Loopholes You Can Exploit to Cheat the System

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  1. This stinks it stinks I hate it I wish you died and you need to stop making videos that's nasty disrespectful for kids I'm calling cops don't take off all the kids stuff

  2. How did the guy make money by buying $1 coins and depositing them in the bank when the face value is still $1?

  3. 1) If you travel and you want to sleep/rest/shower at campground sites, then dont come until after like 11 pm. This way the staff will say "pay tomorrow". But then leave the next day before 7 am before staff wakes up and you wont have to pay (doesnt always work but usually does)

    2) If you drive someone else's car, you never actually need to have auto insurance if you get stopped. Nor does the owner of the car need to have it. Simply tell the officer "yes I have auto insurance but its at home". The officer will never charge you for driving without insurance if you drive someone else's car because there is a good chance that the owner does have insurance. Cops dont treat insurance the same way as registration. You just have to lie a bit

    3) Wal mart has pretty great return policy. You can get like 10 tents, a few Go-Pro's, some travel equipment, and then return it all after you're done with your vacation.

    4) We all know that ink cartridges are expensive AF. However, some printers come with ink. What you can do is buy a printer, use up all the ink, and then return the printer for another one

    5) When applying to college or financial aid, you can say you're black/hispanic or some other privileged minority. Depending on college, being transgendered also helps. This significantly increases your chances. If caught in the lie, simply say that "i identify as X"

  4. I’ve been upgraded to first class. I was flying alone and dressed smartly and made check in with about 5 mins till it closed I also only had a carry on case and nothing to go in the hold.

  5. I once won a trip for 2 to Amsterdam and to activate the holiday I had to enter a code into their website and after the holiday I thought I’d try the code again and it only let me book another holiday (the holidays were a long weekend in Amsterdam) and I ended up having 5 free trips to Amsterdam from 1 win.

  6. we have had some of these hacks to be tried at my job…nope dont work our contract is still in place

  7. Drop shipping
    Buy deals on Amazon, sell them on eBay then post the eBay address on Amazon
    and keep the difference
    You can't do this with Amazon prime however

  8. Went to target looking for a futon, the nice ones with the wooden frame, they were all sold out so i asked if i could buy the display model, the dude goes in the back to ask his manager, he comes back and says yeah, also tell up front that john let you use his discount….i got a $249 futon for $10.00!!! No fucking lie.

  9. I got a corsair gaming headset on eBay but they didn't work. Talk with the seller and he sent a 2nd pair, didn't work either. I got refunded and he told me that he didn't want the headphones back. So I called corsair told them that I bought the headphones in a local shop and they didn't work. They told me to sent the headphones to them so I did. A week later they sent me 2 new pairs of the latest generation of the gaming headset since the one I sent was an older version.
    So I got about 200$ for free =p

  10. if your telling us these things, the companies must know as well. I'm suprised the credit card one worked, I thought they would say our policy has no such agreements, the person who signed it wasn't doing there job.

  11. People who do these things cause prices to go up, just like thieves do, for the rest of us.

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  13. Actually, the person hired to program the slot machines was not Tommy Carmichael, his name was Ron Harris. Harris worked for the Nevada Gaming Control Board, while Carmichael was a tv repair man, who created the light wand to fool the optical sensor in the slot machines.

  14. The last one was clever and quite easy to accomplish now if only subway would do that

  15. Id rather just take some friends with me or even buy coffee for everyone in there.

  16. Our town was Building 3 new fast food and we all expeted for one to be Starbucks but one by one our dreams of foating in coffee left us with just a measly dairy queen burger king and Popeyes

  17. Sometimes our McDonald's drive thru gets orders mixed up. I ordered and paid for a small meal, but when I got to the food window I was handed two large bags of food and several drinks. I said thank you and drove off with it all.

  18. I'm sorry but what? Strip clubs are not illegal in Idaho. I live less than 2 miles from one. I also live one block from an Adam and Eve store and in my town alone there are 2 karnations stores. The last two may be toy stores but you get the point. I find this even more interesting considering where I live has a population of about 56,000. Most of which are kids because Mormons breed like rabbits. I mean seriously, 4-6 or more kids is the norm here. If you only have 3 or even none not only do you get treated differently but you don't qualify for most help if you fall on hard times. "Oh, you broke your leg and can't work, with seven feet of snow outside, and can't afford to run the heater, but you don't have kids? Sorry but we can't help you. " I kid you not, this actually happened. Though the real conversation was more "how many children are in the home?" " None" click. I mean seriously. How rude do you have to be just because I'm not a slut?

  19. That soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  20. Another one is when the difference between Canadian money and American money is higher than 4% but the casino offers you American or Canadian money the same at par it take your American money You transfer it to say Canadian so if you started out with $1000 American money and you’re making $40 when you convert it to Canadian then you via thousand 40 in poker chips and then when you cash them in you tell them you want American you just made 1040 American now you go back to the currency exchange and use your 1040 American to get 1080 Canadian actually a little bit more and repeat if you do this with $5000 you’re gonna make a little over $200 each time you go back-and-forth if you do this five times in a day you make a little bit over $1000 to run from the casino to theCurrency exchange is a little bit of work but to make $1000 for the day isn’t bad

  21. the strip club thing is way wrong i worked at one for almost 3 years there was no pad load of crap club was in idaho also

  22. Most coupons aren't worth using when you can just buy generic brand items for far less. Coupons on generic items are worth it though.

