Lion Brand®’s 2016 Fashion Show!

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome President
and CEO of Lion Brand Yarn Company, David Blumenthal.>>Good afternoon! Quiet audience
here. Let’s try one more time. Good afternoon! Great ok! Well, it’s great to be here once
again and on behalf of the entire Lion Brand Yarn family, we want to welcome you and thank
you for joining with us at our annual fashion show at CHA. The Shape of Things to Come.
Our design department has created one of a kind Lion Brand items that you will see for
yourself are beginner and easy and easy plus, a few intermediates for those more skilled
but these are yarns that are on the counters today as well as some of our new yarns which
you’ll get to see. Today we have with us Lion Brand Yarn’s ambassador, Shira Blumenthal,
who will be hosting with us. And she might be a little nervous this is her first gig.
But she’s on YouTube and she does a lot of our videos instructional and inspirational
videos. So hold back from throwing the tomatoes if she uh alright. And with that, it really
gives me great pleasure at this time to introduce to you America’s favorite crocheter and Lion
Brand’s biggest fan, Vanna White!>>Hello! How are you? Hi everyone! Welcome! Doesn’t
it seem like we were just here? It’s been a year!>>Vanna, how many years are you doing
this gig?>>22!>>22 years!>>I started with you in 1994.>>She was 4 years old when she
started.>>Yeah right! It’s been great. It really has. I have loved to crochet my whole
life. My grandmother taught me when I was 5 years old. And it just stuck! And I love
it! And we have some great designs to show you today and great new yarns! Lots of colors,
lots of designs. All kinds of things. But before we get on with the show, I want to
mention, when David came to me 8 years ago and said, “Hey, we want to do a line of Vanna’s
yarn.” I said, “Well, I’d love to do that but I think we should give back.” So we chose
a charity which was St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and to date we have donated $1.7
million to that charity. And it’s all because of you and all the hard work all the people
that are enjoying crocheting and knitting and all those things. So thank you so much!
It warms our hearts so much to be able to give back!>>So that means one thing Vanna.
>>That we’re going to reach another goal?>>Definitely.>>Of two million dollars!>>In
2016!>>Oh yes! Alright well.>>So with that, break a leg everyone and have a great show.
>>Let’s get on with it! Here we go!>>Alright. I am so excited and everybody, please follow
along in your programs and like my father said, it’s my first time so feel free to call
me out if I mess up. Here we have a great item that is so on trend right now. It is
made out of Vanna’s Choice! I love it already.>>I do too!>>Black and white is completely
on trend right now and fringe! Have you heard that fringe is on trend too? Shawls are on
trend and it is an easy item to knit. I love it. Here we have a great item out of Hometown
USA. And underneath, if the model can show off this great top, out of 24/7 Cotton. It
is our new yarn which is wonderful for garments.>>I see circles!>>I see circles too! I love
it. And fringe! You’re going to hear a lot of fringe because fringe is on trend. It’s
what I’ve been hearing. I dream about fringe. Next up we have a poncho out of Homespun with
some Vanna’s Choice fringe and you know grey scarf is not, it’s not 50 shades of grey but
it’s a few shades of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.>>And it looks so soft!>>It is! I love Wool-Ease
Thick & Quick. And this a really great beginner item that is a really easy knit. And i personally
love an easy knit. Great for when you’re watching TV!>>Oh look at this tunic!>>This tunic
I love. This is out of one ball of Pound of Love! And, Vanna, did you know that we have
over 65, no 6000 free patterns on our website?>>I did not know that!>>And this one was
downloaded over 55,000 times!>>Well I can see why.>>Exactly! And she is pairing it
with our brand new yarn Shawl in a Ball.And guess what Vanna one ball makes a shawl!>>That
is amazing.>>Here we have Scarfie and this item is 3 balls. 3 balls! Just 3 balls!>>The
whole thing?>>And that is knit with what do you think? Fringe. Because fringe is in.
And I’m going to ask this very kind model to take her hat and show you that this hat
is not just a hat, it can also be a scarf! It is an endless possibilities.>>How did
she do that?>>It’s magic! Knitting is magic! And that is also Vanna’s Glamour and Homespun.
