Laundry Routine: Tips and Hacks With Me

hey guys today I want to share with you
my laundry routine and some tips and tricks that have made my life a little bit easier
and I also want to thank LG for partnering with me on today’s video if
you do not know I’m a mom of five and let me tell you I am always swimming and
laundry from the little girl that changes her outfit five times a day to
the bedwetting to the skinned knees to the husband that details incredibly
dirty cars for a living all I do is laundry so let me tell you how I
mustered through it in some of the tips and tricks that I do we also gave our
laundry room a new makeover we got new appliances washer and dryer and to my
absolute favorite piece the LG styler which is a steam closet and sanitizer in
one I’ll tell you all about it in a hot minute one of my favorite things about
getting the new appliances is since we do have such a big family our laundry
loads are a lot bigger and so much more frequent so instead of having four
washer and dryers aligned up we have two really big ones one of the first things
we had to do before installing them is measure to make sure that they would
actually fit the WT 7900 model is top of its charts on Consumer Reports for top
loading washing machines it has a turbo wash 3d technology that gives all your
clothes a gentle but powerful clean in 29 minutes the washing machine doesn’t
have an agitator like most washing machines but it has a technology that
gives it the exact same effect without taking away any of the space and it has
a beautiful stainless steel tub which I love another really cool addition to the
washer and dryer that I really love is you can use smart features to select a
cycle start or stop a wash to get notifications when laundry is almost
done on your smartphone when you’re out and about so if you’re going out the
door and you want to stop a watch or you want to make sure that it gets an extra
dry or if you’re upstairs with your baby and you need to go ahead and restart the
dryer to get a little bit more fluffed you can do all of that with your phone
the exact size of this beauty is 5.5 cubic feet which is huge it is the
largest in the class of washers and the best part is the top load washer uses
far less water and energy which really adds up in savings when it comes to
doing laundry the only thing that I actually sort is colors and whites
sometimes I’ll also separate towels and put them in a separate load or if I have
a really really really really messy situation like bedding or soiled clothes
or something that’s really filthy I will put them on separate loads as well now
onto the dryer one of my favorite things about the dryer which makes it
incredibly unique is it has a censored dry system which actually measures the
moisture levels during the cycle to dictate if it needs to add more dry time
or less dry time to make your life so much easier it has a much bigger barrel
so that you can add a lot more clothes in there to get more things dry at a
faster rate it also has an easy load door so you could switch which side the
doors on to make your laundry life so much easier since the washer and dryer
are synced to your phone and they have that smart app technology I’ll use the
smart thin cue app if I’m out and about and I forget to turn off the dryer
another really cool thing that the dryer does is it has a turbo steam technology
that creates steam instantly to get rid of wrinkles and odor next I want to show
you the styler in our washing room oh my gosh this is my favorite piece in the
entire house for me I have a lot of dresses and a lot of delicate pieces I
have to be a little bit more sensitive with just things that may get really
wrinkly or I have items that I don’t want to shrink because I feel like in
the past I used to shrink all of my clothes and be heartbroken so now some
items I just don’t even put into the dryer and then what I’ll do is like
particular items I’ll let air dry and then once they’re done air drying I
actually pop it into this steam closet and let it get all those wrinkles out
for me another thing that my husband geeks out
about about the steamer is that he puts the kids toys in there like if they’ve
been sick it’ll sanitize them the true steam technology that they use is high
heat water vapors and the hangers at the top actually moved for the ultimate
steaming treatment it also helps get rid of odors that are clinging to certain
materials for example all of my husband shirt smell horrible and we’ve been
putting him in there to really break that odor up and to get them nice and
fresh again the LG styler is the first clothing care system of its kind to be
certified by the AAFA for its superior performance at helping remove common
allergens and over 99% of bacteria from fabrics if you do not know I am allergic
to literally everything and if you have a special or delicate clothing item when
you pop it in here the sanitary cycle powered by true steam has helped reduce
allergens in clothes bedding and even my kids stuffed animals so now on for the
laundry like I said I am always drowning in laundry I don’t want to pretend like
I’m perfectly caught up all the time because that wouldn’t be the truth I’m
always doing laundry I always have a lot of loads to do but these are the little
tips and little things that I do that help make it more enjoyable and that