  23. Go to the movies. Buy a ticket. Then, after your movie, go to the next showroom… repeat until you watched every movie in the theatre for the price of that one ticket.

  24. The bag fee one sounds like a good idea until TSA pulls you aside cause the scanner won't go through the layers of clothes and you're taking off multiple layers of pants feeling like a jackass.

  25. If you break a law you don't have to leave the country, just go to the county over

  26. I once discovered a price discrepancy at a local mom and pop toy store. As the prices were a little higher at another location. So I negotiated to buy the higher priced item at the lower price, and then returned it a few days later at the full retail price, pocketing the difference. Thanks.

  27. 3:30 oh come on… I'm not one to call racist over little things but using that picture to show a chinese person is completely fucked.

  28. That chinese depiction was racist as heck what reason do you have for including it

  29. amazon gets return items and anything they re-shelf with a single dent can be sold for pennies compared to what it originally cost.
    a gta 1060 sold for 13 dollars last year, and some lucky redditor was tipped off and bought over 100 returned pascal gpus for bitcoin farming. for under 3,000 dollars…

  30. For 3. You can also act as a homeles man, be part of a mr beast vid. and get a house

  31. Lol. Casinos don't even use cash anymore, they use a card that your money gets loaded on to

  32. I hear your cry Africa. You need to get a compass and straightedge to study geometry yourselves to inquire on truth. Legal loopholes aren't for what you think they're for. When you cheat, you cheat yourself and rob yourself of true independence past, present, and future.

  33. #3 is called "adverse possession". Move your fence a foot or two, start parking on that strip of grass; it needs to be done in an "open & notorious fashion".
    The best use of this would be if you bought one side of a duplex & the other side was abandoned. There is that very situation down the street. A young couple bought 1 half. Other half was empty at least 20 years. The have openly & notoriously moved stuff in, replaced the roof & some windows, landscaping etc. It looks much nicer now. True, its a gamble, but just another few years & they'll have both sides & another property back on the tax roll.

  34. redo your student ID senior year so you have an extra 3 years of benefits

  35. breaking something that shouldn’t break, and then buying the same one brand new, then returning the old one in the new box. Kinda fucked up, but works every time, most definitely illegal

  36. had a prepaid gift card that I could only buy stuff online with, so I setup an ebay listing for the amount of money on the card, and sold it to myself, and transferred it to my bank, lost $1 in fees but was worth it

  37. People: God invented free. Doesn't anyone know of every tree you may freely eat? I am amazed that people use money.

  38. No one pay student loans for 40 years because if they are 50,000$ and a small house cost 250,000$ that means you would pay of your house in 220 years

  39. 4:09 remindet me about the airline, typo when they sold 3900USD flights for 39 USD, lol cost 7.2 million to the company.

  40. i a store has a byoc day (bring your own cup day) you can bring an aquarium

  41. For the example given about discounts on software for students, be careful as companies like MIcrosoft will embed the product key code in the documents you create. Often times, the versions of MS software that MIcrosoft gives out or sells at a discount to students are educational version (fully functional versions, but labelled for educational use). So if someone were to dig into the metadata of the document, they may discover the document was created with an educational copy. For student use (and probably home use) this is probably OK, although home use might be questionable. But for business use it's not technically legal as the software was not licensed for business use. Some software also expires after 2-4 years (Whereas their regular subscription-based software or retail box software doesn't) if you purchase under an educational discount too.

  42. Another one I found is at some casino's if you're playing slots (or other games, but slots are the cheapest way to exploit this), they'll give you basic drinks while you play. Go play a few penny slots or nickel slots and you can drink literally for next to nothing. Many casinos have stopped doing this, but some still do for slot machine players.

  43. #5 as mentioned before is illegal. You never want to do that. Just realize that casinos are designed to make money (unless of course, the one you're in was part owned by Donald Trump I guess). Go read up what happens to people who get caught. It's not pretty. Not worth it. I don't go to casnios that much anymore, but I always went in with $100 or $200 and assumed I'd lose it all anyway. If I won some games, great, I walked out with some extra cash, but never go into a casino thinking you're going to win (either by cheating or playing fair). Go there, have fun, and know when to quit, and know that 99% of the time, you're going to lose money.

  44. One day I went to subway and asked for the usual, sandwich and soda. When I drank all I immediately went to refill it. After finishing, the attendant said refill wasn't allowed anymore, too bad I didn't know. I swear I didn't!

  45. If you go out to Vegas on your birthday you can walk into every bar and get a free drink

  46. I would use a gallon jug to Starbucks to see what they would say or let you.

  47. I don’t even drink coffee, but to piss off that water cup hating hipster, I might try this.

  48. My student is has no picture and no expiration date lol. Never going to give that up. My uni email as well will always remain active as long as I keep using it

  49. It's kind of a loophole to get paid more. On certain clock in systems if u decide to clock in before or clock out after ur shift has ended some companies pay u for the exact minutes u do extra meaning u have a bit of extra change or dollars depending on how it's done . I arrive to my job half an HR early normally n I clock in I get paid for it other companies are strict with their time clocks but if u have one that is done on ur PC at work give it a shot only works if u get paid hourly however. So far I have worked for 2 companies and has worked

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