I love mixing yarns together.>>Just look at these designs.>>I see some crochet here
and I know you love to crochet.>>I do, I do.>>And this is Heartland with some granny
squares. Beautiful classic yarn and this hat I love. These hats are completely in right
now and it’s a great way to just wow up a simple hat. You’re going to see a bunch of
these hats in our show right now because they’re really on trend.>>Do you notice the flower
design?>>I do see that! Thank you, Vanna! And you can buy all those crafts at all your
local craft shops. Now Vanna I was talking about mixing our yarns together and this is
a great example. We have taken Vanna’s Choice and Shawl in a Ball and combined them and
this is all about texture right now. Because this sweater is Shawl in a Ball and Vanna’s
Choice and I love it.>>Beautiful, beautiful!>>I tried it on and I was like I feel like
a million dollars! I love it. Next up, is actually Pound of Love. We’ve come out with
a bunch of new colors in Pound of Love. Not just pastels now. And this is a great color
in Pound of Love. You know, sometimes babies don’t want blue.>>That is true.>>Sometimes
babies want a black sweater!>>All the time!>>And sometimes they want a grey item and
actually grey is very on trend right now. Lion Brand is on trend. That’s what’s happening
right now. And this top is made with Pound of Love and the cowl that she’s wearing is
paired with Vanna’s Glamour and Homespun.>>Very nice.>>Now, Vanna, I am so excited about
this because I love a quick knit. And this is our brand new yarn, Color Clouds. And I
have personally never felt a cloud but if I felt one, it would feel like this. Because
it is super soft, super light and it is a super thick yarn that is going to knit easily.
And this is just a rectangle seamed together!>>It looks great!>>I love it! Now her we
have your cardigan out of Vanna’s Choice. I love it. And then we have a crocheted Shawl
in a Ball. And Shawl in a Ball you get a different look every time, knit and crochet.>>I just
love all the color combinations in the Shawl in a Ball. So many choices!>>The ombre effect!
>>Yes.>>Now color blocking. This is our brand new yarn Wool-Ease Tonal. Wool-Ease has this
is a brand new member of the family to Wool-Ease and Wool-Ease Tonal has that hand painted
that just tonal effect. And you get the best of both worlds. Wool and acrylic. That washable
effect of acrylic and that wool classic feel. I love it. And the pop of color of yellow.
>>Nice touch!>>Shawl in a Ball, endless possibilities, too. You don’t have to just do a Shawl in
a Ball. You can make this gorgeous cardigan. I love this.>>I do too. It’s a great color.
>>And this is flattering on anybody. I mean, I’m a little curvy and I tried this on and
I felt like a million dollars again. I could go out! I could do this! It’s for everybody.
>>It is!>>And that’s what I think a lot of our garments are about. They’re for everyone.
Here we have Scarfie again. Scarfie is a great item that is also not just for scarves!>>Is
that new?>>Scarfie is also brand new. And we have brand new colors of Scarfie. And this
is not a brand new color but this is a great cardigan with also that simple hat but just
wow up that simple hat our of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick which is a great yarn. Classic. Here’s
Scarfie in another color, crocheted with some Hometown USA on top of that hat. And look
at that glam hat! Takes that simple beanie and just adds some wow to it! I love it. Did
I mention that fringe was in everyone? Here we have Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in one of
our most popular colors, Hudson Bay. And this is I love it because Wool-Ease Thick & Quick
is a quick knit. This is a knitted item and this is I want to knit this in a weekend.
I think I could do it. Could you do it?>>In a weekend, I don’t know.>>Next up we have
this is crocheted cables! I love it. I wish I could crochet cables.>>Oh Like that.>>This
is a crocheted cable cardigan out of Heartland tweed. And paired with it is Vanna’s Palettes!
Vanna I love this because it’s just all of your palettes all together. And with the fringe
on teh end.>>So many colors choices!>>It really is. Next up we have this great little
sweater number. I love this it’s very retro looking.>>It is!>>And it’s out of Vanna’s
Choice. And we have a Shawl in a Ball crocheted and Color Clouds. And I love that because
that is one ball so I know I always get into a bind with my friends and I don’t know what
to make them. One ball of those!>>That’s great.>>One ball of Color Clouds. Next up
is this great cozy sweater out of Homespun and Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and a really easy
throw.>>Beautiful!>>This is an 8 Hour Throw everyone so this can be done in a weekend
out of Homespun.>>Wow.>>This is a brand new yarn out of Color Waves I love this. This
top is out of Color Waves and this is that hand dyed look that’s so on trend right now.
