Latinx Makeup Brands You Should Know

– I’m very big on packaging. You could literally package
up, like a little piece of caca and if it looks cute, people will buy it. (upbeat music) – At Pero Like, we love
to try make-up lines made by the Latinx community. – So today, we’re here
to try three different entrepreneurial Latinx brands. – So first up is Mia del Mar, right?
– Yes. (upbeat music) – It looks really calming, and
it looks like a watercolor, you know?
– Yes, it looks very cute. I’m very big on packaging
and the way that things are branded and delivered. – This one says, “Seduce
the world, con tus ojos.” – Oh, that’s beautiful. This one says, “Reina de la rumba.” – I love these. I don’t really wear like a lot of make-up, but when I do dabble
in palettes and stuff, it’s nice to get these deeper earth tones to put around your eyes, and stuff like that.
– Yes. – Look at all these colors,
and they’re so pigmented. – I’m gonna try the light blue. I like that it comes with
a brush and a mirror. – Yeah.
– It’s very clutch. – Number one, I can’t get
the brush out of this guy. – So I am trying, “Reina
da la rumba”, right here. “Reina de la rumba”. – Peligrosa, so I’m gonna start with that. – I’m gonna go with one
called, Chismosa, and Destino, because my destino is to
be a chismosa. (laughs) – I’m going with Sangria,
does that make me basic? I don’t know. – I like this a lot. I didn’t even have to
put on a primer for it. For darker skin you need
to put on a lighter color, so that the pigment really pops through. – Yeah, the pigment is popping on us.
– Is popping! – It looks very natural, there’s a little bit of a little shimmer. Can you see it? – No, you got to put more on, I think. (Curly laughs) – I like it so far, and
I’ve only tried one color. (Alexis and Destinee laugh) – Okay, I’m going to put, Callate. – It looks so good. – I love it. – I love that this white
is called, Leche de Coco. – Clean, vegan, and cruelty free. – That’s beautiful. – They snapped. – It doesn’t look like I’m wearing much, but I’m wearing like
three different colors, it kind of enhances my eyes
a little bit, you know? – I like it, it’s good.
– Makes it dreamy. I love this color on you too. – You do? Thank you. – I like that it goes quickly and shows up on our darker skin tones. – Nice job, Mia del Mar. – [Curly] Luna Magic is a new indie brand, founded by two Dominican-American sisters from New York City. – [Alexis] Our vision is to add flavor, vibrancy, and color
to the beauty industry. – [Curly] We’re inspired
by the rich cultures of the Caribbean and Latin American, the hustle and the
bustle of New York City, and the glamor of Los Angeles. Con Amor, Shaira & Mabel. (Alexis and Destinee exclaim) – So many colors.
– So bright. The first thing that screams
at me is this bright pink. – I’m gonna try Salud, which
is this bright, poppy pink. – I’m gonna try Luna Magic matte lipstick. We all know that I love a good matte. Just kidding, I’m not
really good at matte. I don’t understand matte lipsticks. – The pigment on this coral one, oh my God, that’s ridiculous. A lot goes a long way with this one. – [Claudia] You mean a
little goes a long way? – Oh, yeah, a little. (laughs) – But I almost wanna live this life. It feels very like, editorial
to be like, just the top lip. Also, I have lunch still in my teeth. (Alexis laughs) – Oh, yes. – Thanks.
– Popping. – Get you friends like this.
