Korean Online Clothes Try-Out Haul

[Music] you [Music] since my friend when just leave and he doesn’t want to talk to me no he was at the top me but he is too sleepy so I’m gonna open this box by myself yeah as you can see this is from Korea Korea post [Music] ooh [Music] I’ve no idea what they’re looking it’s quite happy actually I don’t know what I got my my relative I heard two orders uncle for me I don’t know why it ends up this happy I have no idea what she got [Music] oh yes it’s so nice I don’t think I ordered I acted the goddess of it there’s no nice Sun missed sure so it starts green but it’s messy cushion [Music] tell me [Music] okay it still looks so different from the picture it looks lucious but I mean praise the name to the star that’s so comfy but I feel like it’s like pajamas on me probably I’m just not used to this kind of you still suffering to the second one [Music] Jeanne Stern peppers don’t like it then it’s a good match that’s from different story so I think it’s a good match and those are when I was having a practice with this top and the sky was just think that looks pretty kiddo so if you say kind of had a balance the stop there’s more family and the fact it is more masculine so that’s a pretty Grand Palace you can’t put it like this is totally that’s how I like my daily life I don’t think my friends can recognize me they see me [Music] there’s the next item the top as you can see it got like pretty wide like collar you know how this is called a the materials it’s pretty soft and also it’s great like st. explosive it it actually pretty match my necklace I really wear looks kind of this necklace but they check the last video and if now that like it’s gonna pop up right here it’s a pretty safe material that it’s like your carpets incursion or whatever but it’s definite for winter but for now the weather is it’s like 10 degrees I think it’s still talked about was this cannot become hotter warmer and [Music] media changes I need to get some fast [Music] makes me [Music] pretty colorful [Music] hey this is the last one I think that’s not is a family but you can see right here that’s so pretty transparent like if I didn’t have like top and tight and you’re gonna see your bra and everything and those are here you can see your ass start back over here I’m not sure I don’t think that skill with him with my baby I did try a black one nerd yeah I think I’m flattered they need to be pretty confident you feel almost out that go around yeah I need to be really guys thank you for watching this video for the food and the snack I’m gonna talk about that in the next video yeah see you guys [Music]

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