And the cowl is out of Homespun. Crocheted out of Homespun.>>I love how this has never
gone out of style. And it’s even hotter today.>>Exactly. Now when I saw this I couldn’t
even believe that it was made by hand. This is classic Fishermen’s Wool. It is literally
the colors are off the sheep! It is just natural colors and cables. Cables are on trend right
now. They are trending like crazy. And the colors are natural and she’s wearing a great
headband. Fur is back everybody! Fur is making a comback real hard. And she’s wearing a great
sweater with our Heartland and a lovely cozy sweater that I want to snuggle up with after
this fashion show. I love a great afghan Vanna.>>I do too.>>I know you’re a big blanket
maker.>>I am I do them all the time. Just enjoy it so much.>>I know I love it. Now
as my father says, fashion is in the yarn. Scarfie speaks for itself right here. I think
it is beautiful. It really tells a great story. This is a crocheted poncho out of Scarfie
and one of these glamazon hats with a little wow from your local craft shop.>>So Hollywood!
>>Right? And here we have Wool-Ease Thick & Quick with some fringe, a great poncho.
And the writers which are also so in for our day of texting. I need my fingers free for
texting. I don’t know about everybody else but I can’t do gloves. I need my fingers free!
In New York, gloves aren’t going to do it so those writers are made out of Wool-Ease
Thick & Quick. Vanna you actually modeled this cardigan.>>I sure did! There’s a picture
right over there!>>There is! One of our great banners of Vanna and it is made out of Vanna’s
Choice and underneath if you could maybe take off your sweater, thank you, she has on some
24/7 Cotton! Which again is a great yarn for garments.>>What a nice design too!>>I know.
It really is. And her hat is done with Wool-Ease Tonal. Next up is our yarn cardigan out of
Textures which has that self-striping effect and a really great drape. Wonderful for cardigans
like this one also for shawls which are completely on trend right now. And then that pop of color
in Color Clouds for her scarf.>>Great color combination.>>Right? I love an easy project!
And this is crocheted this is our 5 1/2 hour throw so this is definitely done in a weekend.
>>Oh my goodness!>>I love it and if you could take off that afghan, that’s also, she’s showing
off our brand new yarn Fashion Plus. Vanna, Fashion Plus is for everything! Everything!
>>Everything!>>Here we have Shawl in a Ball not just meant for shawls a great tunic! And
then she also has that wonderful crocheted afghan out of our Wool-Ease Tonal. And that
little pop of color around her neck you don’t have to knit or crochet. You can just craft
it up with some pom poms. I personally love to make a pom pom. I find it very therapeutic.
>>Would you make me one?>>I’ll make you one.>>A really bright one.>>I’ll make you a pom
pom, Vanna.>>I want a keychain out of a pom pom.>>I will make you a keychain pom pom.
>>Thank you.>>Next up we have a cardigan oh it’s a sweater out of Wool-Ease Tonal.
Paired with another shawl. I love how these colors go together. The ombre effect.>>It
is beautiful. I love them all and as you see, each one is different!>>Each one is different.
The possibilities are endless. Please feel free to look around our booth and see the
wonderful banners we have for Shawl in a Ball and Wool-Ease Tonal.>>Look at these bright
colors!>>Vanna, these are your yarns right here!>>I thought I recognized that! And,
Vanna, you modeled, we did a video together and this poncho is actually a rectangle seamed
together out of Vanna’s Complement. Crocheted. Easy peasy one two three. And this afghan
is holding some of your 9 new colors of Vanna’s Choice. Next up we have a great afghan that
is made out of Hometown USA and a great vest out of Homespun which is very on trend right
now too because boucle yarns are very on trend. Now I love this it’s like a shrug and it could
be a scarf because it’s made out of Heartland we have fringe and this is like an endless
possibilities situation too. I love it. And around her neck she has our Wool-Ease Tonal.
A brand new yarn. And it’s great to see how all the different yarns really go together.
