Meghan Markle begins talks with with fashion brands including Givenchy after quitting royal family

Meghan Markle begins talks with with top fashion
brands including Givenchy after quitting royal family.HARRY and Meghan’s waxworks were
removed from Madame Tussauds’ royal display yesterday as fresh details emerged of the
couple’s next moves.The London attraction relocated their models, leaving an empty space
next to the Queen, Prince Philip and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they
would step back as senior royals and split their time between the UK and North America
after The Sun revealed they want to live in Canada for much of the year.It has also emerged
Meghan had already begun negotiations with top fashion brands as she plans her future
outside the Royal Family.The couple have a string of links to Canada already and spent
a trial six weeks in the country over Christmas, when they stayed at a mansion on the west
coast.Harry held his Invictus Games for wounded soldiers in Toronto in 2017, where the couple
made their first public appearance together watching a wheelchair tennis game. And ex-US actress Meghan was based in the
city while filming TV legal drama Suits, in which she appeared from 2011 to 2017.Last
March, the couple attended a Commonwealth Day event at Canada House high commission
in London — celebrating Canadian culture and expats from the country in the UK.Pregnant
Meghan was presented with a baby grow emblazoned with a maple leaf.Well-placed royal insiders
say that despite Buckingham Palace’s assertions that their exit will require a long process
with many more decisions, they are already well underway with talks about lucrative new
commercial projects.Meghan is understood to be using her array of fashion industry contacts
in a bid to cash in on her worldwide fame potentially making millions in the process.The
sources say French fashion house Givenchy is included in the discussions.But the new
has infuriated royal courtiers who are shocked by her underhand efforts to rake in a fortune
before the couple had even discussed their plans with the Queen, Prince Charles or other
senior figures. A source said: “Meghan is very connected
in the fashion industry and there are a lot of major labels who would like to partner
with her on projects.“There have already been active discussions with Givenchy. Some of these deals could be worth millions
of pounds.“I’m sure she is going to link some of the initiatives to their foundation.”Their
backdoor dealings have further angered many household staff who now fear for their jobs
amid mounting pressure for Harry and Meghan to give up the funding for running their office
and make their teams redundant.As civil war steps up among major figures in the royal
machine, a senior royal insider explained: “We cannot be expected to keep funding their
staff in the UK now they’ve gone rogue and have essentially quit.“In the current climate,
it is going to be impossible for Meghan and Harry to continue to have an office in Buckingham
palace hiring all these staff.“They’ve said they are stepping back. Well, sorry, there are consequences connected
to that.“It’s particularly cruel to these young and loyal staff members.“They’ve
devoted their lives and many of them have quit successful other careers.“But there’s
no guarantee any of them will keep their jobs. What would they do? Move to Canada with them?“For big roles
like the private secretary, the debate is about who pays for it.”We revealed their
plans to step back and split their time between the UK and North America on Wednesday.They
later confirmed their decision in an unexpected social media announcement.The couple have
been accused of trying to “have their cake and eat it” by so far refusing to give up
their royal titles and continuing to accept cash from Prince Charles’s Duchy of Cornwall
estate despite their claims that they intend to become “financially independent”.Harry
spoke of his desire to leave the UK in a controversial ITV documentary with Tom Bradby in October,
initially suggesting Cape Town in South Africa as a potential location.Meghan also admitted
to becoming disillusioned with public life, saying: “It’s not enough to just survive
something, right? That’s not the point of life. You’ve got to thrive, you’ve got to feel
happy. “I really tried to adopt this British sensibility
of a stiff upper lip. I tried, I really tried.“But I think that
what that does internally is probably really damaging.”

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