Loving Your Body After Eating Disorder Recovery || Confidence Makeover Ep. 4

– Hey guys, I just wanted to give a little content warning before
we get into this episode. We do talk about eating disorder recovery, so if that is a sensitive subject for you, maybe go watch one of the other episodes I have linked in the description but I hope you guys like it. I’m Sierra Schultzzie and
I’m all about inspiring women of all sizes to be confident
and rock their curves. I know that gaining
confidence is a journey, and I wanna help you
kickstart the process, so in this new series we’re
hitting the mall together. Girls of all different shapes and sizes from different walks of life
are joining the Curvy Crew and getting a confidence makeover. Instead of trying to change
your outward appearance, this makeover focuses on working through body image struggles
and finding clothes that flatter your figure to
make you feel beautiful inside and out. I wanna show that it’s not
about the size of the dress, it’s about how the dress makes you feel. It’s Sierra Schultzzie’s
Confidence Makeover. (fun electronic music) Today we are filming the fourth episode of Confidence Makeover
and I really can’t believe it’s already been four months. It’s just been amazing
to see so many women from different walks of life
really come into themselves and become more confident
and I just can’t wait to do that today with Rachel. – Hi my name is Rachel, I’m 25 years old and I live here in Los Angeles. I have my own YouTube
channel called Ladle By Ladle where I talk about my own
personal recovery from anorexia and body positivity,
self-love and confidence and all that and I’m so excited to be here with Sierra today. – From the instant that I saw
Rachel’s submission video, I knew that I wanted to
have her on this show because she has such an inspiring story and she’s come so far and she’s so open to sharing that story to
try to help other people who’ve been through what she has. (electronic music) – Meeting Sierra was so much fun. I was like low-key nervous
’cause you never know how someone online is going
to translate to in person but she was so sweet and
welcoming and right away I felt super comfortable talking to her. – Well I’m so excited
to have you here today ’cause I feel you have
such a unique perspective and also trying to find
your personal style is gonna be really fun
’cause that’s gonna be things that you mentioned in your email. – Yeah.
– Was that you have a lot of pieces that you like
but you have trouble putting together that whole outfit. – I definitely, I have trouble
putting together outfits, specifically outfits that are
like appropriate for work. Right now I’m wearing a
miniskirt and a crop top and I’m great but I can’t
go to work like this. – Yeah, I feel that. – Even though I wish I could. This is how I feel most
comfortable, it’s my personal style, but it’s super inappropriate for work. – So we have to find a
way to take that style and that vibe that you like
with an outfit like this and put it into something
that you can wear at work. – Because I work in a
really laid-back industry, in television, I never was forced to wear a particular uniform or
dress a certain way for work, so I kind of just
continued my college style into my adult life, and the older I get and the more I advance in my career, it feels inappropriate, the
way that I dress at work, and I just don’t know
how to fix it because my personal style begs for crop tops and small shorts and skirts. And I am really looking forward to today to find some work clothes
because I am in desperate need as an adult woman who still
dresses like an 18 year old. And I work in television
so it’s really low-key. – Cool, so you don’t need like a suit. – I don’t need a suit, but I’m kind of, I’m not the boss but I’m in
charge of a manager position so I want to present myself
as a little more professional than I naturally would
if that makes sense. – You wanna come off
as the lady in charge– – Yes.
