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  1. Here's my *Joker Movie Review*. Be sure to go see the movie this weekend and post your reactions in the comments! Please use spoiler tags until after the weekend. I'll do Joker Easter Eggs videos this weekend too!

  2. The movie went from genius to overkill when Joker killed his mom even if she adopted him. Also questionably killing the man who came to visit him out of support after his mom died. Now should we give an oscar to an overkill situation? Maybe. Should he win an oscar for his acting? Absolutely.

  3. I liked the movie but he didnt feel so much like Joker, there were a few times yes but in general I did not get Joker vibes. I wish there was more of him as the Joker but I didnt feel content

  4. I think the joker is an amalgamation of our darker self, guess that’s the reason joker earned our sympathies.

  5. When Arthur shoveled the scissors into a guys (he snitched out Joker), I eye and slammed his head killing him didn’t expect that, I was just froze. Totally loved the movie.

  6. Joker is an amazing movie! Dead Pool is far, far more violent. Only one scene was too much for me but it ended the exact moment I thought that. It was brilliant timing, lasted long enough to horrify and not longer. No doubt it affected many and that's why many walked away feeling it. But that was the point, to show you a sick man's world. Most should see it and pre-warned of its disturbing nature.

  7. Hi, i cant really say my favoritte joker moment on the new movie because i havent seen it. But my favoritte joker moment is when keith ledger comes into the room and fake laughs. And also i like when he is hanging upside down with the batman. Id like the tickets cuz i havent seen it and id like to see it.

  8. The entire movie could still be interpreted as one of Joker's own origin stories…at the end he's seen laughing at a joke his therapist wouldn't get…almost as if the entire movie was a joke/an idea in his head of his conception.

  9. i was thinking at the end of the movie, 'you reap what you sow' here is a man who has had the worst life, abused as a child, and as a man at every turn. whilst you would not condone his shooting in the subway, and the attack on the man in his apartment, can you understand why he snapped? yes i can. so the joker was almost inevitable, and in that particular universe, a lesson to be learned the hard way by society. Joaquin Phoenix was brillant by the way, an Oscar in the bag hopefully.

  10. I haven't seen it yet, and I need to know: is this a movie about an angry white dude that lashes out because nothing goes his way? It's hard not to see that at face value with the marketing, even if you know the Joker character. I don't want to support a film that glorifies someone that goes to extremes and justifies hurting people when he perceives the world is against him.

  11. The subway scene was one of my favorite parts in the movie. How the hunted became the hunter, the 3 dudes just looking confused as they get shot multiple times and they cry for help. The last guy runs for his life like an injured gazelle. It was so tense.. And then there was the scissors scene with Gary crying as his friend was getting killed in front of him, the guy was clearly dead and he was still shouting "STOP ARTHUR!" hoping his friend could still survive, but there was no chance, no hope. The train scene where Arthur entertains the little kid and the kid's mother stops him and tells him not to bother her kid. Arthur's reaction was heartbreaking, I was really touched there.
    I loved the movie and yes I felt the Taxi Driver atmosphere.

  12. In one scene he was laughing uncontrollably, he gave a women a card that said
    It was a illness (There is one)

  13. I would like to see a sequel to this movie. The first meeting of the Joker and Batman.

  14. Should watch the movie again… It will show that many of the scenes in Joker are fantasy of Arthur… Therefore Arthur/Joker is the most unreliable narrator of his origin…

  15. The people who are complaining about this movie and the violence therein, aren't just forgetting "who the Joker is as a character" – they're forgetting nothing more or less than the last 60 years of movie and television art. Like seriously, have these people not seen anything but Disney animated movies and Pixar happy endings?

    Compared to many many movies that have been even somewhat successful in the last 20 years, the violence in Joker is minimal. Brutal? Yes. Terrifying? Definitely. But "too much"? Too much for what? Too much for a first date movie? God.

    Possibly the most violent scene in the movie is when his former clown co-workers come to visit him as he is practising for his appearance on TV. One of them is the man who gave him the gun he uses to kill the three rich men on the subway and later TV host Murray Franklin on live television. Arthur kills his former co-worker with a pair of scissors, stabbing him repeatedly in the neck and face before bashing his head against the wall. There is a lot of blood and it is horrific. But throughout this scene, the camera only briefly focuses on the physical action of Arthur stabbing, flashing at the violence. But it's mostly making us watch the faces of the three individuals involved in the scene.

    In most modern horror and action movies, violence is shown full screen, with the camera allowing us to see all of the bodies of each actor in the scene and absolutely everything that's happening in vivid, gory detail. Nothing is left to the imagination, and there is little emphasis on anything other than the violence in the scene. The violence is Joker was brutal, but it was not the centrepiece of any scene that contained violence. Joker was.

    I do know of the Joker's story as per the diff. DC Universe story lines; but I watched this movie with no expectations & it got an applause from me.
    We as viewers sometimes expect too much, just go it with a clear mind concerning the movie & just be amazed!!!

  17. The villan in the joker movie is society. People don't know how to feel about this movie because it places the blame for the mass killers, in recent history, on us. It slaps our faces with some real truth and that's hard for many people, particularly critics, to swallow.

  18. The people who are freaking out about the films violence are the ones that have no problem ostracising people from society and canceling them from their woke distopian hellish world view!!

