Learn Self Acceptance Self Confidence By Letting Go Of Ego & Being Yourself

100 thoughts on “Learn Self Acceptance Self Confidence By Letting Go Of Ego & Being Yourself

  1. I don't know about all people but this thing is deep and if you understand and master it. You can be the best version of yourself for rest of the life.

  2. This is soul cleansing! Man I can't tell you how many times I avoid speaking or engaging with people because I have this self built fear of saying something invaluable. I feel like this is still a work in progress for me, so thank you for this.
    Jordan Peterson said something amazing in one of his videos, "the willingness to being a fool is a precursor to transformation".

  3. this made me feel better srsly i am confident but i sort of do it for myself rather than just helping everyone else

  4. This is one of the best videos you guys ever made. Really really inspiring. Hope you get this message, it helped me a lot to understand so much things i´ve been doing with my clients and the people around me.

  5. You can’t change your external factors always but can mould your inner self and be content with what you are. Love these type of videos from you Chris.

  6. I remember giving negative feedback on one of your earlier videos with Jose. You're killing it in this video 😉

  7. Its human phenomena, that "when you learn share it to serve". Thank you, Chris, for sharing a simple solution. I have the same issue of facing people but I want to serve them. And this video gave me the energy to move on. All the best for making more videos to serve people, animals or to the aliens :).

  8. Excellent message and delivery Chris. Perspective is empowering, I try to use it every day. It makes a difference and it matters. I appreciate the wisdom you share man. Take care and be well.

  9. Wow this is inspiring! Thank you so much for an insightful and candid response to something we all face. I’ve been watching your content for some time, and I never would have thought Chris struggled with confidence issues at any point! You come off so strong minded and extremely natural, but sleek and super cool. That’s just my interpretation, but I think that’s what made this video resonate the most! 🙂 Thanks again.

  10. "everybody already sees you for exactly who you are." Well now, Chris, here is something I actually disagree with you on. When thinking about how other people see us, we need to consider what information they have about us. I heard someone say one time that there's a million different versions of ourselves running around out there, and it's so true, because everyone see's only fragments of your life, and our brains like to fill in the blank spaces. So, for example. your work buddies may only see you at work, where you're composed, calm, and professional. They will have a certain impression of you.

    Then, say, they randomly run into you at a metal concert, a place they never expected to see you because they have a specific impression of who you are based on their interactions with you at work. But now their impression of you has changed, because they know you like metal music. So my whole point is, did they truly see you "exactly for who you are" before witnessing every aspect of your life? I think not. I think they have a certain impression of what kind of person you are, based on what information they have, based on what interactions they've had with you. And if those interactions change from person to person, then you can have multiple versions of yourself running around town, even if you're never intentionally "hiding" any aspect of your personality. I don't hide anything, but just by way of circumstance, people see different sides of me, which can lead them to draw conclusions that are not entirely accurate. (you should never assume something about a person, but that's a different discussion, people still do it and we cannot stop them)

  11. This video is just too deep. There is so much to take from it. I really just re-watch it sometimes. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Chris do, your videos are really inspiring. I have been following you recently on youtube and trust me i feel really good. I have social anxiety disorder. But after watching your videos i'm trying to learn a lot. Chris, i'm a self taught graphic designer and i wanted to join a graphic designing course but due to my social anxiety disorder i dont feel like. Can you please help me grow my graphic designing skills. I'm already working as a graphic designer in an organization. I'm creative but still i feel i'm not so good at my work.i want more. I would really appreciate if you help me out.

  13. You seem comfu a lot, the way you move your hand I saw it by muting the video, don’t mind please, I love your video, thanks for sharing

  14. Chris, thank you for sharing, it was very important to me to know that you felt the same in the past and overcame it! very inspirational! thank you again!

  15. This is a real video. The message has answered very important questions of myself. Thank you…

  16. Jesus Christ, Chris, you teach me more in one video than what I learn in an entire year! Thank you!

  17. Thanks for another inspiring and thoughtful video Chris.
    I discovered The Futur just couple week ago and I'm addicted to your content.

  18. WOW. Deep. Powerful. One of the most honest, from the heart, showing vulnerability, inspiring and full of appreciation for what Chris has learned. Thank you for sharing is such open and public way.
    I wish more masters would do such open videos so we get reminded that it’s all about working towards mastery and not just some special gift one needs to have. Very much appreciate this video. Thank you Chris.
    I had to watch it twice to let the message sink in me. Maybe my voice doesn’t sound terrible after all ahahah. But I always thought you had a very crisp, clear, friendly and calm voice. You are such a master!!
    What a great way to start my day. Thank you.

  19. I wanna give my man Chris a hug. I was in the feels the whole video :'') thanks Chris for being able to be vulnerable all respects to you. I've learned so much from this video. Imay doubts myself and not want to be on camera but I realize that everyone already loves me for who i am so putting on a persona is just wrong.

  20. After watching this I'm planning to remove my mask 😀 Jokes apart, great point! Compliment people about their strengths, not their weaknesses. Thanks, Chris!😊

  21. I love your technical videos about design and business but when you talk about your own struggles you teachs behind the other stuff, i guess it feels like you give us hope, we can start from wherever we are.

  22. I meditated this morning on self acceptance and confidence. And I came across this video today. Very interestingly that it came to me at this time in my life. I do got to say this mirror mask is real and holding onto this idea of ourselves does drain our energy, which can be exhausting and a waste of living instead of living an authentic flowing life. Thank you 🙏 for the Videos! God Bless you all on your journeys!