helped my system along a little bit better one of the little tricks that I
did that helped me out a lot is I got some new laundry baskets I still kept
the old ones that I have because like I said we have a lot of kids and a lot of
people so I found several uses for all of them however I got some new ones that
I would carry up specially and use when I’m sorting and it sparked a little bit
of joy I’m really loving them I do a basket system I have about three to four
baskets lined up one basket I will toss in towels and washcloths another basket
is usually my baby clothes we have a newborn and so I’ll just kind of pop in
all those clothes into that basket so I can fold those and separate those a
little bit differently than the other clothes being a busy mom with five kids
and homeschooling my kids I really only get two breaks throughout the day I get
one when I do a load of laundry and two after eight o’clock when I put everyone
to bed and sometimes when I put them to bed that’s not even a break has they’ll
come back in my room but one thing I’ve done to kind of make
this process a little bit more enjoyable because I like to make this my time turn
it into my time close the doors I may have a little man with me cuz sometimes
he tends to be my little buddy and just watch me but just watch a show chat with
my girlfriend on speakerphone listen to an audio book place in my favor
music I might even bring up my favorite drink allow that to be my me time and
just to be able to exhale and relax as far as my kids go I really try to
involve them in the laundry routine after I’ve had my 10 minutes of me time
getting everything done I’ll ask for all the kids to come in and help put away
all of their stuff and even when they’re done with their stuff I’ll have them
help me with the other bits as well they know where everything goes and it’s just
really helpful so that I’m not doing it all all by myself
we don’t have dressers we use baskets and hangers for almost everything and it
works really well because the kids have easy access to it and they’re able to
help us with the laundry routine and also it allows a level of Independence
for when they do have to get dressed or what have you but one of my biggest tips
is if you’re having a laundry rut day where you’re kind of just in a rut and
you’re like I don’t want to do this and you have a basket of laundry start with
the pieces that you love for example I really love folding baby clothes or
little kid clothes I don’t know what it is I swear I’d belong in a baby boutique
just folding baby clothes because whenever I put away those little tiny
clothes it just makes me so happy so I usually tend to do that first and
then it motivates me to continue on one thing that’s really nice about the
smart technology is that if I’m nursing my little one or if my little one starts
to throw a fit and I wasn’t able to start the laundry like I wanted to or I
have a second load that needs to be done I can do that all from my phone biggest
question for you how many loads of laundry do you do a day let me know in
the comments below and let me know what time of day do do your laundry I would
love to hear what works for all the Mamas out there watching one of the other little things that
helps out a ton as I lay on my kids outfit the night before I allow them to
help in picking out what we’re gonna wear but this helps a lot so they don’t
come downstairs all in ball gowns or something super impractical for whatever
we have planned for the day another big tip to fall in love with laundry is to
organize certain spaces I don’t know what it is but jeans just spark joy for
me so I want that drawer to be extra organized Icahn married that particular
drawer and color-coded my jeans and I loved it and I did the same thing to my
workout leggings as far as my closet goes this is kind of how I organize my
closet I do tank tops and t-shirts all together and then I color coordinate
them for me I don’t collect shoes or purses or jewelry do I have a few pieces
totally but it’s not it doesn’t do anything for me my one vice is I love
clothes they are like my little slice of heaven I like to see what’s trending and
like be up-to-date and how I have some fun pieces and that’s one area where I
like to spoil myself so I do try my best to take care of my pieces and that’s why
how I wash them and how I hang them up in my closet is so important to me
because I want them to last a long time another little tip that can elevate your
closet in seconds and you don’t have to spend a thing is to separate your
hangers by an inch or half an inch depending on how many hangers you have
on that rack but by doing this it really elevates the look and sometimes having
your closet more organized and doing those little extra steps it may seem
silly it really allows you to care for your clothes even more because you’re
like I put this extra effort into my closet I want to make sure that all my
pieces go right where I belong and that is all for my laundry
routine if you have any tips or tricks that you want to share let me know in
the comments below and thank you guys so much for watching and if you’re
interested in upgrading some of your appliances I’ll leave all of the LG’s
information down below thank you guys and I will see you in my next one bye