  19. You guys remember at the end of the movie where he was standing on top of the car with chaos taking place in the city?
    He was t posing when standing on the car

  20. Movie rocked….this is how it all begun..the story .with batsy 😉
    Love it….💥

  21. The film absolutely blew me away. Everything about it was so well done from how it was filmed to the script and the acting. Very dark and plays the mental health issue so will. Think the only reason there are bad reviews is because these people expected a comic book type film when it clearly isnt that. Like you said both this joker and heath ledger's are just as good as each other but both different. Heath ledger's joker was the comic book style where as this is more a person gone off the rails and becomes the joker in different way. This film is in my top 5 favourite movies along with The dark knight. If it doesnt get something in the Oscar's there is something really wrong.

  22. My favorite scene is when Arthur starts dancing and Rock and Roll Part 2 is playing in the background.

  23. Joker is not a superhero film. Or a violent film. It is film about love. Or lack of love. A small boy been abused. No father. No loving mother. Then he makes stories in his head. There he is a hero and defends small people against the machine. No Batman. Just a small human..

  24. So many good parts. Liked the end when he said you wouldn't get it . I feel he was talking to the audience 😂😂 powerful performance , loved it!!! Agree not violent. I've seen so many violent movies growing up and I wouldn't say this one was . Sequel please!!!!

  25. Definitely a deep character study – this was pure gold. Creepy little motherfucker this joker – but you get to sympathize with him, you have no choice but to sympathize with him.

  26. My theory is that it was all real. There was 2 times when the joker had scenes in the asylum. The one in the beginning, while he was talking to his psychiatrist, there was a clock in the back that said 11:13 or so, then when she asks if he remembers why he was locked up in there and it shows him smashing his head then against the asylum door, there is the SAME clock showing the SAME time ( a few minutes after 11:13) and so I think it was a metaphor for how in the beginning of the film he feels restricts by society but at the very end (last scene) he freed himself

  27. BEST FILM OF 2019 …i was drawn in right away when you know mental illness and trauma you recognise it and what that feels like its a great perfomance he had me emotionaly riding along sad then angry then elation as he blossemed into the butterfly of chaos FKIN EPIC 10/10

  28. Favorite part is when Murry gets what he fuckin deserves!😄😏😂🔫💚💜💚💜💚💜💚💜

  29. I would totally be ok if Heath Ledger's Joker is a separate character that picks up the mantle inspired by Joaquin Phoenix's Joker 25-30 years later. The problem is that makes Batman 40+ years old.

  30. The movie made me so sad for Arthur. But I did notice his mother also played Barney Stinson’s mother 😂

  31. Jack Nicholson is the best Joker hands down. Not to include Cesar Romero. He is another legendary Joker!

  32. I loved the film. It was a diversion from the tried and proven cookie cutter way of making films. Which is, I suppose, part of what made it controversial…

    I see it as a stand-alone effort. Even the director has suggested that they were not even committing to the idea that this even WAS an origin story. In other words, it's conceivable that this Joker is not the same character as the Batman nemesis. Perhaps Arthur Fleck somehow inspired the "real" Joker. We don't really know. So we can't really say that it somehow removes the mystery from the Joker's origin, because whether he even is the Joker of Batman lore is itself a mystery.

    Just as his relationship with Sophie turned out to be a delusion, it has also been suggested that perhaps the whole story was a delusion that he had. Something else we don't really know. Maybe he never killed three men on the subway, or started an uprising among the "have-nots" of Gotham. Or got called to go on the TV show where he shot and killed the host on public TV. Sound like a stretch? I don't think so. I actually think the "whole thing as a delusion" theory makes the story more credible.

    Any theory that doesn't contradict the story works. William Golding, author of Lord of the Flies, said that he'd been asked to settle arguments as to what the symbolism in his book meant. He said that it means whatever it means to the reader. I liked that.

  33. I prefer The Joker over The Dark Night because I want to see The Joker again.. that didn't happen with The Dark Night for some reason

  34. If they did a sequel, I could see them running with a new Joker, with Arthur being the inspiration for modern Jokers. 20 years in the future, long after Arthur is dead, a new Joker arises mimicking the man he utilised in his youth.

  35. Wat the fuq with justifying Thomas Wayne arrogance by : that is in the joker mind…you and other youtuber keep doing the same..did DC pays to save the batman image..or to save the real rich society image?????

  36. Why is no one talking about how Wayne was a bully. A millionaire maniac. An egotist.

  37. Thomas Wayne was one of the original gangsters of Gotham. His son, Bruce, is the direct contrast to that

  38. For me, Joker was quality acting, direction and score but too little plot that didn’t develop in interesting ways. Without the framing knowledge that he is a supervillain, this was an average story. Happy to discuss

  39. He didnt try to have a relationship with her. He interacted in the elevator and that was it. His mind made up the rest.

  40. Putting the issue of Joaquin Phoenix not wanting to come back aside I think the age difference is not so much a problem. In the movie Bruce is about 8 years old while the Joker is about 30 years old. I don't see why they wouldn't share a movie when batman is in his twenties/thirties and Joker in his forties/fifties.

  41. My all time favorite is when he’s dancing by himself. He says, “hey Arthur, you’re a good dancer. Yeah I know”. Then the gun fires.

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