– Like the boss babe. Like command attention. I know what you mean, ’cause I feel like especially it’s like a woman in the entertainment industry, people automatically call
you sweetie and condescend and I feel like part of
kind of trying to diminish that stereotype is wearing
something that gives off that vibe of I am in charge,
don’t call me sweetie. (Sierra chuckles)
– Exactly. Exactly what I’m looking for, yeah. – So then maybe what
we can do today is like find an outfit that works for work and then another one that
you can kind of go either or, like work or weekend look–
– Yeah. – And then something just out of the park for your hero piece. – [Rachel] That would be
great, that sounds amazing. – Awesome. So what do you think has
kept you from really dressing the way that you want to right now? – I was anorexic when I was younger, and I was so okay with every
single thing that I wore when I was younger because I was thinner and I felt like everything
looked good on me, and gaining weight, recovering
from my eating disorder, it took me a really long time to feel like those things looked good on me again. Recovery was this decision
that I was just so hesitant to make because I had worked
so hard to get this body and I can’t imagine giving it all up. But what I didn’t realize is that yes, I was giving up that body
but I was also giving up that depressing, isolating loneliness and all of the major health
malfunctions that come with being severely underweight. So I decided to make the choice to recover and it was the greatest
decision I ever made, and the hardest decision I ever made, and the hardest few years lied ahead of me the minute I chose to recover,
but I’m just so grateful that I did because with
every pound of flesh that I gained back, I gained a pound more of my soul back and I
became more and more me every single day, and as I
felt my personality returning and I felt my confidence returning, I knew that I had made the right choice. And there was no looking
back and there never will be looking back for me ever again. I am just so happy to finally be me again, and I regret the years that I wasted thinking that being
thin was more important than being me. – I feel like one of the
hard things with that too is it’s easy to look back on old pictures when you were thinner and be like, oh, things looked so good on me then. But in that picture
you don’t see the hurt. – Exactly.
– And you don’t see the sadness and the struggle,
you just see a thin body, and so I think it’s really
important to look back on that and be like just
because that looked good on me or what I think looks good, I’m so much better off now– – 100%.
– And you can still rock those things in the
body that you have now. – I definitely don’t
ever wanna go back to her because I–
– She’s gone. Bye sis.
– Bye bye. – Thank you, next. (chuckles) – Yeah, but now that I am
here, I’m still just like so lost fashion-wise, I just have no idea. When you decide to recover
from any eating disorder, anorexia in my case, you
have to simultaneously go on this self-love journey
because choosing recovery means you’re choosing to
gain weight or lose weight or whatever for whatever
eating disorder you have. Either way you’re
choosing to have your body change drastically so that your
mental health can clear up. So I’m in therapy. (chuckles) Years of therapy, years of
staring at myself in the mirror and telling myself I’m beautiful even when I didn’t believe
it has gotten me to the point where now I can stare
at myself in the mirror and believe that I’m beautiful even though I am like 50 to 60 pounds heavier. I’m just like such a
better, happier person, and that’s because I was
okay and I was willing to go on that self-love
journey and a lot of that was triggered by social media
’cause when I was recovering, Instagram kind of became a big thing. – Yeah.
– And that can go one or two ways. A lot of times it can
trigger an eating disorder ’cause there’s a lot of unhealthy bodies, but simultaneously there’s this incredible body positive movement
which I’m sure you know. You’re a part of it, but
that really helped me ’cause there were so many
women who are larger, who are super confident
and I was just like, I can totally do that too
and that was a really huge part of my journey. – The people that you allow
to influence your life shape you in so many ways,
whether that’s people in real life, your friends, your family, and people who you follow online. It can really make or break how you feel about your own body. It’s so important to choose
your influences wisely. – Yes. Curate what you see. – Yes, exactly, like if
you follow a bunch of pages with unrealistic body ideals, it’s gonna make you feel like
you should look like that, but if you’re following
pages that are making you feel beautiful and
confident and even for me, I follow a lot of body positive bloggers and I know that if I’m having a bad day and I look at a photo
of someone who’s my size or a little bit bigger,
a little bit smaller, and they are like rocking a crop top or rocking a body contour,
I’m like oh my gosh, they look amazing. I wish I could look like
that and then I’m like, wait, I can. – Yeah!
– It’s so great! So let’s talk a little bit
about your current struggles with your body.