– Popping! – I love the Salud, which
I just put on my eyelids. – I like it too. – Yeah? – I feel like I look like a
2020 version of Boy George. (Alexis laughs) ♪ Give me time ♪ – Oh, that blue. That blue! Oh my God. They also make lashes,
which is super helpful. – I like the color on you. – Me too, it’s fun. – I think it’s a beautiful color. (Curly blows kiss) – I feel fun it it, it’s pop, it matches the fashion in
my hat, it’s looking good. You knew what you were doing,
didn’t you, Luna Magic? – Oh, and it’s matte, I love matte. It’s not as creamy as it looks. Like it gives a creamy looking vibe, but it goes on very like… It stays in place. – It dries quickly. – Mm-hmm. – I’m into this look. – I like it. – Pink eyeshadow, pink lips,
I’m ready for the summer. – Shout out to Luna Magic, this is really cool, independent brand. It’s unapologetic, it’s
bold, and it’s unique. – Last but not least, Vive Cosmetics. We love them, it’s
co-founded by two Latinas. (upbeat music) – I personally use Vive daily. This lipstick is my favorite. It’s the Empresaria. – I also do love the packaging as well. I think, for me, I’m not
the biggest fan of the pink, but I do love the gold, and
the gold really like stand out. Oh, the packaging on the
inside is beautiful though. – Oh, yeah, it’s like
a little pop surprise. – See, I would like to see
that packaging on the outside. – Oh, yeah, that’s a good call. – Do you know what I mean? – This is why Curly’s a creative. (Curly laughs) – I also have that and I love it. – Do you? I was gonna say, I bet
this is gonna be so pretty. I think I’m gonna try this– – Diosa. – Diosa. – I’m using the highlighter,
putting on Diosa. – And I’ll be doing a lipstick. Also how beautiful is lipstick? Like, wow. – I like a bold color. – I love this highlight so much. – I chose Mija, and it’s a
little bit of a darker tone, which I love, but I’m paying
homage to all the girls that I grew up with in L.A. – I am doing Spanglish
matte liquid lipstick. – I can’t tell if this color
just doesn’t look good on me, or if it makes me look like a corpse. – [Alexis] No, I like it. – I’ve really been
looking for a highlight, that I felt matched my skin tone. – [Alexis] Yeah, it looks so good. – I’m a fan. – I love the creaminess of this formula. This is my every day color
and I’m obsessed with it. – Now, I’m a matte girl, ’til I die. So of course, I chose Selena Forever. – Yes, good choice.
– I’m a fan. Oh, yeah, this one goes on really well. – Lipstick is a lot of work, y’all. – It is. – It’s a lot of work. – So Spanglish is kind of
like a pink nude. (laughs) – I like it, it suits you. – Yeah, it’s like a nice,
good, light, natural color. Then I have a little bit
of the highlighter on, I have both of them on. – Let me see. Oh, yeah. – [Alexis] It looks so good on you. – Yeah? It says matte, it doesn’t feel matte, I feel very moisturized. – Wait ’til it dries. (Destinee laughs) – Oh, you don’t trust it? – We’ll see what happens. – I’m gonna go in with this
darker color on the outside. – Oh, a true beauty guru. (Destinee giggles) – I like it. I feel like if this didn’t come off, you could put this on
your lips and not worry about it getting everywhere, I maybe would consider wearing lipstick. So now, I’m gonna try the matte. – I’m trying Luchadora, it’s
a bright, red, matte lipstick. – And I’m trying– – [Claudia] It’s on the end. – Maria. (laughs) – I love the highlighter. I’m telling you, I travel with
this, I love Vive Cosmetics. (Alexis and Destinee laugh) – I love Vive Cosmetics. – This isn’t a commercial
for Vive Cosmetics, but they are my go-to. And also, my literal daily wear lipstick, so I hope you like my look. (mic pack banging) – Oh! – Did I scare you and
make you mess up? (laughs) – This the Luchadora, it’s definitely like a good,
classic, red, matte lipstick. I think this type of lipstick
will last you all day. And I’ve tried Vive before and it’s a really good long-lasting brand. – I am so excited to find new brands, that I hadn’t heard of,
so I’m really grateful to our audience for their suggestions. – Yes. – I super, really enjoyed
all of them, to be frank. But I think that because
they have different things here in front of us, I pick
the Noveleta from Mia del Mar. It has the colors that I like. I’m like, oh, I should really consider doing this more often. – Mia del Mar was super pigmented and like, popped instantly. – [Alexis] Yeah. – I really love the
diversity in this palette. Where like, it has it’s neutrals that you can use for your every day, but it also has your really big pops of color and shimmer.
– Yes. – All these make-up brands are amazing. I think what really stood
out to me was Luna Magic, because I haven’t heard of it before. And I don’t know many
brands that are helmed by two Afro-Latinas. – I mean, we gotta support
these brands, y’all. Look at this, look at this.
– We do. – These big corporations,
they don’t need your money, but people who are trying to do something new and something different, they could use your money. Go out there, support, do your thing.
– Yes. – Lift up the culture. (upbeat music) – We love looking at our comments. If you guys know of a product that we haven’t highlighted yet, please, drop it in the comments. We hope we inspire you to
buy one of these products. – [Child] Pero Like.

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