Instagram Photos That Sell: 3 Easy Fashion Photography Tricks to boost sales

Hey everybody, it’s Wes from Printful! And I’m Clair from Bella + Canvas. We’re here at Bella + Canvas today in Los
Angeles to talk about styling your tee for Instagram. If you stay tuned to the end of this video,
we’ll teach you three different ways you can style your tee to boost not only engagement,
but also sales. Before we get started, why don’t you go ahead
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just like this. Clair, I’m so excited to be here and to learn
from you how to do all these different Instagram posts. Can you tell us right off the bat why we should
pay attention to Instagram? In [a][b]general there’s so much stuff floating
around out there anyway, but why Instagram? Instagram is the new creative version of Google. I mean that’s where everyone’s going now to
do all their search. They’re searching for hotels, places to travel,
new brands to try, clothing trends, what celebs are wearing and doing and visiting, everything. I use that now for myself. I set my own tags and there are locations. Everything’s there, so what you put on your
Instagram account really matters, because that’s probably going to be the first place
people look. Also I say that Instagram never sleeps. It’s always evolving and growing, so you kind
of have to keep up with it and that’s where all the newest, latest trends are happening. When there’s a new restaurant I want to check
out, I’ll look at the post that they make as well as what people are tagging because
I want to see what am I supposed to be wearing in this restaurant, what’s the vibe, what
does the food look like. I care much more about that than the ratings
that I find elsewhere online. Oh, yeah! It’s great because you can see other people’s
posts and so you know those aren’t super curated all the time. When you want to see, you go on the tagged
photos of a business or a brand and that’s really who they are and what they look like,
those are people that are wearing it. Can you talk to me a little bit more about
the posts that you make? Because everyone has access to a camera and
it’s really easy, but obviously not all posts are created equally I guess. So what do you have to say about that? It’s definitely a balance. It’s not like you can just take a photo with
your phone and think “oh, that’s gonna work on my Instagram” and you also can’t have
a really expensive overproduced photo shoot that’s thousands of dollars and think that
because you invested so much money into it that it’s going to pay off. On your Instagram business profile you can
see the top performing post and so I use that as my direction. OK, this is obviously what everyone likes,
I need to continue to make more of this and even better versions of this to move forward. So a lot of times you’ll see, OK this one
post maybe got a hundred likes and I spent a lot of time making
it, but this other photo that I took on the fly, with great lighting there, that was kind
of somewhat staged got 500 likes, which is awesome. So if a business hasn’t already converted
over to a business profile on Instagram I would highly suggest doing it. It gives you so much valuable information
on who you are, who your customers are and what’s working best for you. So what are we gonna be doing today as far
as the three different types of shoots we’re gonna set up? We’re gonna do three different buckets of
social content. So there’s a lifestyle shoot we’re going to
do, there’s gonna be a more clear product photo that we’re gonna do, still involving
a model and then we’re also going to do a flat lay, which is something that’s super
easy and it just gets the message out there quickly. I have a fictional outdoorsy brand that I
created and I have a design on a shirt that I want to get the photographs for, that is
what we’re gonna use in these shoots. So where are we gonna get started? So the first one we’re gonna do is a flat
lay shot and we’re gonna use props and I’m going to walk you through how to stage that
and post it to Instagram. We’re set up here by the window, which I feel
like is not a mistake, so why are we here by a window? Tell me about your thought process there. Yeah, so a great thing to do with flat lays,
especially if you’re just starting out making your content for your Instagram, is that you
can pretty much do them anywhere, but something that I love to do is make sure I’m by natural
light, just because it really balances out the photo and it’s a lot less editing for
you in the end. What we’ve done here is we’ve staged this
table by the window and we’re going to put some props in it and see how it looks in frame. We’re just gonna use a phone for this. Most phones have cameras on them so we’re
gonna use that and it’s likely what you’ll have with you when you’re going around and
you take photos on the fly so we’re gonna use that. Yeah, just talk me through, let’s do it! Right, so the first thing I did was I just
folded this shirt really nicely, made sure that the graphic we have on here is really
gonna be visible in the frame and then I’ve added this vintage camera to the shot because
this is an outdoor vibe and I want to make sure that the props involved also coordinate
with the actual message we’re gonna be conveying. Something to note is that props are important,
it helps send the message, but at the same time you don’t want to overdo it. You don’t want to have too many props or props
that aren’t involved in your brand messaging at all. Great, so what we’re gonna do is, again you
don’t want to cover the graphic, you just want to accentuate it, so we’ll be staging
props nearby. Again, just using the natural light that we
have near this window is really going to help us, so then really all you do is just put
your phone and your camera right over it. I can see in the frame that some of it’s not
always showing through, so I’m just going to shove it in a little bit. Again, you don’t want to cover the graphic,
and then hit the button and then there you’re good to go. All right, cool. Yeah, if you want to do editing then I would
suggest maybe exposing it a little bit more, adding a tiny bit of contrast, checking the
white balance. White balance means is it too blue, is it
too orange. I’m just checking those things and then you
should be good to go. Do you have any notes about angles when you’re
doing the flat lays? Should you just play around with it and see