  23. I just rewatch this video. Man, it's really impactful. Be of service to people is the most important tip I've taken this time. Thanksss a lot, again 🙂

  24. Wow finally YouTube suggested me an awesome video! This is just brilliant! 🙂

  25. I want to accept myself. But scared I do not want to stay here forever. Sometimes I feel anxiety and discomfort are necessary for growth if I ever want to change.

  26. don't mean to be rude but I found myself totally zoning out and not listening lol

  27. I thought i become socialize person but I didn't. Still a quiet and shy person and I hate my life. Learning of acceptance is the best way to move on.😢

  28. This channel is uploading exactly what I need to do in my life.
    Thanks, Master Do and team.
    Love from India.

  29. This really resonated with me. Thank you for being so open Chris! thats no easy task.

  30. This thing is so deep, same thing that's happen to me. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up 💪

  31. Wow…this sounds precisely like me…I struggled with this every single day of my life and i have been lost for so long😔.almost all of my life I suffered keeping myself back in life, being highly interverted in an mainly extroverted world was always a challenge…..I thought I was the only person in the world that I had this issue. Thank you Chris, I love you man.

  32. BUT was it that you loose the mask or you been whole reborn? I ask because you gave the example where off camera your close ones saw you like that. At what point it was a mask?

  33. after a year, I'm crying again while watching this video, feeling better again about myself and rembering that I'm more important to the world than my ego. Thank you, Chris. Thank you so much! <3

  34. The Crabby Chris Erra. Good times. Not sure why you brought your race into it. Still good vid minus the race stuff 😀

  35. Thanks a lot Chris, this channel is what I and other creatives needed. This video is really powerful
    , I struggled with this a lot and finally breaking through this year.

    A audiobook that really helped was “the courage to be disliked” . Highly recommend it. It can be a tough listen but it’s worth looking into. It might hit others different depending where your at.

  36. Was watching the video last year already. Was rewatching it now. I deeply understood now!

    Thank you! 🙂

  37. I love you, thanks Chris, thanks The Futur. I feel great and confident after watchig this 🥰🙏🏼✨✌️

  38. This is really inspired me ! I’ve been follow the stoicism for awhile and it give me so much confidence in front of people no matter who that was .
    I originally from Taiwan 🇹🇼 started learning English when I turned 24 years old . At the time I was a single mom just got divorced.. I have no where to go . So I moved from Taiwan to NYC with my baby .. since then my English still isn’t great , but now I work at design agency in Norway and I’m comfortable to talk to client and handle design project with so different culture perspective.

    I just wanted to thanks Chris and Jose , I watched your video around 3-4 years ago till now and I have grown so so much and become more and more confident with my design . 😍

  39. White and Christian here, Chris. I will say you are more motivating and encouraging than a lot of the preachers/pastors I have heard. It’s your heart, Chris. That’s what we see and feel through what you provide others. Service!

  40. So Jose is, in part, responsible of the creation of the futur? 6.6

  41. I like your video, this one is an inspiration to me. I have a low self confidence and i will apply it to myself. Thanks a lot, keep making videos like this ❤️

  42. I have been watching your videos since a year as im a motion designer , but never subscribed…now just saw this video…. SUBSCRIBED, your channel is really informative.

  43. Thanks Chris this is so personal and handfull at the same time, you’re a miles away from shy guy, when I saw you in a video about mindset for the 1st time I just say to myself oooh he’s great he knows to combine design and business thinking with philosophie and the way of speaking – he’s like a DESIGN BRUCEE LEE 😍👍👍👍

  44. This video helped a lot, I asked a few of my female friends when we were on holiday what they loved about they’re boyfriends, they said it was they’re caring and thoughtfulness about others. This video proves that point completely, and throughout the holiday I was a lot more confident. Thank you!!!

  45. Have hit a total crisis with ego and insecurity at the moment – I needed to hear this. (It's been a bad day) And I myself have often felt I needed to leave ego behind as I've been aware for some time now that humility/selflessness and true confidence go hand-in-hand. I am really struggling with a sense of failure in my life, feel I have a lot to prove, and need to let it go. You broke it down so well, thank you.

  46. Thank you soo much Chris, the other day I looked at you and I looked at myself and realised that of many people out there you are just a normal person doing great things. I am African but I saw myself in you in sense that I am a simple guy who just speaks his mind, loves to speak power in other people's lives. I am not the ideal model but I'm just me and that just fine, my job is just to serve. Thanks again

  47. Amazing! I think about this too often but never really articulated it so well in my own mind. Thanks 🙂

  48. Really liked this video. Self acceptance is important. It was really relatable for me.

  49. 1. People already sees you who you really are
    2. Switch your f*** focus from trying to look great TO serve.

    Raise the your f visor

  50. Thank you Chris for sharing so bravely and vulnerably THE big key that can potentially change everything in a person’s life. Understanding that the Ego is not us but a false construct arising from deep insecurity to protect us from rejection, self and others, due to our subconsciously perceived inadequacies or the learned notion that we are somehow not enough innately. It’s a very heavy, stressful, painful way to live.Thank you for bravely putting yourself out here vulnerably, man, just to help us understand this. That took heart and guts.

  51. I know I'm kinda late for the party, but this are the video of the futur that I can relate the most yet.
    Like, that whole concept of the mask was something that I've been thinking a lot for about 4 or 5 years now, and I wrote about 3 different stories with that concept. So your story hit me because I've been there before and I've been trying to express the things I've learn with that along the way.
    Btw currently I'm finally making an animation about it to share that idea with people, so this video came at the right time, to show me that those kind of ideias worth been shared around.
    Anyways, thank you for sharing your story with us and I hope you're doing well <3

  52. Oh my god Chris you’re such an amazing person. Thanks for sharing this story!
    Your wife plays a very important role in your life. She must be amazing, too!

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