Ironing Tips! (Clean My Space)

Even though we live in a world filled
with steamers and fancy smart driers, if I want my clothes looking fresh, clean and
perfectly pressed, nothing beats an iron. The concept of using a heated object to
smooth out fabrics, that dates back to the first century but 20 centuries later,
today, at 21st century, when we need our clothes to look their best we’re still
using irons. To honor this handy household appliance, I
am going to share with you some of my best ironing tips. Start at the lowest
temperature and work your way up. When you are preparing a load of clothing to iron
what you want to do is sort through and look at the fabric care label. That’s
going to tell you the temperature that you should be ironing the garment at. That way you can order your clothes from
coolest temperatures to warmest temperatures and your iron can work its
way up and heat as you work your way through the piles. By doing this you
ensure that every piece of clothing that you’re ironing is being ironed at its
optimal temperature. So no scorch marks. Keep your iron clean. If you ever noticed
strange marks or stains on your clothing after you’ve ironed, it’s a really good
chance that stain came from your iron. It’s really important that on a regular
basis you’re keeping the plate of your iron clean. Cleaning the metal plate is
quite simple. Just create a paste using two parts baking soda, one part water and
apply the paste to the iron. You also want to avoid any of those steam holes when
you’re applying the paste that way you don’t have to worry about cleaning it out. You can apply this using a soft cloth or
even a cleaning toothbrush. Then use a clean cloth and wipe everything clean and
dry. Iron in a back-and-forth motion. If you iron in a circular motion, you can
actually stretch out your garments and who wants that? If you iron in a steady
back-and-forth motion so you are not going too fast and you are not going too slow
and you using somewhat of a heavy hand. You will be sure to get out those wrinkles
but without ruining the fabrics. The aluminum foil trick. If you are
looking for ways to cut time when you’re ironing you might want to give this a try.
Take tinfoil and line the underside of your ironing board with the shiny tinfoil
facing up. Then replace your ironing board cover and start to iron your clothing.
What you’ll notice is that the tinfoil retains heat and it reflects it back onto
the clothing. So every time you pass your iron over a garment, you’re not only
applying heat to the top of the garment but the tinfoil is helping the bottom of
the garment get ironed as well. It’s definitely a good time-saver. Hang your ironing ASAP. The whole idea
with ironing is getting rid of wrinkles in your clothing. But how can you make that
happen if you throw your freshly ironed stuff in a laundry basket? So, the idea here
is as soon as you finish ironing something grabbing a hanger, stick the item on
hanger and hang it up. If that means you iron in your bedroom, great or you hang up
a little rack like what I have, perfect. If you don’t have that find something to
hang it on, a belt loop, a doorknob, I don’t care just get it vertical. Keep your ironing board cover clean. Like
any garment the first thing you want to do is check the care label. Because many of
these ironing board covers are indeed machine washable. If it is, put it in your
machine with gentle detergent at a gentle cycle and hang it to dry. Then you want to
reapply it back onto the ironing board and tie it up nice and tight once it’s dry so
that way it will stay nice and shaped so you can get as good iron out of it. Now, if it
is not machine washable, it might have a special coating on it or it might be made
out of a special fabric- no problem. Just take a sponge, dip it in in some soapy
water, all you need is a little bit of dish soap or a little bit laundry
detergent. Clean off any of those stains, work that product in, rinse it well, dry
it in your ironing board cover is good to go. I hope that straightens things out for you
when it comes to your pressing ironing questions. But you know what? The good
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