hi guys good morning so it is Monday and
I look really bad but first woke up and I was like okay like I’m ready for this
day I’m gonna work out and do all these things and now I don’t feel like that
hoodie wore last night I finally finished the new season of stranger
things so I stayed up a little bit later I mean it’s not late compared to most
people but I just go to bed like pretty early but that was amazing
so definitely worth it I just totally forgot to tell you and I don’t know how
or the weekend I got a tamagotchi if you guys don’t know what these are maybe
you’re too young which makes you feel really old some gotchas came out I think
the year I was born actually which is kind of weird but I had Tamagotchis and
I was younger they were like the thing I had like four of them and I never killed
anyone I got a tamagotchi because they’re back
for their 20th like anniversary thing they’re back so actually I had like the
nicest employee so my mom like X jam we’re looking for tokachi
and I was like looking for them and he was he like looks on his little thing
and he was like I don’t know they say like we don’t have them they say that
they’re sold out like that’s kind of weird like I don’t I don’t really know
what you’re talking about then he actually found it found us and I
was like guys is this what you’re looking for and he actually brought me a
white one which is what I wanted which is funny because we didn’t tell him that
I called him gachi if you guys have me on snapchat you will most definitely be
annoyed with me because I love this thing I wanted it so bad I started
screaming when I found out that they were back I loved Tamagotchis if you
guys have me on snapchat I have all of our adventures throughout every single
day I snapchat them together mother and son I actually don’t know if it’s a boy
or a girl the old Tamagotchis used to tell you this one doesn’t used to be
able to play games with it this one doesn’t you used to have to give it a
lot more attention than you have to do for this one but I’m secretly thankful
for that because I know that I don’t have all that time that I did when I was
a kid I call it my son I also call him gachi
uh-huh but he’s currently still sleeping I just feed him clean his poop pretty
much all you do with this one but I’m content that I have a tamagotchi again okay I said that I’ll watch a few
YouTube videos while I eat my breakfast because I get so so so so busy and then
there are Netflix shows and movies that I want to watch so if I do like to catch
that free time I want to watch those and I get so behind in YouTube videos am I
the only person like please just let me know I’m seriously watching videos that
were uploaded Halloween before Halloween November 2nd I mean we’re getting closer
but I get so behind in videos it’s ridiculous now that it’s almost 10
o’clock because I lost track of time because you know you watch one YouTube
video that’s like 7 minutes and that’s it you’re put off so I am actually gonna
get up now and I’m going to just clean like my whole room my whole room just
looks like a mess so I’m just gonna clean it all make my bed little things
like that get the whole room started set for the week can you see they pooped oh you could see
a Verity I just finished eating some lunch and
just cleaning up out there and just you know doing random things Dreyer went off
so I’m gonna head downstairs and get those and start putting that away get
dressed up of the day night I have to go up in front of the class to do another
little Ngram thing that I have to do for this class so this is number three so I
only have one more left today I’m gonna do Starbucks versus Dunkin Donuts if you
guys have any recommendations of what to do for my last one I would appreciate it
it seems like a really simple assignment until you’re sitting there and you’re
like okay what should I do and I can never come up with one so if you guys
have one an idea for the last one to do it would be appreciated a little outfit
of the day I guess is what I would do so this shirt is like peplum and I really
liked it when I got it but I really wish that I got a small because I feel like
it makes me look a lot bigger than I actually am so short you can’t even tell
but I have on black leggings they’re just on Victoria’s Secret it’s almost
one-thirty I finished putting away my laundry for the most part I have like
all the shirts I need to hang up over here but what I’m gonna do is pick out
my outfits for the week I used to do this every single Sunday and then I just
kind of like was I fell behind in everything with all my schoolwork and
being so busy and my application to transfer being due and everything like
that but I pick out some outfits right now what I do is like look at the
weather so that the weather app right here and I usually look at the weather
and just kind of guess to me cuz obviously you don’t want to pick out
like a sweatshirt and it’s gonna be 70 degrees so I pick out like tentative
outfits that I’m feeling and then like I’ll just go up to my clothing rack and
be like oh you know I’m feeling this today and it corresponds with the
weather okay so I finished all of my readings
that I had to do I was behind I didn’t realize that I didn’t read that week so
I read those two and then I read the two for this week and then I planned out my
paper I have about three weeks to do it it is five pages but I think that if I
stick to this plan I should be able to do it because it should be a pretty
simple of a paper if that make sense then of course it’s four o’clock so the
daily routine of watching Ellen I actually don’t know who’s on today honestly I don’t really care about any
of these but I do watch out on the show every single day it’s so super dark
outside today and then with daylight savings yesterday the Sun is going to
set like at 4:45 I think and my classes start at 6:00 so it’s literally going to
be dark when my classes start so this is gonna be very weird but I’m just hoping
that I could still sit in my car and read my book but this is definitely
gonna be something that I am going to have to get used to this week it’s
definitely gonna throw me off once again back at it with the awkward vlogging
angles because this car just pulled up like right in front of me so it’s pretty
dark I know the light from like the light in my parking lot is hitting my
face right now so it doesn’t look super dark but it’s pretty dark which is so
weird that it’s like so early it’s only five o’clock just trying to read in my
car but it’s a little too dark I think I’m gonna head into the classroom
because no one is in the classroom before us so at least today that’s nice
tomorrow is not the same story but that is tomorrow today I just hate it because
I could usually get a solid like 30 minutes at least of reading in my car
but when you go to the classroom like people from my class come early and then
they want to talk and like now that I don’t want to talk it’s just I like my
reading time your tip for missile now big arrest
looky are the fussing and fighting we take it

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