– Okay. – Are there any fears that you
have with dressing your body, anything you like to stay away from but that you’ve always wanted to try? – Yeah, I have little remnants
of body dysmorphic disorder. – Okay. – So it’s really hard for
me to say because with that, and I’m still working on
it, but with that comes days where I’ll look
at myself in the mirror and I think I can rock anything, and then the very next
day I’ll look at myself in the mirror and I just only wanna wear large t-shirts and sweatpants, and I feel like I can’t rock anything. So it really varies for me but I will say a constant is that I typically don’t wear tight clothes around my stomach. I’m almost ashamed to admit that. – I feel the same way.
– Yeah. I wish I was super confident, but it’s just the way my stomach
looks in tight clothings, I’m not a fan. – Well and as women, we’re
so, we have this ingrained in our head of this Disney princess waist, and that that is feminine
and that is beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong
with having a tummy. – Yeah.
– It’s okay to have a little bit of chub.
– Absolutely. And I am so for that for
every single other person in the world–
– But then– – But me.
– When it comes to you, you’re like.
– Yeah. – I feel that.
– I bought a really tight dress to wear out
to go out for the night the other day and I put it on
and I immediately took it off. – I know Rachel is a little
bit insecure about her stomach which I feel like almost
every girl in the world no matter their size has
probably struggled with that at one point or another. So for Rachel’s fashion fears outfit, I think finding something
that is maybe a little bit tight around her stomach
but not too overwhelming will be a good way to start
to push those boundaries. But I do wanna kind of
tread that line with you because I know that you do have a history of body dysmorphia and
so I don’t wanna put you in anything that’s gonna trigger you or make you feel uncomfortable. – Yeah I mean you can go
crazy, ’cause like whatever. (laughs) – I wanna tow that line though. I don’t wanna–
– I appreciate it, I do appreciate that.
– I don’t wanna do anything that’s gonna make yoU uncomfortable, but I do want to give
you that little nudge that you might need to be
like, that’s okay to wear that, you look great. – Okay, all right. I’m excited. – So tell me a little
bit about your style now, like what do you dress like on the daily? – Yeah, okay, well (chuckles). This is like weekend wear I would say. Well now that it’s winter. Usually it’s like shorts and a crop tops, and then during work, I
found these work pants that I kind of like at UNIQLO. – Okay. – So I bought like six of them. (both chuckle)
– Me. I literally have like 10
pairs of these leggings. – Yeah, oh I have so many, I
have a drawer full of leggings. But yeah I usually wear
these one work pants in one of two colors that I own and a polo or like a t-shirt. I have a lot of nerdy t-shirts
’cause I’m a huge dork and I have tons of Harry
Potter and Star Wars and Disney t-shirts.
(Sierra gasps) – What’s your Harry Potter house? – Oh, Slytherin. – Oh you’re Slytherin?
– Oh hardcore. – I’m a Gryffindor so we’re like– – Oh yikes.
– We’re like on the other ends of the spectrum.
– Oh wow. – If finding a personal style
seems overwhelming to you, putting together a mood
board is a great way to really pinpoint the
style that you want to have. On Rachel’s mood board, she
had a lot of neutral colors, some really simple patterns in there, and a lot of basics. So even though Rachel’s
current style doesn’t match this mood board, now going
into our shopping trip, we know exactly what to look for. So maybe we could find a
really cool, neutral, muted, professional looking dress for work. – That’s be cool.
– And then for your uniform, we can find something that
works both for weekend and for work in this kind
of style that you’re wearing but a little bit more on
the professional side. – That’s exactly what I’m looking for. – Awesome.
– Okay. – I’m so excited.