what angle looks good or is it typically straight on? Yeah, I would say most of the time it straight
on unless there’s maybe a texture on your shirt that you want to show, then it’d be
nice to do it a little bit more on an angle. Then you could see a raised edge if there’s
embroidery or if you have puff paint, you want to see that added value in there. Most of the time you’re probably going to
do straight on, because then you get the whole picture in the frame. Alright, we have our flat lay so check on
that. What’s going to be our second look that we’re
going to learn? Yeah, so we’re gonna do a simple product shot,
it’s really going to highlight how it’s worn. Here we are, look two. We have a nice plain wall, so talk us through
what you’re thinking. How this is gonna go down? Yeah, so a lot of people probably don’t have
access to a really nice photoshoot space and so a great hack that I would suggest to people
is to use an outdoor spot where there’s a plain white wall, so then you’re using the
natural light, but you don’t have too many distractions around you. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna stage how
you do a tight shot on the shirt, on a model Natasia. Excellent! What’s first, what’s some things we can
do as far as styling the shirt? Right, so just having the shirt on here is
great, but I think we can elevate it a little bit more by styling it according to her personality
or what the style will be for the end customer. So I’m gonna suggest rolling it a little bit
to give it a little bit more fun, girly vibes to it. Since this is a pink shirt and our model is
just so cute. And then make sure everything is just styled
well on the model. She has a cute necklace, we’re gonna show
that. It just adds a little extra texture and stuff
going on. And then you can also roll up the shirt and
tie it behind you and style it that way, but since you want to get the whole graphic, I
don’t really want to mess with it too much. Natasia will stand right here and then you
want to make sure that you’re not too distracted by, for instance, we have these arm rails,
so you don’t want to show that and you don’t want anything else around. Yeah, getting in close so it’s nice and clean
and white on the background and Natasia already knows what she’s doing, she’s just working
it, like elevating her shoulders and putting her hand on her hip. It’s so great! So you’re just taking a bunch of photos. Perfect! That was super easy and looks awesome, so
that photo is gonna look really great. Yeah, I think it just gets the message across
really quickly and it’s again less post-production for you to do later. Right yeah, a nice, easy, clean post displaying
our product. It’s great! Okay, so what will our next location will
be for our third look? Our next one is gonna be a lifestyle shoot,
so we’re gonna put Natasia in a setting that’s going to look very adventure-like and really
cater to the vibe that we’re going for. All right, perfect! And I’m excited because it’s going to be
something that everyone can do, right? Oh yeah, these tools are going to be great
for anyone to use no matter what your brand identity is. Great, because I think lots of people can
relate to this one and how to set stuff up, because my little brand that I have here is
an outdoor brand, but we’re in industrial Los Angeles right now. Talk to us about what’s going on here, this
setup and how we can make this look legit. Yeah, so I really want to make this super
accessible for everyone, so again if you can’t go to a mountain range or to the beach, or
wherever it is your brand is supposed to be placed, you can stage it yourself. Right now, like you said, we’re in downtown
Los Angeles and we’re in our Zen garden actually, our headquarters. And we have this really nice lounge chair
that we had staged in front of our green backdrop and we’re gonna pull some props together and
our model and set up a whole campsite-looking feel for our lifestyle Instagram post. So the first thing we’re gonna do is take
a blanket that we have. So this is gonna be props galore. Just make it look really like a campsite. So here you go, a cozy blanket and we have
a picnic basket, just love a good picnic basket. Gonna stage this here and then we have a lovely
model. Who is ready and she’s just gonna sit down,
will be all cozy and we have a fleece jacket. So this fleece jacket, she’s probably gonna
be cold, so you want a little fleece jacket staged here. Camera, perfect and her canteen. Awesome! Your key props are gonna be in the setting
that the person wearing this adventure, hiking shirt will be at. That’s the setup and then again you don’t
want to reveal your secret, that you actually aren’t at a campsite. So you want to get a tight focus in here,
so if I were someone taking this photo, I’ll try to keep the frame in front of this section
to about where you are. Okay cool, and this is great because you mentioned
all these props, but it’s about the feel that you’re giving off, the message and feeling
you want. And then you can let the other shots we set
up actually sell the product itself. Right, this is setting the scene for you. So she’s wearing the shirt so you’re like
okay I’m gonna be wearing that shirt, I’m gonna be in that setting at this campsite. Yes, put me in that shirt, buy now! Yeah, exactly! Okay, cool! Yeah, let’s take a shot! Natasia just really feeling the camping vibe. These were all so helpful and being able to
do this on a budget and limited space. What are three takeaways that you can give
us leaving here? Yeah, I would say first, if your Instagram
account is not a business profile, switch it immediately. So you can get all the insights to what top-performing
posts you have and what works best for you. Right so next one I would say is use natural
light whenever you’re taking photos. That’s really gonna help you a lot and you’re
not gonna have a lot of editing or post-production to do and it’s gonna be a quick easy snap. The third one I would say is to really make
sure that you’re always focusing on the product. Again, that is what you are selling and so
you want to make sure that that’s the focal point of all your posts. And I think that’s gonna be all you need. [a]For Lessons, do we want to divvy up who
talks? It’s a little jarring for the reader going
from question to answer right away. [b]Yes, I’ll edit it before posting on PF

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