Making a Sliding Book Rack

I don’t know if your dog tends to leave his
book lying around but mine does. So, we decided to build him a book rack and
these are all left over pieces from the cooling rack video. 1 and 5/8s by 3/4 inch stock. the other piece that I am using for the uprights
of this is the laminated board from way back when I built the saw till bench. This is about 6 inches deep the end boards
are about 2 inches high. the railings are.. it doesn’t matter how long
the railings are really, as long as you need. and the uprights were probably 6.5 inches. while everything is still square I went in
and made the mortise and tenons. mortises being on the end pieces. the tenons being on the two long rails. as
long as your chisel is sharp, its a pretty easy and fast process. the shoulders on these tenons are really shallow
and I was trying to make it simple. um and be able to do everything with a marking
knife and my router plane. this is something I will change in the future
if i do this again. more of a shoulder definitely seems to work
out better in the end. I made all the mortises an inch and an quarter
wide, but somehow i made the one only and inch wide so i had to go back and fix that. here i’m finishing all the shoulders up to
fit in the mortises and i just keep test fitting until it works. so, i wasn’t real sure what shape to make
the uprights so i just went with a rounded over top. drew it out with a compass. and got rid of
most of it with the coping saw. smoothed it out with a couple different spokeshaves
and some files. the bottom i measured in about an inch and
a quarter from each edge. measured up 3/4″ of and inch. cut that out and smoothed the dip. then i
started rounding over all the edges. um, it doesn’t really hold wood pieces too
well but it was holding books ok! and I kept rounding things over and smoothing them out
with the usual set of files and rasps and sandpaper. I suspect the air was getting to my camera. it stopped when i was doing the carvings so
i apologize that that is not in this. but it’s a real simple carving. real quickly done but its enough to give it
some life. when it’s finished it actually looks pretty
nice. then i rounded over all the edges on the uprights. I did cut little kerfs in the ends of the
tenons for wedges. I made little wedges and i hammered those
suckers in. Now this worked out pretty well except for
I’ve never done this joint before so i kind of screwed them up. I was splitting out the main part of the rails
in a few places. so that… i need to work on that joint a
lot. but i cleaned it up with a chisel and a hand
plane. the finish is boiled linseed oil, is a store
bought BLO, it’s not real boiled linseed oil. Note that I should be wearing gloves with
this, i really should be. and this a magic trick of how i apply my shellac/BLO to my
stuff. this is my french polishing’ish’ technique. It turns out pretty well, I’ll show you a
different piece later on where it turned out really well from a few years ago. and i used
some steel wool to smooth it out. and put it together. checked it up! and it’s done! the gap thats
in the uprights, i made those 1/16th of and inch extra on the top and on the bottom. really I need to half that, these have a little
too much play for my liking. i think half of that would be a million times
better. I’ve never actually done those wedges before
so i should have practiced it first and i think it probably would have turned out a
lot better that way. the finish on this is right now a satin. I didn’t put furniture wax on it. After you do that french polishing thing , the
hand really cramps up. I just did really put a furniture polish on
it. I may do that in the future but i’m not gonna
do that right now. as odd as this sounds, it is a one pound cut
of shellac, a third of that. A third of denatured alcohol, which just means
its a really thinned out shellac. And the last third is is boiled linseed oil. And this a product that wood turners used
to finish a lot of things. it’s a nice french polish style technique. I turned this for my wife for her birthday
a long time ago, a few years ago. and its that same finish, its just a lot more coats
on it. and it looks like glass. granted this is on a lathe that you finish
this so your really burnishing the finish into it. with that said please subscribe so you dont’
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started or if you have any questions or suggestions for how to not screw that up! how you not
screw that up! that’s guys i hope you have a good week!

10 thoughts on “Making a Sliding Book Rack

  1. I like it. Did you cut the monetise flaired out. When the wedges are put in it should widen one end of the tennon like a dovetail pin.

  2. I like the design a lot but it could be seen better with another wood (is pine?). Books could bend it easily. But don't heed me:) very good job phil!

  3. It turned out great. I'm sure your pup will be much more organized now!

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