Late for School Routine ♥ 5 Minute Makeup, Hairstyle & Clothes Outfit Tips ♥ Back To School ♥ Wengie

There is nothing worse than flaky skin underneath our makeup, so even though we are late, we really can’t skip this step, then I am taking my concealer and using it as a highlighter / foundation really, and applying it in all the places where I want to highlight or conceal, this is my forehead, bridge of nose, cheekbones, cupids bow and chin, and then we’re going to use cushing foundation or any foundation with a buffing brush and then we are just going to put a bit on and blend out concealer with everything, making sure that you blend the edges more than the middle part of the concealer because we want that coverage so I’m just messily blending here, yeah, we are in rush right, so I’m just gonna do this super quick, I honestly love this brush because it just feels so good, I highly recommend it, it’s one of my favorites at the moment, and yeah, once is blended we no longer look like a weird monster anymore, we are going to just draw a natural line of and fill it in, this really helps brush your hair in the beginning before you start, and then we are just going to follow our natural brow line, unfortunately our brow may not be on fleek if we are in a rush, but the easiest way to no mess it up is to just follow your natural eyebrow line, otherwise if you wanna be drawing different eyebrow shapes might not be worth it and if you have dark hair you should honestly skip this step, but I’m just taking a brow mascara, and lightening my brows otherwise they will totally not match up with my hair that is not a good look, not any day, also a beige shimmer eye shadow is optional underneath and then I am taking this brow eyeliner pencil from charlotte tilbury, so you just basically extend your eyeliner out a little bit, you can add the wing it, do it straight or drop it, is up to you, and then you can just line all the way across the top of your lids, don’t worry about how clean this is, this is the beauty of this look, you can be quite messy with this while you are in a rush, but just line the whole top line, make sure the ends of your liner is clean, and then on the bottom lashes just fill in just the edges for definition and then take either your finger or fluffy brush and just blend that and this will become sort of like a smokey shadow because you’ll be blending and softening your liner and just leaving the extended bit at the end for a clean line and blend the bottom liner as well, and honestly this looks super natural it really makes your eyes bigger and it’s just a very subtle look, because we are going to school right, and I’m just going to take an eyelash curler and cut my lashes because honestly this will detract from our dark eyes circles from studying the night before, because honestly if you are like me at school you didn’t get enough sleep, yeah, and I’m gonna use some mascara and this is what I’m using at the moment, it’s a Covergirl lash blast I think, and ohh look at that extension falling off my eyes, yeah, they are falling off right now, I am gonna get them done again and I’m just gonna add mascara to the top and bottom lashes and this is really gonna open up your eyes and also if you push the mascara towards your eyeliner you can actually get some darkness on your waterline to make your eyes more defined, then taking a bronzer and using my favorite brush again just applying underneath the cheek bones and blending it forward also on my hairline because we want some slimming there happening and yeah just blending that through to the draw line as well, and then taking the lip gloss that i have in a beautiful coral reddish color and I’m just going to apply in the inner part of my lips for an ombre look, and look a little bit messy in there because we are in a rush and trying to beat this timer and also a really really quick way to create the ombre look it’s just to take you cushion foundation and just press your lips and just basically conceal the outer edges so it’s soft, so yeah that is the look in under five minutes. I am gonna be taking this batiste dry shampoo and just refreshing my roots because honestly we don’t have time to wash my hair this morning, spray your hair with some heat protectant spray and the easiest look to be honest to look neat and clean is just to straighten your hair especially if you have medium hair the fastest thing to do is just to run a hot iron really quickly or you can just tie it up, I’ll just stick to monochrome colors because they are just super easy to match and think about using accessories to really bring out your outfit and then just wear something super simple, you can match this outfit with either some really cool Dr Martens or Vans is up to you. Remember I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in my next video, bye.