100 thoughts on “Laundry Routine: Tips and Hacks With Me

  1. I also make laundry my time. My family knows I have an extensive system. Being a nurse, I am very specific on these items. I will start a load in the morning early before everyone else wakes up, then I will put it in the dryer on the delay to be done when I get home at night. Then I can fold and hang the load up every night. I will do 2-3 loads on the weekends of towels, bedding, or rugs from around the house. When I separate to put away, each family member has a basket where I will put heir clothes. My son is the youngest, but loves to help out by putting his clothes away too. He does not use a dresser either. We use hangers and baskets as well. It’s so much easier for him. Thank you for the video! I want an LG styler now! Next thing to save for! Beautiful babies and family! Love your positivity!

  2. Laundry every morning at 5 before everybody is awake, while watching your videos

  3. My laundry hack…do laundry every day! I do all the washing every day, and then my oldest son likes to get up early and fold it all. It's not something I require, he just does it because he likes to help out

  4. Dryer fires are so common. Never leave the dryer on when you aren't home. 🔥

  5. Most days, I have one load a day and I usually start it after my morning coffee. And in the afternoon I will fold and put away a basket of laundry. I only have two kiddos though, so it’s definitely easy for me to stay on top of it.

  6. Well here in Australia we hardly use dryers just because electricity is really expensive here tho I do use my dryer only if it’s really raining
    I usually put a load at night so I can hang them outside in the morning
    I’m loving ur routine keep up wat u do love watching your videos❤️❤️

  7. The laundry sanitizer is awesome!
    Your such an amazing, inspiring person and wife and mama.
    Love your family!
    Your voice is soothing to listen to as well. You help me sleep better truelly. 🤗🌻

  8. I do every day 2 loads , family of 5. I iron almost everything. In the wk i do 5 loads. Yep always laundry to do. Mvg cindy de neve from belgium xxx

  9. Hate doing laundry 🧺
    It’s the Bain of my life there are 9 of us (7 kids) so I’m never caught up !!
    Sometimes I think the neighbours sneak it in lol 😂

  10. I want that styler that is so perfect and multi functional! I do 2-3 loads on Sunday, 2 loads on Wednesday, and sheets and towels on Thursday which is about 3-4 loads but this system has finally allowed me to not feel like laundry is never ending. I also bought my kids each a small laundry basket and taught them how to fold their own laundry. It’s a chore they now are responsible for and earn a chore chart sticker for. They actually love doing it!

  11. We are a family of 5 and I do 1 load of clothes laundry a day. Towels and sheets are once a week on certain days. We have 1 laundry basket and when it's full I start a load. Usually do my laundry in the evening after everyone takes a bath.

  12. Hello my name is shaheen and I am from india and I am your new subscriber i enjoyed seeing your video by the way what is your name

  13. Hi love your videos I'm a tween viewer god bless jodi if you can Rembert me love your videos

  14. I get home late from work so I do 1 load a night. Weekends I will do the sheets.

  15. We are a family of 4 and it depends on how caught up i am! at the moment im all caught up so i do one a day! Most is abouy 3 when i change bedding and towels xx

  16. I have 8 kids so each kid has their own basket that way they can fold it themselves and put it away! We have minimal wardrobe so about 5 outfits per child. The age of my kids 15,13,9,8,6,4,2 and 7months old. I do the baby and 2 year old everyone does their own!!