– Me too! – Ready to hit the mall? – Oh my God, I was born ready. (both laughing)
– Let’s do it! Rachel has such a fun and
unique, kind of more trendy, modern style and it’s
so different from mine so I’m really excited
to go out of that box a little bit and find some
exciting pieces for Rachel. (poppy electronic music) When you go into the dressing room, not everything is gonna be
that perfect yes, aha moment, but that doesn’t mean
that there’s any problems with your body. You don’t need to change your body, you just need to find different clothes that work for your figure. – There was a couple
things that didn’t work, but overall most of the
stuff that she pulled looked so cute on me
and I was just honestly so happy to have someone who
knew what they were doing shopping for me. – While we were shopping,
Rachel was telling me about how at some stores she’ll be a large, some stores she’ll be an extra small. There’s just really no way to tell. So don’t get down on
yourself that sometimes you have to size up. It’s not a big deal. It’s just a number on
the inside of the tag. What really matters is that fit. (poppy electronic music) Okay guys, so we just
got back from shopping. We actually have a brand new segment in the confidence makeover. I have Stephanie here who
is a wonderful makeup artist and she’s gonna be helping
us highlight and bring out some of Rachel’s favorite
features about herself and her face to help complete
the confidence transformation. – Getting my makeup done was
such an unexpected treat. I had no idea that was
coming and it was so awesome to feel like very much pampered today. Just made today even more amazing. – Well I’m super excited
to be here with you guys. Thank you for having me here.
– So excited to have you. – I’m so happy to meet you. You’re gorgeous. We got some fun color in your hair, you have a nice complexion, good brows. – Lots of personality. – And lots of personality
which makes my job funner and more easier because I
can kind of play off of that. So tell me what do you
really like about yourself? What makes you feel confident? What are your favorite features? – Definitely my eyes, I get a
ton of compliments on my eyes. – Just look at those things.
– Yeah and the purple hair is really accentuating the color. – Love it.
– Totally. It makes ’em pop.
– Yeah. And then, I used to hate them
but as I’ve gotten older, I love my cheekbones. ‘Cause when I was little I hated that they were kind of like
that, but now I’m into them, so I’d say those are my
favorite parts of my face. – How do you feel about color? – Oh, girl.
– Do you like something more neutral?
(Rachel laughs) Do you want some color in your makeup? Do you like to go more natural? – So I have the choice between doing like an intense purple look
and a fun, neutral look, and obviously I’m going to
choose the intense purple look because that’s just who I am. (chuckles) – We’re gonna focus on skin and makeup, because the prep is really important too. I want you to feel pretty
without your makeup. – I love that.
– So we’re gonna do it from the inside out, okay? – Love that.
– Perfect. – All right, you are the expert here. Stephanie’s got you, you’re in good hands, so I’m gonna leave you guys
to this and I can’t wait to see if the whole
transformation comes together. – Yay.
– Okay. – We’ll see ya.
– Thank you. – All right, you ready to get started? – Yes.
– Yay, let’s do it! – Let’s get this going. (funky electronic music) – All right, are we almost done? – Yes, we are good, I just put
a little puff of highlights. – You look so good. I can’t wait for you to see it. – Okay.
– You’re glowing. – I haven’t seen it! I’m so excited.
– You’re like a purple queen with all the colors and all the sparkles. – You don’t even know
how happy that makes me ’cause I’m obviously obsessed
with the color purple. – Well let’s make you
just a little bit happier. Spin the chair around.
– Spin it around. – Holy. Shit.
(girls laughing) Oh my God. Wow I look so different. Holy crap. – It looks so good, your eyes are popping. – This is like what I wish I could do every single day of my life. This is amazing, oh my
God, I feel incredible. Feels so intense, like I’m gonna
take 1000 Instagram photos. (girls laughing) How do I do this all the time? I’m sorry, I’m posing, all right. – Well, we actually do have
a little something for you that Stephanie brought.
– Oh I do, I do, I do. – What? No no no.
– So this is for you. – Oh.
– This is just like a little self-care package. Put a little bit of makeup,
put a little bit of skin care. – [Rachel] Oh my God, this is, oh my gosh. – So you got a little
starter pack to put some new pieces for your new
look into your new bag. – Thank you so much!
