Is It Okay To Skip Gears In A Manual Transmission?

Hello, everyone and welcome! In this video we’re going to be answering the question: Is it ok to skip gears in a manual transmission? So by skip gears for example going from first gear to third gear or for example going from fifth gear down to second gear. Now this is a question I’ve seen pop up in the comments section so it’s something I thought I would address and you know we’re going to start with talking about up shifting then we’ll talk about down shifting and then finally get into starting from a stop. Now manual transmissions by design allow you to choose any gear any time, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should but by design they allow you to unlike sequential transmissions which force you to go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 in order to shift gears. Now for up shifting there’s really no problem if for example you’re let’s say you’re down in second gear and then you want to shift down to fourth gear the only thing you’re going to want to do is wait a little bit longer once you press the clutch in for those reps to drop because since you’re going into a taller gear you’re going to be at a lower RPM. If you release that clutch quickly what’s going to happen is the car is going to lurch so we can kind of show that as an example you’re in second you go to fourth quickly you can see there’s kind of a lurch there so that’s the engine and then the wheels trying to match speeds and so you get that lurch It’s going to cause a little bit of clutch wear and you know it could upset the balance of the car honestly, it’s not as big of a deal on up shifts as it is with downshifts and it’s certainly something you can do in fact Chevy with the Camaro SS if you’re in first gear, and you’re on low throttle and this is kind of an annoying thing that they do but they do it nonetheless, and it kind of proves a point in the SS if you’re in first gear low throttle you get up to a certain speed and you want to shift down into second it’ll actually force you into fourth gear to save fuel and it’s some you know emissions and fuel economy thing that they’ve done in order to get a better fuel economy rating perhaps, but regardless it’s fine to do now that same car you can of course if you’re flooring it it’ll let you go into second gear. It doesn’t force you into fourth every time but it proves you know, it’s totally fine to shift from first to fourth you just want to wait a little bit long or for the revs to drop. So what about downshifting? Let’s say you’re on the highway you’re traveling in sixth gear and you want to pass the car in front of you so you want to drop it down to fourth or perhaps third gear without going to the gears in between, totally fine to do the thing is you just want to make sure to rev match so you want to give it a little bit of throttle when you’re going down to that gear, bring it up to the RPM that that gear is going to be in and that way you don’t upset the balance of the car, and you know you have a nice smooth transition so for example going from second here Wait a bit for it down into the RPMs let it out in fourth and then from fourth give it some throttle put it down in the second gear so you’re skipping third there no issues doesn’t upset the car as long as you match the revs there. Do that one more time, second down to fourth let it drop for a good while this BMW has some rev hang so you have to wait quite a bit when you’re up shifting and then for that downshift give it throttle and down into second gear now if you don’t properly rev match what can happen is you’ll upset the balance of the car you can even lock up the rear wheels. So let’s say you’re driving on the track, you’re in a high-speed corner you’re in fifth gear and then you’re coming down to a low speed corner that maybe needs second gear if you go directly in that second gear and release the clutch without rev matching you may even lock up the wheels and I’ve even done that myself before, just kind of an amateur move you want to rev match that so that you don’t have set the balance of the car you don’t lock up those driven wheels whether that’s the rear or the front, and start to slide so you can easily upset the balance of the car if you’re driving really hard and you don’t rev match that downshift if you decide you know you’re going to skip gears and you’re also going to have additional clutch wear because what you’re doing is telling the engine to match that high speed that the clutch is spinning when you’re in a low gear, the clutch is of course geared to the transmission to the wheel so it’s spinning at a high speed the engines at a low speed you want to bring that engine speed up match the two and then you don’t have that imbalance and you won’t have that clutch where because the two speeds are matched when connect. Now our final scenario: Is it okay to skip a gear from a standstill? So if the car is stopped you’re not moving can you start and say second gear third gear, something like that now some automatics will actually choose to start in second gear in snow mode so in modes where it knows you have low traction it may start you off in second gear to reduce wheel spin. In a manual transmission honestly, it should be done with control in first gear it may be easier to prevent slip it’s not the end of the world though if you do want to start it in second gear it just means you’re going to have a bit more clutch wear because your engine in order to release the clutch fully to fully engage that clutch you have to have the car at a higher vehicle speed than if you were in first gear so in first gear for example starting off and I can fully release that looks to be about you know maybe 5 or 6 miles per hour now if we try that starting in second gear I can’t fully release the clutch until about maybe eight or nine miles per hour there and so you’re getting into a higher speed that means you’re going to have a bit more clutch wear in order to do it it’s okay if you’re in a super slippery scenario, and you can’t prevent yourself from spinning those tires, but really in a manual transmission you’re going to want to just be able to control it more in first gear, that’s a better bet, okay, if you have to do it, and you really shouldn’t be trying to start in a gear higher than second gear there’s really no reason to do that, and you’re just going to have excessive clutch wear. So thank you guys for watching if you have any questions, or comments feel free to leave them below, i’ll include some links in the video description. I’ve got a bunch of different videos about rev-matching heel-and-toe downshifting double clutching that kind of thing if you’re interested.