  17. Hi MYKA, What are you using for detergent ? A different one for the kids? Fabric softner? Also can you please do a Mama fashion video for us moms trying to look put together like YOU everyday,,, it would be appreciated …,Im lost in that area with two 5 year olds and Im always running to the school for something! thanks Love your channel 🙂

  18. Top load washers are approx. 30% less clean than front loaders. Additionally, I can’t put everything in the washer … may be 50%.

  19. We are a family of 4 and I do laundry once or twice a week, 1-2 loads. I don't often separate , I just use cold and do whatever basket is full. I like to load them at night and then put on the timer so that when I wake up it has just finished and I can move it over to the dryer first thing in the morning. I like to fold upstairs on the landing and the kids will come and take their stacks. I also watch YouTube while doing laundry, makes it a treat!

  20. I wash everything in the house on the weekends..clothes, towels, sheets and blankets, cleaning rags. My goal is to have it all folded and put away by Sunday night. My family of 4 (plus 2 fur babies) means 6-8 loads a week. I was just joking to my husband that I wish my washer and dryer used Bluetooth so I don’t have to keep running down to the basement to see if it’s done 😂

  21. I be needing that washer and dryer. That would make my life so much easier. I have 4 kids 4 and under. You guys can check out the train wreck that's our laundry situation my channel.

  22. Only 3 of us. I prepare a load before bed and switch it on as soon as I get up, then its out to dry before leaving the house. I only do 1 load a day unless its sheets and towels I'll do a second one!

  23. 4 loads! whites, bed sheets, darks, & towels! after work is the best time 🙂

  24. I do 1-2 loads a day min-thu and I love to do it first thing in the morning before I sit down to drink my coffee and do devotions.

  25. I am also a home school mama of 3 plus my step son. So with 4 kids I have one laundry basket in my laundry room for all 4 kids clothes. Once that basket is full, about every 3-4 days I run their load. Feels like laundry is always caught up this way instead of doing 4 different loads of kids clothing and let me say, putting away a few days worth of each kids clothes is so much less daunting. With 5 beds and my husbands and mine clothing, couch blankets and cloth diapering. I run about 3 loads of laundry 4 days a week. It has been perfect for us as a family so the days my husband is home from work the machines arent running all day. Plus i start laundry as soon as i wake up. so i can get my 3 loads done before noon. Might sound like a lot but oh man, I do not have that feeling of being overwhelmed by laundry anymore even with a full schedule!

  26. I have a very similar washer and dryer, and I love how quickly it can complete a load of laundry! Our laundry room is on the 2nd floor with all of our bedrooms and it was honestly a game changer for me! I have a cart with wheels that I use to gather the clothes from the dryer and I take it and fold everything on my bed. I complete a load per person in my house (with just 4 of us it works perfectly), and then separate loads for towels and bedding. I find that this way it is easy to fold and call whomever clothing it is to put it all away. I work out of the home during the day, so normally I complete one load of laundry per day (in evening) as required, and then towels and bedding on weekends. I likely do the most laundry for my 11 year old daughter who thinks if she tries something on that it is instantly dirty! I think it might be time to pass on the baton on her and she can complete her own laundry!

  27. I usually do all our laundry in the morning !! 🤗 My son loves when his blanket is right out of the dryer but I don’t blame him ♥️♥️

  28. Just got one of these LG washing machines today…loving it so far. We didn't have a good experience with the samsung front load washer.

  29. Myka your laundry shoot is what what you call it? It's WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF! I loove that soo much! LOVE LG washers! We have the heavy load one and it's a dream! I'm sooo happy you are working with them cause you're the best!

  30. I have horrible anxiety so ideally I’d love to do a load a day but unfortunately I can’t. I’m a nurse and work three 12s a week so my first day off I do all of the laundry and fold it and have my girls help put it away. They’re 12&10 so they’re help is amazing!