– You’re welcome! – Oh my God, that’s so nice! – You’re welcome. – Oh my God, this is amazing. Wait, I can’t cry off my makeup. (girls laugh) – Makeup is an awesome way to
really enhance your favorite features about yourself
and highlight the things that make you feel most confident. Makeup isn’t about
hiding your insecurities. It’s not about covering up
the things you don’t like, it’s about really embracing
and highlighting the things that make you feel
beautiful and confident. All right so we are ready to
put all the pieces together and get the final reveal. Are you ready? – Oh I’m so ready. – We had so much fun going shopping, and I feel like we found some
looks that really fit you and your aesthetic and work
for work and also for weekends. – Definitely. – There’s some mix and match in there. – Definitely some good
work outfits I cannot wait to wear to work.
– Yes, okay, so the first one is your uniform. So this is an outfit that
you can recreate with different basics in your
closet to create a similar look with a million different pieces. So what we have are
these awesome mom jeans, high waisted, light wash,
a little bit of destressing from Reformation. These we got at Nordstrom, and then over the top we have this nice little black crop top
that’s totally your style, really similar to what
you’re wearing today. – Absolutely. – And what’s great about
this is pairing this with the high-waisted
jeans, you’re not gonna show too much midriff where it’s
not appropriate for your job. – Yeah, which I really appreciate. – Yes, so we’ve got that,
and then over the top, also from Topshop, we
have this awesome little kind of like blazer cardigan hybrid. It’s like a little bit less structured so that its’ lighter weight, it’s softer, it’s easier to move in, but
it still gives that polished, boss babe, put together look. (fun electronic music) – [Rachel] How do I look? – Oh my gosh, you tell me
because you look amazing. – Um, damn girl, you workin’ it. – Yes, yes! Oh my gosh. It was so awesome to
see Rachel’s confidence really come out in this outfit. It matched her style, it
matched her personality and it made her body look amazing. Or I should say, her body
already looked amazing, and these clothes just
highlighted that even more. – This first outfit is so me. It just feels so perfect
for me and my body. These jeans make me feel so confident. I’ve never had such
well-fitting jeans before in my life and the brand
Reformation is so important to me because they’re so
sustainable and eco-friendly. I’m gonna wear this to work tomorrow. – Please do, and send me
pictures, ’cause you look amazing. So cute and the blazer over
the top makes it look like what we’re talking about,
like commanding attention. – Exactly.
– Like yes I’m trendy, yes I look good, but also, I’m in charge. – I like that it’s a little bit oversized and also ’cause I feel like without it, this outfit is still like
really cute like date night, you know what I mean, like weekend. But then with it, I’m just like (claps), we’re having a meeting.
– It’s work time. (both laughing) – I would have never thought
to put this blazer over it, but it just looked so
cute, a little oversized, and it just brings everything together in such a more professional way. I’m just really happy with
the way I look in this outfit. – It’s so cute. Do you feel like this is the
style that you were going for? – Absolutely. I literally feel like I look
like some of those pictures that I sent you.
– Yeah. – Especially with this, I
mean, I just, like hello. Who are you?
– Hi. – You’re hot. – This is a great outfit
that she can recreate with lots of items in her closet
and it’s appropriate enough for work but still embraces
her style and the things that make her feel confident. So fashion fears, what we got for this is an awesome kind of like
overall style jumpsuit. And I know you were nervous about things that were tight around your stomach, and this is definitely a little
more fitted around there, but it’s fit and flair. So even though it’s a
little bit tighter up here at the waist, it flares out
and has loose-fitting legs, so it’s not gonna overwhelm you. It’s not gonna be like a bodycon dress. You can rock it, it’s comfortable, and we got this awesome yellow sweater from Urban Outfitters,
these are both from Urban, and layering this underneath
is a really fun weekend look, it’s got that pop of color, but you could also wear
a neutral underneath like the white shirt
you were wearing today for more office, business,
ready to work look. – Right, yeah ’cause I feel
like the pinstripes in this are just like business bitch,
you know what I’m saying? – Yes!
(both laugh) And then adding in the
color underneath gives it a little bit more fun, weekend vibes. – Right, right, right, right. – You ready?