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  1. Some additional things to think about! First off, obviously you should never downshift if it means exceeding your engine's redline. Also, skipping gears will put an additional strain on your synchronizers, especially for downshifts. Not that double-clutching is required these days (though if done properly, it will save your synchros), but it can help for getting into first gear if you're moving. If you're traveling at say 15 mph/25km/h, and want to be in first, generally the transmission will prevent you from doing so. Let the clutch out, pop the revs up, then clutch in and shift to first – this will often work. Generally not necessary for getting into other gears, again, that's why synchros exist is to ease and allow for that transition. Hope everyone's having a great day!
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  2. Camaro SS also has auto rev match. Literally don't think I'll ever buy a manual car without it. It's awesome.

  3. I have mercedes slk manual transsmition. set 1 gear,2 gear. and jump to 4 gear. Even..

  4. For how smart you are and how much knowledge you have on cars I'm surprised you went out and bought a heavy and over-engineered BMW that's just gonna have something break within a year and be very expensive to replace

  5. Remember, if you take off in 2nd gear and do it correctly, you will save on using the clutch an additional time. You will use the clutch less times overall to reach full speed. I think EE fails to address that.

  6. Excellent and properly explained video. I also had this doubt while I used to drive but now I'm aware of what to do! Great job!! 👍

  7. What happens when you use downshifting for braking purposes? Let’s say you’re cruising in 4th gear at 2100 rpm (60kph) and want to slow down to around 30kph. You press the clutch and downshift to 2nd gear, but then you slowly release the clutch until the RPMs stabilize. Does that do any harm to the transmission?

  8. Automatic transmission in truck is actually a standard that is shifted by computer. It will skip gears as it sees the load change. Why isn't this kind of transmission available in light trucks and cars?

  9. My car doesn’t have gears, it’s a single speed. powered by the tears of baby squirrels

  10. The Corvette had that 1st to 4th skip about 15 years ago. Same with the Caddy CTS-V, I had a 2006 with it.

  11. In my country a lot of people shift down after standing meaning from third/fourth to first when standing. That is not good.

  12. In 3/4 or 1 ton trucks that have a diesel with a 6 or 5 speed you're susposed to start in 2nd because 1st is usually a tow or crawling gear even older gas trucks that have a 4 on the floor you can start 2nd because again if you're towing a heavy ass load or mud bogging or something then you'll want that torque but you dont want to shift 3 times just to pull out of a stop light

  13. Its easy to understand your explanation, but one thing is the changing of gear is little hard to see, cause the placement of your backside camera is not right at all to view the changes of gear

  14. I would only use for downshifr as if jr car brakes are fucked u can down shift to 1 instantly to slow down so I dont rhinknits that deep

  15. When I first started driving manual I would accidentally go from 4th to Reverse on the freeway Lol

  16. I love owning a manual. Nobody could even start my car, let alone steal it!

  17. i had one honda who wanted to race on highway (just cruising and he just came up to me like heyy lets race)but we were about 80 kph both were 2nd gear but when he needed to shift to 3rd instead got to 5th his transmission let go
    So how do you explain that??