  31. That lg steamer !!! What an amazing little thing! I didn’t even know they made those!

  32. Every day is washing day for me , at the moment I'm snowed under with washing 😔

  33. I color code my clothes in my closet & have been doing it for over 25 yrs. If I get something new…I put it right in front so I can see it…sometimes I forget abt it but putting in in front for a while puts it in my mind & then I move it. As far as laundry, we are 2 seniors & I have about 1 load per day for 3 days & on towel day I have 2 loads. My dryer isn't working at the moment so towels go to the laundromat.
    I love your little family.

  34. I usually do about one load every other day. There’s 3 of us in my family right now!

  35. Ad a momma of six I wash everyday. I load the washer before I go to bed and then when I wake up to work out I start the laundry and fold during nap time.

  36. Can someone tell me what song she always plays in her videos? The one that says “lucky, lucky, lucky me.”

  37. At least 4 loads a day but if we get behind we start a load before school and you ever has laundry that week will bring their school work in the laundry room. They'll switch loads throughout the day. Then after school it gets folded and put away with one of the younger kids. The older kids do laundry while I'm busy with the little kids during school time. Bedding gets done at least every Saturday sometimes more often if there has been any accidents.

  38. Another great video. First time mama this year, I do a load a day for my baby's clothes and mine and hubbys work wear. We have a grey water system to help our garden with the water. When I'm wearing a work uniform I wash it everyday straight after work so its dry for the next day as I drip dry it on hangers. As a busy mama Ive put together some outfit shoe boxes so I only have to pull out a box with underwear, jewellery and clothing. I have everything I need in one box to take to the bathroom. I then wash it and dry it overnight packing into same box to go back in the drawer. I have an exercise box, after work wear, evening out, pyjama, and casual outing. Makes doing Laundry so much easier and I keep a dryer sheet in there to keep it smelling fresh. Also makes me take better care of my clothes and I purchase nicer pieces. Whats the bet the steam closets eventually comewith essential oils to make the steamed clothes smell nice?

  39. Wow the washer and dryer almost runs it self thank you for sharing the washer and dryer . Was wondering are you and Kendal going to do a get together anytime soon with the families getting together.

  40. Doing laundry for 5 is never ending 😆 my husband complains about his shirts maybe I need a steamer! The fact that you can put toys and teddy bears to sanitize I'm pretty much sold👌

  41. I do atleast 1 a day. I do it when I get home from work around 5pm. Sunday is my busy day sheets, blankets, rugs.etc. love laundry.

  42. You look extra beautiful in this video 😍💕 one load of laundry pretty much every day 👗👚👕👖

  43. Salam, I am from Morocco. Can you help me by sending a child's clothes to me because I will have a child and need help?

  44. Спасибо , что с русскими субтитрами😍

  45. Momma of 4 here, I try to do at least 2 loads a day. Sometimes that doesn’t always happen so I’ll make up for it another day. Usually those days are specifically “laundry night” lol


  47. We also have 5 children and I would love a large washer and dryer. These are awesome. I have majorly downsized the amount of clothes so we only have to do 1 load of clothes each day.

  48. Hi myka❤️
    I luv yr videos
    I want to know that why you don't let your girls have sepreating bedroom?
    Beacuse yr boys have an individual room for each of them
    I think u can turn the guestroom for one of yr daughter ♥️

  49. That's a lot of laundry!! Great video. I personally do laundry every Sunday. I have a family of 4. I wash, dry and fold as each load comes out. Then I organize them into piles and call everyone to come and put them away. I organize my closet like yours. Like items together and color code if you can. Lol

  50. I generally wash about 2 loads a day and I do bed linens on Sunday! We’re a farm family, so there’s never a shortage of yucky clothes. 😝 I work full-time close to home, so I am usually starting loads in the morning, switching at lunch, then folding and putting away in the evening. I haven’t gotten to where I can let me kiddo per her laundry away yet… just because I’m a little OCD. 😬😂 Maybe soon!

