating costs are expensive here.

  60. I notice how all the Germans speak of their care for the environment, but YOU are responsible for huge violations!!!! Your so-called efficient appliances are meaningless.
    Read this!
    The Volkswagen emissions scandal began in September 2015, when the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a notice of violation of the Clean Air Act to German automaker Volkswagen Group. The EPA had found that Volkswagen had intentionally!!!! programmed turbocharger direct injection (TDI) diesel engines to activate their emissions  controls only during laboratory emissions testing which caused the vehicles' NOx output to meet US standards during regulatory testing, but emit up to 40 times!!!!!!!!!! more NOx in real-world driving.  Volkswagen deployed this programming software in about eleven million!!!! cars worldwide, including 500,000 in the United States, in model years 2009 through 2015!!! Germans are such hypocrites. "Caring" about the environment, while procuring (secretly planning) its destruction. Disgusting!

  61. Get a laundry rack attached to the ceiling that can be lowered and raised, and a dehumidifier to keep the humidity to acceptable levels, it would also dry your clothes quicker than just hanging them.

  62. Annoying? You‘re in another culture; we don‘t freeze our homes nor our drinks. So, no airco and no ice cube makers. I have never dried my clothes in my kitchen. In previous homes, I‘ve dried clothes on the balcony, in the bathroom, in the spare bedroom or in the basement. Or in a dryer, of course

  63. Drying racks on the balcony or under the roof, of course. Northern Germany normality.

  64. my towels and sheets go into the dryer and the rest is dried in the bedroom, which is the only room, in which I put screens on the windows. I think american homes are far more convenient and logic than German homes (closets, installed kitchens, screens, space)…there is a huge difference between homes in cities and in the countryside though and I feel that in Europe in general more people live in city flats than in the US where huge residential areas with individual houses spread around downtown.

  65. We hang our laundry to dry on drying rack in our bathroom tub because it fits in there perfectly. There are also existing drying racks that fit into some showers, but ours is too small for it. Maybe that would be an option for you. Have a nice day 🙂

  66. Culture shock really is annoying. It must be unbelievably exhausting to swim against the current!

  67. I would be amazed if a refrigerator in Germany DID dispense ice. Unless things have changed in thirty years Germans don't shock their bodies with cold drinks like we Americans do. As for drying clothes I always use a dryer but yeah hanging to dry would save energy, also cheaper in the USA.

  68. Yes I hang up my clothes on a drying rack. I live in an RV in Arizona so I just set up the clothes rack outside and the sun usually has them dry by the end of the day. That being said, the most annoying thing about my home is the fact that I share the RV with my bf and so sometimes we get on each other’s nerves because there is nowhere to go to get some space. Because when it’s over a 100 degrees no one wants to sit outside

  69. Super Video. Mach weiter so. Ich mag Deinen Zopf sehr. Zeig doch in einem der nächsten Videos mal eine andere Frisur. 😊

  70. Even though I have a dryer, I hang everything except bath/dish items (towels, cloths..etc.) and socks! I have a drying rack in my basement (finished basement) – so it’s not in the way of anything!

  71. The only things I dry on the rack are my undies and other delicates that are not supposed to go into the dryer (CHECK THE LABEL!!) I always put the rack in our bedroom instead of the kitchen or bathroom because of space issues. Everything else goes in the dryer which, thankfully, is in the garage.

  72. You don't have AC and yet the windows come with no screens. Yes I would find that a huge problem.

  73. We are so lucky, we have a communal drying room in the attic where we washing lines and our racks (old fashioned German flat).

  74. German apartments don't have balconies? or just your current one? We were blessed to find an apt with 3 balconies O.O! so the cats have their own, the laundry has its own, and there's an unused one as well. But now in winter, i have to put the rack in the living room, because the laundry doesn't get dry anymore. i have no other space for it. I'm also lucky the apartment is large for 1 bedroom place, an we don't have much furniture either, so yay… Greetings from Bucharest! come visit!
    Oh, the most annoying thing about my apartment are actually the doors to the bedroom and the living room- they don't close properly 🙁 and also the really really small windows in the bedroom – they are too narrow for me to use them to shake something on the window, like a blanket or a sheet..

  75. No offense, but many of these things seem to be a 'Wanted Adventure
    ' problem rather than a 'German' problem. 42% of households in Germany have a dryer. While this is certainly less than in the US, they are still quite common. Not having enough space for a dryer may be a 'Munich' problem, though 😉
    Large side-by-side fridges with an ice dispenser may not be as common, but they are easily available and I know loads of people over here who have one, myself included.

  76. Drying clothes, I have an enormous corridor for that. German "Altbau", you know. Luckily, not even expensive in my case.

  77. I gotta agree, having so little space for a laundry drying rack is really quite annoying! I was about to think that the high-pitched whining noise that our radiators make is the most annoying, but the laundry rack wins! We used to be able to keep ours out on the balcony, but there's a neighbor under us that smokes cigars and when he opens his door or smokes outside, our fresh laundry stinks of cigar 😡🤬😡So, our laundry rack stays inside and we have to pay attention to when we have the window tilted open so our whole apartment doesn't stink of cigar!

  78. I just got the most wonderful thing for my birthday: A laundry rack that goes up in several storeys ( I think you can buy those with up to four or five storeys) instead of taking a lot of space in width. And it comes on small wheels so I can roll it everywhere when it gets in my way. I've got a quite small apartment and it is just a great solution to my laudry-space-problem. 🙂

  79. Es gibt in Deutschland auch Wäschetrockner, Klimaanlagen und Kühlschränke mit Eisspender. Wenn man das nicht braucht, dann bitte nicht öffentlich darüber aufregen. Jeder kann sich das anschaffen was er sich leisten kann, genau wie im Trumpland.

  80. When I was in Colombia, residences have indoor open-air patios where you can hang your clothes to dry. You just have to bring them in when it rains. While the hostel I was staying at for 2 weeks had a dryer, they charged us for using either the washer or the dryer, so most of the time I washed my clothes by hand and hung them up to dry in the patio area. Hard to believe Germany doesn't have central heat and air. In Latin America it's expected you won't have central heat and air, and for using an A/C to be expensive, but in Germany??? Whenever I go south of the border I make it a point to adjust and not complain. After all, you're a guest in their country for the most part.

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