Let’s Talk Video in Sales with Arthur Le Boudec!

What was I gonna say, the first question issss Okay, this is Arthur I work with him at StoryMe Fellow employee, I actually sit right across from everyday Everyday And he just gave an amazing talk And I’m actually really curious a lot of times we get the question at StoryMe about you know I’m a B2B do I really need video within my company? What kind of things do you say to them when you hear that Yeah I hear it a lot, but I don’t really get it because even if you’re in B2B It’s not like one business talking to another business, no It’s a marketing manager talking to for example an HR manager and a marketing manager and a HR manager are Humans and humans love video. That’s just a fact so even in B2B You can use video and actually especially in B2B because in B2B it’s often the case that you have to explain something really complex in a very simple way in in a short period of time and Video is a great tool to do it so I think video and B2B it really works And then we have a lot of cases for Companies in b2b who use video and and we see that it works for example 80% of our clients, I think are in b2b So I really think video can, I know actually I don’t think I know video works in B2B I’m with you, I know too So what are some tips though that you would give to maybe some sales people who are wanting to start using video in their sales process? I think don’t be shy and just record videos of yourself and of your team Because I think sales again you’re not doing sales with a company you’re doing sales with a person so personal connection is super important in order to gain trust and It’s also for example I gave the example if I tell a story in your ear and you whisper it to your neighbor and so on at the very End a story is gonna be completely different And it’s the same in companies if I as a sales have a meeting with the marketing manager for example Then, you will probably report to the marketing director, and he will report to the CEO But the story is gonna be different so what we do at StoryMe We just send offers with a video, and then the sales can really explain in his own words what he wants to say And I think it really works because you can just send the video And then the CEO just have to press play lean back and say okay Let’s make a video Are there any good feedback you’ve gotten from using this approach Ya, a lot I got a lot of approval if I send for example videos because for a lot of people its new they expect an offer so it’s like an attachment like an offer and then I send a video or our sales and the video and most of the times like whoa cool video, nice didn’t expect that so it’s really cool so you can really stand out from the competition if you use Video in your sales process because it hasn’t been done that much so far a marketing lots of video in sales Not at this moment so you can really stand out Exactly and it’s cool that they get to put a face to the name Exactly yeah! Because you’re doing business with a person so if if the person is just like it chat or an email it’s kind of weird So, for example A bit cold Yeah, if I buy clothes and I need some help I want a real life person to help me and it’s the same when you buy a video or a tool or a software or whatsoever and I think that’s why they say video is such a powerful medium Is it kind of we’ve made this shift from you went to a store and you bought something and then all of a sudden it was all online and it was cold And you never saw a person and now video is that bringing that, In-store experience kind of back to the buying process Exactly because indeed we see with e-commerce and you see everything is is happening online so what we miss is that human to human connection and and And video is the second best thing after being live there? So I think video can help that problem you can solve that problem Awesome, thank you

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