100 thoughts on “Late for School Routine ♥ 5 Minute Makeup, Hairstyle & Clothes Outfit Tips ♥ Back To School ♥ Wengie

  1. My morning routine
    1. Wake up
    2. Brush teeth
    3. sit on the sofa and daydream for 3 minutes
    4. wear a uniform
    5. tie my hair even though it is short (school rules)
    6. wait for the school bus (i am not rich)
    7. eat while in the school bus
    8. arrived school 45 minutes early and I can't use a phone since a) school rules, b) CCTV are everywhere

  2. my late morning routine
    wake up
    check the time
    run to the bathroom
    brush my teeth etc
    put on my planned outfit
    put on mascara
    run to the bus
    i just finish my makeup on the bus

  3. My routine is to wakeup at 6.
    Step 1: Brush my teeth
    Step 2: Cleanse my face with a cleanser.
    Step 3: Put on some moisturizer.
    Step 4: Put some foundation.
    Step 5: Put some mascara and ChapStick.
    Step 6: Wear my clothes and shoes.
    Step 7: Eat breakfast.
    Step 8: At 7:20 go to school.

  4. if you wake up on time and get ready after all bathing etc. that's a big deal that you reach on time

  5. I take 15 minutes for getting ready without any makeup 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Asi ta Pehla to hi sohna Aa. Sanu ki load make up karn di.
    Main eh vdo time pass nu dekhi c

  7. Wingie even when you don't have make up on your beautiful I wish I was as beautiful as you 💖😊💖

  8. Wengie looks like a teen because of make up and it is not what we call natural beauty 🙂

  9. uwuwu there an bts ad and it was bts war of hormone uwuuwuw and i cant skip 🤣😅😍😍

  10. My routine..
    Wekup lately 😜
    Brush my teeth..
    Get uniform..
    😁 Wash my face and put bindhi..(sticker)..
    And run away for catching a bus…🤩🤩

  11. My late to school~
    Wake up
    Run to get coffee
    put on mascara cause I don't got time for anything else!
    Put on a hoodie and some leggings
    Grabs my homework and water bottle

  12. Well my school have a uniform and i hate it guyys the shirt is sooo tall you know why ?its a sad story because iam really tall soi got the boys shirt because ididnt find any in girls shirt 😭💔💔😂

  13. my late for school routine:
    step 1: hear mom screaming: ITS TIME TO GO
    step 2: scream back " ONE SEC"
    step 3: throw on clothes and go to school

  14. My 5 minute morning routine for elementary school:

    Wake up

    Throw some clothes on

    Brush teeth and hair

    Eat cereal

    Leave for school!

  15. Step 1: be born with the face of a super model
    Step 2: have breakfast
    Step 3:go to school
    Literally the dream life

  16. Me: Late
    I get to school.
    Teacher: Why hello….
    Me: Hi?
    Later a bunch of math
    Me: Yells at teacher and goes home………..
    My legitimate school day

  17. Hey Wengie is that you? I can't believe….. You look so chubby and cute but l think you are so beautiful early. Ok whatever you are great💜💜💜

  18. Is no one talking about how weird Wengie looks on 0.24 ? I mean not gonna lie she doesn't even look like Wengie.

  19. I could have been kicked out of the school if I did tis… 😅
    My make up :put body lotion as moisturiser n run!!!! Ur getting late😅😅

  20. Lol who would even think applying so much stuffs on their face when they are already late

  21. When I'm getting late i just get clothes, sprinkle water to my eyes(so that i waked up) and get off.

  22. Hi guys i just want it, to say that…..if ure gonna use sunscreen on plz pay attention on which sunscreen u choose bc i hav been putting sunscreen and they cause me alot of pimples it also made my skin a bit oily…so plz choose wisely…:')

  23. India me inte time me bachhe school pahuch jate h 😇😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Without makeup 😉

  24. if any indian is watching this video…then we all r relating this things that in india at school we have to wear school uniform and no makeup no accessories…m right

  25. Anyone else think that she is less bubbly? I still love her tho it is just and observation x

  26. Im late or not, I have the same look tho everyday . The only difference is, my hair 😂 whether it's messy, or messier hm kbye

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