  51. Me and my husband have a ridiculous amount of clothes, and we just added 3 huge baskets of baby clothes for our baby girl so I feel like I’m always doing laundry

  52. im a mommy of 2 little ones. i take one day to do laundry. which are saturday mornings and i do about 6 loads 🙂 it works for me 🙂 i actually love laundry and love folding many call me weird lol 🙂

  53. I do about 10+ loads a week personally and for work I have another sets of washer and dryer and do about 30 loads of rags per week.
    I bought a big LG set as well and love it
    Sometimes I'll get 4 or 5 (sometimes more) loads of personal laundry add up in baskets. I too love LG steam . But when I have so much laundry to get through I dump it all on my bed. Put baskets all around me too. First I sort out all towels and linens. They are my favorite, but I save them for last, so into a basket until I'm done.
    As for all the clothes, I start one item at a time if it's a kids sock underwear or pj they get folded into the basket. Once im left with just dresses sweaters jeans shirts I have them all laid out nicely in big top on top of themselves (Jean's on bottom). I go collect all the hangers from kids and my closets.
    Shirts sweaters and dresses are easy as I put hanger in them I leave them in pile just fold hanger back to get to next shirt that way I can easily get hangers in everything in one quick motion. Then as I start jeans I call the family. They sort and put away baskets or dresser clothes and come back for shirts and sweaters and dresses while I put Jean's on hangers.
    Note I get to sit on my b3d too watch TV and fold towels and linens. I should mention now that kids are older, they come once baskets are sorted and they fold and put away baskets as im starting everyone's shirts sweaters and dresses.

  54. Hello My Name is Adriana. . here in Italy i don 't have a dryer i wish i had one…I live in a condo …is no space for a laundry room

  55. Hello Myka, I'm coming over from This Crazy Life with Amanda. The weather here is very hot. My biggest cleaning job is our floors. We have ceramic tile all over this house (lol). Exactly 5 rooms and hardwood/carpet in the bedrooms. So I seriously would like the dyson vacuum cleaner. Just saying. I am catching up on your videos and thank you for sharing.

  56. That is a neat steamer. Who would have thought of such. I may get me one of those.

  57. شكراً جزيلاً على الترجمه 💕💕🌹🌹

  58. I ty to do one load a day. I work out of the home so I start the washer before I leave for the day and put it in the dryer right when I get home and put it away after the kids go to bed. I also don’t wash kids clothes till the weekend since their loads are bigger and I can’t put them away otherwise on week days. Sheets are done on Fridays!

  59. I need to do 2 loads a day to keep on top of it! And I try to get them on in the morning so that I can fold and put them away in the afternoon 🙌

  60. Just came from your husband's channel and I figured hed have more subs but boy was I wrong.

  61. Lately I put my laundry in the wash at night, then use the delay setting to have it be finished about the time we’re getting up the next morning. Then I just have to throw it in the dryer and it’s ready earlier! I do laundry everyday. Even with just a family of 4 I need to stay on top of it!

  62. I do my laundry every Monday. I do 5 loads. Kids clothes, kids bedding/towels, me and my husband's clothes, whites, our bedding. Wash, dry, and put in the basket. Once the kids are all asleep, That's when I do all the folding while I catch up and watch your videos! Lol

  63. I start my day with and i homeschool so its me time my littles like doing it so it become our time

  64. I feel like I'm doing laundry every day and I only have 2 little ones. Loving your laundry room, especially the styler!!!

  65. I absolutely love your new appliances, love the colour. Maybe a tip for your laundry shoot, to perhaps remove the shelf & place a laundry basket in the cupboard.
    Greetings from South Africa

  66. Turkce yazmaniz cok guzel oldu. Ben dilinizi anlamasada hep izliyordum sizi😘❤

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