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Hi everyone, I’m Alison from Petit Mail and this video is part of my minimalist mom series so be sure to subscribe down below or like this video and you’ll be updated when I post more videos to this series. So people have been asking me more about my wardrobe and I am not a fashion expert and I don’t necessarily think that I have my wardrobe all figured out at this point but I’ve been working on reducing the number of items that I have and also working on just having items that I really love. So right now, as of today, I have about 40 items in my closet and I’m pretty happy with that. I just wanted to share a few pieces with you today, and I’ll probably probably do another part in this series at some point. I have a career job. I also run my own business and I’m a mom of two. So, my wardrobe needs to be fairly versatile When I am at home, you can usually find me in basic t-shirts and Yoga pants, that’s what I wear frequently on the weekends or when I’m just hanging out at home. But I like to look put together and I like to have pieces that I feel really great in. I do a lot of shopping at higher-end consignment stores, so I like finding quality pieces at lower price points. That’s something that’s really fun for me. I’m just gonna show you a few of the things that I have in my closet right now that I really love. So first up is this dress Very versatile dress from a Canadian company called encircled. So I’ll just hold this up This is a piece of Multi-way clothing so you can wear this dress I’ll bring it up so that you can kind of see the whole piece You can wear it with the drape at the front You can also wear it With a higher front and the drape at the back, which I love A very versatile piece and you can also sort of, just the way this dress is styled, you can sort of bunch it as more of a top So it hits all around the waist or a tunic style or pull it down to have it as a full dress I love this piece. I have actually worn this two days in a row to my office and like one day as a dress with maybe a sweater or a jacket over the top And the following day as a top And I have been complimented on it both days and people don’t realize that it’s the same piece of clothing so I am Planning to purchase some more of these. They have a beautiful plum color and I really like purpley pieces Although I tend to stick mostly to grays and blacks or shades of those types of things. I Have started since I had my two children, I tend to wear a lot of dresses and in the summer I wear a dress, in the winter I wear leggings and sweaters with the dress. So I find that really flexible. I also live in a pretty cold climate, so that works well for me. But I do have a few pairs of pants that I love. One is – and this is a fairly new purchase, I have these gorgeous black Yoga jeans and yoga jeans are a Canadian company – just show you the label They’re a Canadian company the jeans are manufactured in Canada. These pants are so comfortable And I dress them up to wear them to work Or I can also wear them on the weekends, which I think is fantastic. So I want to show you a couple of my Really great finds Of items that I have purchased at consignment stores and I do have more pieces than what you will see here But these are some things that I just want to show you. This dress is one of the more colorful items that I own. It’s sort of like this lime green at the top and then blue at the bottom. I purchased this dress For I think $10 at a consignment store in Halifax Nova Scotia called East of Montreal. I love this dress and sometimes I will put a black skirt over the bottom To make it more of a top. And actually I’ll show you the black skirt that I usually wear with it this is just sort of like a black pencil skirt and The thing I really love about this is that it has this elastic style waistband so I can put it over things like dresses and it pulls in at the waist and I love that so love this find. Another consignment purchase that I’m loving right now is this H&M dress That I bought at local consignment store called “Found”. This was in the bargain, or on the bargain rack. I think I also paid $10 for this dress, It had the tags still on and it’s just this nice flowy. I can dress it up with a necklace and some heels I can dress it down with leggings, a sweater over top, some boots. So loving that and this sweater is A knit sweater. I love this piece I purchased this at a local store here where I live called Model Citizens which is higher and resale and vintage clothing. I just love the quality of this sweater. So this is what I look for when I go out. I look for pieces that I love that fit me well, but that are quality. So this is completely knit. I’m gonna come really close that you can maybe see that Beautiful. I love this one and it’s great for summer. And I also layer it in the winter. A couple more items that I want to show you from my favorites. This dress is something that I’ve had for quite a while it’s a polka dot print it has pockets Love a dress with pockets. And I layer this dress quite frequently. I purchased this dress originally when I was doing conference presentations, so I needed something sort of dressy and when I purchased it, I actually bought a blazer to go over top. So this is one of the dressier looks that I might wear if I’m doing public speaking But the dress can also be fairly casual if I want it to be Something great for me to wear when I go out to brunch with my friends. This blazer is One of the probably the most expensive items I own but I just love the cut of it It’s raw silk, it’s really beautiful and I just has this really nice timeless silhouette and I – it’s very well made Canadian designer Eve Gravel and I feel like I will have this coat – blazer for many years to come. so I’ve had this for quite a few years and it’s still looking really fantastic. Only one other piece to show you today and I’ll make another video soon. I also like – I’ve started to purchase dresses that are custom fit completely to my body. And I’ve worked several times with a local dress designer. The company is called Melanie Jacqueline and This is purple, I like to wear purple because it brings out the green in my eyes But this is a custom piece that she has made for me. This is a little bit dressier I actually wore this to a friend’s wedding but I purchased a piece that I knew I would be able to wear again and again So this is about a knee length dress with this beautiful floral fabric Set into it and I absolutely love this for summer. I would wear this going out for dinner Or maybe if I was doing some kind of work presentation with a blazer over the top. So I don’t think you need to have a lot of clothes to be able to mix and match things I think you really need to look for items that you love and Items that fit you well and that are well made

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