– I’m so ready. (relaxed rock music) – Oh my gosh. Hi. I love, I more than love. – More than love–
– How do you love? Or how do you feel? – I mean I feel like, like, what’s the word I’m looking
for, like high class. – Yes! – I don’t know if that’s the right word. – But still with that bit of edge. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. No when you picked this up in the rack and you were like, “Do you like overalls?” And I was like, “Yeah,
yeah, yeah, whatever,” and then I looked at it and I was like, I’m not gonna like that. (Sierra laughs) And then I put it on and I was
like holy crap, I like this. I like this a lot. I feel like mm-hm, my butt looks good. – It’s doing, your butt looks amazing. This striped overall jumpsuit was so cute over the yellow sweater and
there’s so many different ways that she can use these overalls
to make different outfits and different looks. – And yeah, it is a little tighter here, but you know what, the stripes
make it so much better. – The stripes make it flattering
and because it does have that kind of fit and flair style with the looser fitting legs, it’s
not overwhelmingly tight. It’s pushing that boundary. It’s kind of like testing
those lines a little bit, but it’s not gonna make you feel like I need to go home and change. – No, it’s really cute. Like really, really cute,
and I’m honestly so glad you picked it up ’cause I would have never picked it up on my own. – I love it, and the yellow
with your purple hair is like, what were you
saying, Billie Eilish vibes? – Ooh.
– Yes. – Love her.
– Totally. – I’m like 10 years older
than her, but I’ll take it. I love how confident
this piece made me feel, this jumpsuit made me
feel because honestly, it’s amazing when you
feel confident like this and when you have that feeling,
you just have to own it and work it and let your body do what it naturally wants to do. And it really feels like
my vibe, and it nails it. I love it. – I was really on the
lookout for pinstripes and black and white stripes
because of that one picture on your mood board and even
though those were pants, when I saw this, I was
getting the same vibe from it. – Yeah but it’s like cooler. – Yeah.
– I’m cooler than that girl. – It’s like those but way cooler. (both laugh) Okay so let’s get into these hero pieces. No, pieces, with an S. The first time in
Confidence Makeover history. – I’m just extra like that. – Yeah, we’ve got two hero pieces. They were both great, we couldn’t choose. So sometimes you just gotta do both. So the first thing we have
is this awesome black, kind of floral print dress,
and what I love about this for you is it’s black so it’s
more neutral like you wanted, but it still has those pops
of color that really show your personality and how
much vibrance that you love. So let’s see it! – Every time you’re talking
about this, I’m like, give me the clothes!
(Sierra laughs) Yeah, okay great, I’m
gonna go put this on. – Let’s do it. (fun electronic music) – How do I look?
– Oh my gosh. You look so cute. What I love about this, we were
talking about this earlier. When you tried it on in the dressing room, it was like cute, little floral dress, but with this makeup and
the hair all done together, it’s like a little bit more– – Badass bitch with flowers. – Yes, exactly. (laughs) – So we have two hero
pieces because I’m extra as, and I just can’t help it. She’s so nice to have done that for me. I didn’t even realize we’d gotten more than we were supposed to
while we were shopping, but this black dress is so cute on me. I haven’t worn a dress
like this in so long. It used to be in my style and I’ve just sort of lost that along
the way and I’m so glad we picked this dress
out because I feel like it really completes who I am. It’s fun, it’s cute, it can
be fierce, it can be flirty, and it can be good for the
office, good for a first date, I’m just really feeling
myself in this dress. I’m just, I’m really happy
with the way all these clothes are fitting me, like I feel
really comfortable in this dress but also I look hella cute. And yet again, I feel like
I could command my office in this outfit. Honestly all these outfits, but I could also, this
is like a date outfit. I’m just so happy with the
versatility of this dress. It’s really cute.
– It’s so cute, and it looks great on your figure. Because it does have
that fit and flair look, so it’s giving you that hourglass shape. It’s defining your waist, but
it’s not clinging to anything. – Yeah.