>>They do!>>They really really go together.>>So nicely.>>Now 24/7 Cotton. If this doesnt
speak for itself I don’t know what does! I see lots of shapes here. I see circles beyond
circles. If you can hold out that afghan, I love that afghan. If I really crocheted
like I meant it, I would make that! Because that is so beautiful! We have 24 colors in
24/7 Cotton and it is really meant for those afghans, the hat.>>You can use it as a shawl
too!>>Exactly! Vanna, can you make me that afghan? Please!>>It wouldn’t look as good
as that!>>That’s true.>>Beautiful work!>>I’ll make you the pom pom keychain you make
me the afghan.>>Ok.>>I think it’s a fair trade.>>Oh this is nice.>>This is beautiful.
And a lot of Lion Brand yarns do the work for you. I love this this is Landscapes where
we have I see some triangles in there with creating the shape of a square. And then we
have our Scarfie. Which is again one ball makes a scarf. And I’ve actually made I did
a Scarfie. I made a Scarfie and I loved every minute of it.>>Here’s some pretty colors.
>>Beautiful colors. This is a Landscapes afghan. This is beautiful. And underneath she is wearing
it can be a unisex sweater. It was actually modeled on a gentleman so this can be a nice
cozy boyfriend sweater if you’d like to make one fora gentleman or just make one for yourself.
And it’s made out of our 24/7 Cotton. Next up is our Amazing. And Amazing with some fringe.
And there’s 4 colors of Amazing in that little tunic situation we’ve got going on there.
And this scarf is a beginner knit problem so anyone that is completely inspired after
the show, you can go home, get yourself some Heartland and make some pom poms and knit
yourself that scarf! Vanna here you are again!>>I see!>>I love it this I’m very excited
about this top because I love a top that covers all the right places and is a little forgiving
to a female. So this top is made our of Vanna’s Complements and it is a knit top and then
we have a crocheted afghan including some of your brand new colors as well.>>Nine new
colors!>>Yes you do! And a Landscapes hat. Speaking of Landscapes we have this great
leaf afghan and underneath she has this little vest which you can see in the back, can you
turn around for us? There’s a pentagon! See, I wasn’t joking when we said the shape of
things! There’s shapes in there, I promise. Next up is our brand new yarn, again, Wool-Ease
Tonal and there are rectangles, there’re triangles. There are squares.>>Nice rich colors.>>Rich
colors! I’m very excited about this yarn because it is a chunky weight yarn. It really is going
to knit up easily and crochet up very quickly. Vanna, your yarn speaks for itself. If it
could speak it would say I speak for myself. And it does. These are different colors of
Vanna’s Choice all come together. And it’s really great. This is an intermediate pattern
but I really think it touches on working on your stitches so if you’re kind of an in the
middle knitter and you want to work on your stitches, this a great poncho for you to start
on. And here we have Wool-Ease Tonal again with a bolero in Heartland and that great,
easy headband that I am going to make my friends and say it took me hours but it really only
took me an hour.>>Very nice.>>Vanna, this afghan inspires me to just go home and knit
this. How about you?>>Yes!>>I know you’re a crocheter but your colors stand out so beautifully
together.>>They do and I can’t say I have a favorite color. It’s hard to decide.>>I
know they really go together so beautifully. And her we have these are Vanna’s Choice afghan
and a crocheted cowl. I think fringe is back. Wool-Ease Thick & Quick is this afghan is
made out of Wool-Ease Thick & Quick and fringe is here and we have some great cables as well
and the top that she’s wearing underneath is in our brand new yarn 24/7. 24/7 Cotton.
That blanket looks so cozy right now. I’m going to take a nap later with that.>>it
is!>>And if this afghan does not speak for itself. This is the Mandala Afghan. This is
circles, triangles, squares, all of the shapes.>>Beautiful.>>And this is our new yarn, Color
Waves and Fashion Plus and how you can see both yarns working together so well.>>So
well.>>It really is beautiful.>>It is beautiful.>>I’m so>>Speechless! Here we go! Let’s give
our ladies a big round of applause! Great job. Great designs. Great yarn!>>Great job,
ladies!>>What did you think, David? Well I thought the brand ambassador was pretty
good.>>Great job, Shira! Great job!>>And I just want to thank Adina are you back there?
Our creative designer who really makes all these designs come into real life. Fabulous.
Fabulous. Every year just gets better and better and better. So all I can say is have
a great year have a great day thanks for coming and go out and knit and crochet with Lion
Brand.>>Thanks everyone!

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