  18. Блять, ну спасибо, попробовал так на батиной семёрке, в итоге машина выплюнула коробку, батя дал пизды и сдал в детдом, ахуеть, лайфхак топ, автор идет нахуй!

  19. If the opponent seems very strong, its ok to skip the second gear and go straight to gear third and if you are feeling special ,go all the way to snake man mode

  20. I doubt anybody gone see this but I started YouTube a couple weeks ago. Hope I can get some support🙏🏾

  21. what if i'm driving in the 4th gear and and the light ahead turns red. then, as opposed to downshifting one gear step i.e. 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – N, I simply shift to neutral directly, then release the clutch, and control my stop with the break. what are the consequences of doing that?

  22. I am interested: Which car, in means of fuel economy and total cost of ownership, would you recommend for:
    – commuting 160 km per day,
    – 95% Autobahn (greetings from Germany :-))
    – Average speed 130 km/h

    I really enjoy watching your channel and would appreciate your recommendation.

  23. I don't understand you language…
    shift from 2 down to 4…
    and what's most weird 'let's upshift from 2 down to 4'…. duuuude! ;D

  24. Try with a rental car,get use to it, listen to the engine, not just watch tack.
    Use your buddy's car, not to wreck yours.

  25. The wear and tear, Transmission synchronize shifting FROM gear to gear, in steps UP and down, professional Drivers practicing daily. 👍

  26. I used to go from 2nd to 4th in my old VW bug all the time because it wouldn't go into 1st or 3rd. It ran that way for like 2 years.

  27. if i where you id not skip gears in a new bmw
    transmishion repair will be expencive on one of those

  28. Most autos allow 2nd gear start if you select 2. I dont want to say all but every car Ive owned all the way back to my 1990 Lumina had second gear start.

  29. Back in the day (depending on how I was driving) I'd go 1-3-5. Later on I almost never started in first.

  30. Never had a manual, always wondered how bad it would be if you accidentally went from 5 to 2 while going faster, would probably end up being a sucky situation

  31. Why am I confused? Are gears ordered differently in the US? If I floor it and I try to go from fourth to second, I will be at 50mph+ and I will break my engine. If I wait for the RPMs to drop to go from second to forth, my car will stall because the speed will be so low. It's in the exact opposite order :/

  32. But just so you know automatics aren't necessarily sequential. For example you can floor it from zero going from first gear and then completely let off at 60 miles an hour if your car is capable of a 60 mile an hour first gear, once you let off it'll automatically put it at the highest gear. It doesn't necessarily have to go 2nd 3rd 4th 5th if you have a 5th gear

  33. Should I rev match in in free gear or with the clutch down while putting it into the desired gear?

  34. Good example of someone who can't talk and drive. You're pushing the steering wheel with the wrong hand instead of pulling, also you're driving way too left, you can't even proper do curves. Ever went to a safe driving training? Guess not.

  35. In switzerland i learned that i should go from 4 to second or from 6 to 4 because it lets you have less fuel used

  36. I have a 2006 dodge cummins with a 6 speed manual and unless you are towing 1st gear is almost useless. I dont think you can even get to 8mph unless you go to redline on the tach

  37. A month ago i was at highway casually going 110kmph 5th gear and suddenly i wantted to go faster i downshifted from 5th to 3rd gear with revmatching and broke a gear which cost me a lot. After the accident my sister told me (we are using car together) few days ago she pushed the gear knob so hard that (sometimes it seizes up) it made a gear noise. Might it be her who broke the gears or i was the one who broke it?

  38. I learned how to drive standard using the neutral trick. I don't climb gears or descend them necessarily. I throw it in neutral then depending on the feel of the car/rpm's put it into the proper gear. Sometimes it's the next one up or down, sometimes it skips one in either direction, it really all just depends on the car. Sometimes I just let it coast in neutral for a while. You get a feel for it and kind of do it intuitively after a while.

  39. Let me save you some time. YES. If you match the RPMs thats why theres gears

  40. Can you imagibe been driving a car and when you gonna shift to second the car send you to fourth? Wtf?

  41. You should never skip shift there's always a small chance that your gears will explode sending shrapnel up through the floorboards killing you instantly

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