– It’s still kind of like a shift dress, it’s not too tight. Especially with these tights, this dress makes a perfect work look. It’s very professional but it’s still edgy and still very Rachel. And now let’s get into
the last hero piece. – [Rachel] That’s right, we have one more. – Yes, we have one more. So we talked about how
much Rachel loves mixing up different textures and different fabrics. So when we saw this really
awesome corduroy, right, that’s what this is called? Like velvety corduroy? – It’s really soft whatever it is. – Whatever it is, it’s
soft, it’s comfortable. It’s full and it looks very you, and also, Rachel didn’t
have any crop sweaters, and I think crop sweaters
are a great way to flatter a curvy figure without
swallowing up your body with a big sweater.
– Yeah. – So, let’s try this on with
those pants from earlier. – Okay. – That’s gonna be a great look. – Awesome, all right,
I’m gonna go do that. (happy rock music) I love this orange sweater
and the way she had me tuck it in which I would
have never thought about, but it looks so, so,
so good once I did it. – Doing a French tuck in the front, especially with a piece
that’s a little bit more bulky like this is a
great way to define your waist without bunching up under the jeans. If you know what I mean. – It’s super, I feel like it
makes me look really cool. – Yeah, it does.
– And that’s what I’m always trying to do, so I’m into it. – And I love the contrast of
the sweater with your hair. Like the warm and the cool tones. – This purple hair was a good idea. – It was a great idea. I love it, it’s making
all the outfits work even more for you. – See Mom? I’m kidding.
(both laugh) I feel so good. I love these outfits so much. I just feel, I feel cool
and I feel professional. I feel like my age but also trendy, which is so hard to do as you get older and you just wanna keep dressing
like you did in college, and I’m just so happy. Thank you so much.
– My gosh. I’m so happy. This was so great. – This was like the best day too. – We had so much fun. Before you go, I do have
one more thing for you. – Oh my–
– So now that your confidence makeover is complete, you’re officially part of the Curvy Crew. – Yes. – There you go.
– Oh my God. This is so cute. I was so honored and
happy when Sierra gave me that Curvy Crew crop top. I low-key always wanted one
and I’m so, so, so happy that she gave me one, which was so nice and she didn’t have to do that. – Rachel’s confidence makeover is complete and she is part of the Curvy Crew. I’m so happy that she’s become more confident throughout today. If you guys wanna join the Curvy Crew and spread that message
of body positivity, head over to thecurvycrew.com. It helps support this
show and these episodes and if you tag us in a
picture on Instagram, we’ll probably repost
you, so check it out. – This is like exactly the
shirt that I like the most out of (laughs)–
– Really? Oh good! – I was like, I hope I get a white top. – Yeah, there you go. – This is so, so, so nice. Oh my God, thank you so much. – Of course.
– This was amazing. – [Sierra] So, so awesome. – I’m just so lucky to
have this opportunity. I feel incredibly blessed,
thank you so much. – Thank you for coming
and sharing and being open and you sharing your
story online is gonna help so many people and I just,
it means so much to me that you were willing
to share that journey because I know it’s really difficult to do and I know it’s difficult to open up, but you’re helping so many
people and I think it just shows that it gets so much better. – Yes.
– You can gain weight. You can recover and be so much happier, so much more beautiful,
so much more vibrant, and not lose any piece of
yourself in that process. – I came onto this body
confidence makeover because even though I already love my body and I feel like I can really work it, I just didn’t have the wardrobe to match that level of confidence,
and now I finally do. I finally feel like I have
clothes that represent my aesthetic and also are appropriate and fit really well on my body and I’m just so happy
to finally be able to dress the way I feel inside. – I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. I had so much fun hanging
out with Rachel today, and I just love getting
to see different women from different walks of life
really come into themselves and become more confident. If you enjoyed this episode
of Confidence Makeover, there is a card right
there where you can binge the rest of the series. We put out new episodes on the
last Friday of every month. So be looking out for our next episode and I will see you guys next time. Bye! (fun electronic music)

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